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NOV 05

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Charge Your Gadgets by Breathing!

I'm willing to bet that everyone who reads this blog breathes. There's also a fairly good chance that you have a USB-powered gadget...I have about a dozen. So why waste all that energy expanding and buying levitra in canada contracting your rib cage when you could pump that energy straight into a gadget (or USBCell rechargeable battery)?

Using some parts scavenged from an old CD-ROM drive, some dude at instructables has built a breath-powered USB charger. While he says that it's possible to get 1 W out of the device, he's only seeing 50 mW. Not so great, as it'd take about 24 hours of breathing to charge your cell phone. But let's be were planning on breathing anyway.

More at Instructables

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written by stands2reason, November 05, 2007
This could be interesting, although I think this is definitely impractical for most USB devices.

A USB socket gives at least 500 mA * 5V = 2.5 Watts, and some dedicated chargers do online order cialis more. Besides, if you want muscle power, why not use the arms? Although this could be useful for novelty applications (breath-powered flashlight?).
Smart Clothing
written by smwtcool, November 06, 2007
There's talk about smart clothing, you know the kind that has built in sensors or heating elements or stuff like that. Perhaps this would have an application there.
written by trinah, November 07, 2007
If you were to go running and say, breathe faster than normal, would it charge quicker?

WOW me too.
written by celia, November 23, 2007
Or if you play a wind instrument? Or Swimming? Which begs the only for you cialis profesional question, is it water-proof?
written by trytrtuytui, November 26, 2007 فاركس

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