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JAN 28

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Carectomy Week-in-Review #4

Cars Make Us Fat

A recent article by No Impact Man reiterates what is perhaps the environmentalist’s most persuasive argument: What’s good for the planet is good for us. This is as true in our diet decisions (natural, wholesome foods versus packaged, processed, nutrient-stripped crap) as it is in our transportation selections.

Ditching the levitra levitra online Car for a Motorboard in L.A.

We at Carectomy are always pleased to come across news of people making the car-free plunge. But when the news comes from Los Angeles, the quintessential car-centric, freeway-laden American city, there’s an extra degree of joy. Kathryn Pope’s surgical tools for her carectomy: public transportation, car-sharing for “special occasions” via Flexcar, and a motorboard for local scurries.

Bike-Sharing Programs Coming Our Way

Lyon and cialis 20mg lowest price Paris, France, offer the successful bike-sharing models that other cities are scrambling to copy. Their Velo'v and Vélib programs, respectively, offer thousands of it's great! rx levitra bikes available for checkout at automated stations all over the city. Here’s a partial recap of some of the U.S. bike-sharing initiatives underway.


Oregon's Bike-Friendly License Plates

Oregon has just made available new “Share the Road” specialty, non-profit license plates. The plates cost an additional $10 over normal licensing fees, with the only for you canadian pharmacy levitra extra funds going to the Bicycle Transportation Alliance and Cycle Oregon.

So, partial carectomy patients in Oregon: Now when you’re out driving your cars, you can still help to be part of the solution.


Cars Contribute to levitra 10 mg Polar Bears' Demise

What, you may ask, do polar bears have to do with carectomies? One of the many negatives of our car-driving is canadian levitra scam the associated contributions to global warming – both directly from the tailpipes as well as through other factors like the paved world we’ve created.

Lose the Traffic Lights to Improve Our Streets?

Traffic lights are an integral part of how pedestrians, bicycles, and vehicles interact and how traffic flows in a somewhat orderly fashion. According to organizations like Shared Space, along with prevailing street design philosophy, they’re also to blame for man’s isolation and alienation from one another. Interpersonal interactions and relations are replaced by red, yellow, and green.

Bikes Outsell Cars in Oz

2007 marks the eighth consecutive year that bicycle sales have trumped the cialis discount prices car market in Australia, with 1.47 million bicycles sold.

“Soaring petrol prices, concern over climate change, crippling traffic congestion and the desire to lead healthier lifestyles all contributed to best way to take levitra the record breaking year” said Elliot Fishman, Policy Advisor at the Cycling Promotion Fund.

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4th AustralAsian Cleantech Forum
written by Adrian Asfar, January 28, 2008
The 4th AustralAsian Cleantech Forum™ promises to be the AustralAsian regions most significant Cleantech financial and investment event for 2008. Two full day's of audience interactive presentations and it's great! official canadian pharmacy moderated panel discussions with Australian and global Cleantech industry and investment leaders.

Register online :

The AustralAsian Cleantech Forum in Melbourne is the premier international platform for knowledge exchange and commercial interaction for the full range of Cleantech investors, companies and government involved the Cleantech industry in the Asia Pacific.

The 4th AustralAsian Cleantech Forum will focus on how innovative financing mechanisms and
investment funds are able to help to catalyse the growth of Cleantech companies to generate solid returns for investors and facilitate significant Cleantech projects for sustainable development.

The 4th AustralAsian Cleantech Forum builds on the cod tramadol overnight success of the first three AustralAsian
Cleantech Forum events in Melbourne and the best place soft gel cialis the inaugural India Cleantech Forum. Join hundreds of delegates for two days of presentations from leaders in the Cleantech industry and expert panel sessions with facilitated audience Q&A interaction. A highlight of the Forum will be the
AustralAsian Cleantech Investment Showcase which will feature some of AustralAsia’s most
innovative Cleantech growth companies raising capital as well as an exhibition of the technology
products. The “Call for Companies” online application process to present will be open in October 2007 and close on 31 January 2008.

4th AustralAsian Cleantech Forum 11th-12th March 2008 Melbourne. We welcome your
attendance. Register early and save.

Register online :
France to follow bike-sharing with car-s
written by Marilyn Terrell, February 02, 2008
The bike-sharing program is great, but car-sharing in Paris sounds like a bad idea:
OOPS...less car sharing in LA and SD.
written by Ryan Hawkes, February 02, 2008
Car sharing in LA and San Deigo is going to be a bit harder now that Flexcar (recently merged with ZIPcar) is cutting service in those two markets. Their refocusing their efforts and leaving those in LA and SD who have changed their lifestyles, a little high and dry.
2nd India Cleantech Forum
written by Adrian Asfar, April 30, 2008
EVENT : 2nd India Cleantech Forum

LOCATION: NEW DELHI, India. Uppal Orchid Hotel

DATE : 10th & 11th of July 2008


CONTACT : Adrian Asfar

MOBILE: 61-(0)416-180-523


It is an exciting time for the investment in and deployment of viagra medication for erection Cleantech technologies in India. With a surging economy, rapid growth in urban development, and the urgency to viagra professional address issues such as climate change, energy security and water scarcity, the demand for technological and financial innovation has created a dynamic new market for Cleantech solutions.

The CII-ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development (Confederation of Indian Industry) and Clean Technology AustralAsia have again partnered to organize the 2nd India Cleantech Forum. Building upon the success of the 1st India Cleantech Forum, the 2nd India Cleantech Forum will be held in New Delhi, India over two days on July 10th and 11th, 2008.

The program will also showcase international companies that have strategies to transfer their technologies and grow their business in India.

The 2nd India Cleantech Forum will be an exceptional opportunity to network with the leaders in the Indian Cleantech industry and some of the Cleantech industry’s foremost international experts.

Download FREE report : Pursuing Clean Energy Business in India and register online :

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