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Manodo Energy Screen Keeps Tabs on your Consumption

You're feeling pretty good about yourselves these days. Walking? Check. Cycling? Check. Recycling? Check.

But if there's a nagging feeling that there's more to be done, then a Swedish company has the device to help you maintain that guilt complex. The Manodo display from a startup company in Sweden puts green habits to the test.

The device gives household residents all the facts about how much and what is being used, right down to the number of pounds of CO2 emissions from your last bath. Imagine having Al Gore living in your house reminding you each time you forget to turn off the generic levitra sale lights. The intent is to keep residents aware of how much resources are being consumed through daily activities...and maybe guilt them into changing their ways.

The monitor also provides current information like the weather and when the next tram is scheduled to arrive at the nearest stop. Now being tested in the hallways of 15 apartments, the Manodo project isn't all about negative feedback. When good green levels in the apartment are reached, a green smiley face appears on canadian viagra scam the display. How else are you supposed to know if you're a good person?!


Huddler: The Finest Green Shopping Community So Far

There are a lot of product recommendation engines in the world. In fact, one could make a pretty good case that there are, in fact, too many. But Huddler may have actually gotten it right this time.

They've launched their service with a green spin at The site is a blog, a social network, a wiki, and a recommendation system all rolled into one. I've spent the last hour on it, enjoying myself tremendously.

I've written reviews of a few green products I own (like the Earth LED CL-5) and I marked a few items as things that I very much would like to own (like the Chevy Volt.)

The system is extremely simple to use, not to mention pleasing on the eyes. There seems to be a pretty good community growing up inside of the buy chinese herbal levitra site, not to mention a huge amount of information on thousands of green products. You can subscribe to users, discussions, topics...anything! It's a joy to viagra price germany use.

Of course, like all social sites, there is a battle to be fought for participation. It will only be a truly enjoyable and robust platform if a large community adopts the site. In order to entice folks, they've got a giveaway going on right now, which you enter yourself into every time you do how can i buy viagra in canada ANYTHING on the site. So that's nice.

But we'll have to wait and see if huddler can somehow create a chicken without an egg.


Buy A Tree and Watch it Grow Thanks to Google Earth

You can't say there's anything wrong with paying someone to plant a tree in some spoiled corner of the Earth. But it's not exactly the most rewarding thing. That tree, the buyer assumes, is out there...but it's quickly forgotten and impossible to actually imagine. But the World Wildlife Fund is hoping to just try! canadian viagra for sale chance that, with a little help from Google Earth.

{digg}{/digg}Your $5.50 donation will buy a tree, lifelong care and feeding, scientific study of the forest that it becomes a part of, and the exact coordinates of where that tree is on our big beautiful Earth. Linking that data with Google Earth shows the precise location (on the island of Borneo) of the tree, as well as all of cheapest levitra uk its hundreds of neighbors.

Unfortunately, the resolution of that corner of the the Earth is going to have to be increased significantly before you can actually see your tree, but even now the context is order usa cialis online nice.

You can buy trees that will be planted in Indonesia today at Think link provided takes you past the levitra australia no prescription annoyingly long intro and order cheap viagra straight into the site. PayPal integration makes the whole thing a breeze. I planted 2 of them myself (USD$11) and received the following message in my inbox:

Your baby tree will be planted in the next few days. Once that is done, we will mail you the exact location and you will be able to see your tree on Google Earth.

Hopefully they mean e-mail...and not paper mail...because that would be annoying.

Via Google Earth Blog and the WWF


CleanTech Startup Map is Endless Fun!

OK, you might have to be (like me) a gigantic dork to have hours of fun with this Google Maps powered Clean-Tech startup map. But even for people who are just slightly curious, it should be fun.

Earth2Tech created the map which contains all the major clean-tech startup sectors. Electric vehicles, solar, lighting, biofules, and even bioplastics are marked on levitra shop buy the map. Obvious take-away...San Francisco and Los Angeles are the places to be for everything clean-tech.

But the detail is where the viagra online sales real meat lies. Click on any one of the icons and you can find out more about the company and see links to recent news on the companies. Welcome to the beginning of the clean-tech boom...Earth2Tech is going to have their work cut out for them just keeping this thing up-to-date. And that's good news for all of us.

Via Earth2Tech


GreenOptions: A Green Blog Network for Everyone

You may not have noticed, but I certainly have, that the Environmental Blogosphere is growing extremely quickly. What was, just last year, a couple dozen blogs, has quickly become a couple thousand. This is, of course, fantastic. The more people we have covering these stories, the better situated the whole world will be to understand the issues that we face and tackle them with greatest efficacy.

While EcoGeek is never going to be able to highlight every one of those blogs, we are happy to have expanded ourselves into a blog network, and to have good company in the environmental blog network space.

GreenOptions, once, like EcoGeek, a single independent blog, has branched into a network along with us, already providing over a dozen blogs under its umbrella.

They're covering everything from global news to arts and generic online viagra crafts. And, yes, they have an ecogeeky offering as well :-). Blog networks allow writers to focus on writing, while marketing, technical development, and monetization can be handled by a team that would be completely unsupportable by individual blogs. GreenOptions has done a wonderful job of expanding itself into a huge variety of niches.

As of right now, I think that my favorite Green Options blogs remain Green Building Elements and Sustainablog, but there are gems throughout the network. You can find all of their blogs in their top bar, which lives on every page in their network.

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