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"Don't you guys worry, the geothermal revolution is under way. It is ju..."

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Canada's Geothermal Resources Could Power the Country One Million Times Over

Canada's federal Geological Survey Commission has released a report stating that the country's geothermal resources are so vast that they could power the country one million times over.

Heavy concentrations of geothermal stores near the surface in the Northern and Western parts of follow link levitra ed Canada (including British Columbia, Alberta, the Yukon and Northwest Territories) are the stars of the new report, though resources exist across the country.  A team of scientists from the agency said that as little as 100 projects could completely power the country while generating very few greenhouse gas emissions.

Geothermal has its downsides, like high upfront costs and long construction times because of the tricky nature of drilling miles into the earth, but once a geothermal plant is operational, the energy is only now indian viagra practically unlimited and -- unlike wind and solar -- constant.

Countries like Iceland, Indonesia and St. Lucia have started relying on and even exporting energy from their large geothermal resources.  Canada could easily be next.

via Montreal Gazette

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I'm dissapointed
written by Filip Szymanski, September 27, 2011
Why must we be building oil pipelines like idiots when we have this. I'm nervous now that the conservatives are so excited for horrible projects like the one in Alberta once the US grants the cialis online project we will be destroying so much wonderful land and the water for many Albertans will be contaminated because of this. Why are so blinded by this oil system when if they are greedy they could be greedy and simply be less destructive. Recent protest that happened on parliament hill caused the police to arrest some people for speaking out since they did not stay in the boundaries. People are not so compliant because they need their message heard. I'm honestly constantly worried having a government with such a ludicrous mind and so much power.
written by Paul Smith, September 28, 2011
How would the cost of those 100 wells and generation plants compare to the cost of harvesting the tarsands, and how much water is lost to evaporation in geothermal?
How about using excess electric generation to separate out hydrogen for heating and transportation? Sounds like a solution for North America.
An incredible resource
written by Craig Dunn, September 29, 2011
Coming from oil and gas background (geologist) and having made the switch to working on developing geothermal/geopower projects this report is a godsent. It verifies what we have been telling people for years; it is well researched and even conversative about the numbers, so it shows what any amazing resource that we should be developing. Thanks to get viagra fast the Geological Survey of Canada and find cheap viagra online hopefully this will help get exposure for geothermal energy.
written by Mike, September 29, 2011
Paul, come on now, evaporation is a worry for you? water evaporates into steam all over the world, it is a natural occurance. If water didnt evaporate no life would have ever started on Earth...
And the costs of drilling those mines and building the gen plants is peanuts when you consider that the energy that you would be making from those gen plants would be the cleanest form of energy yet, not to mention the obvious benefit of not having to pay for the heat, its coming from below us and is ever present.
written by Karen , September 29, 2011
What does the ordering cialis writer mean by "they could power the country one million times over"? Over what?
written by Philip Hummel, September 29, 2011
I cannot understand why we don't tap the geothermal potential surrounding Yellowstone park.I should think with the technology of deep well horrizontal drilling the energy derived would be unlimited.
Geothermal is usa viagra fantastic
written by Carol S., September 29, 2011
Geothermal is great for Canada as a whole and can also be used locally wherever you live. One property developer in Durham Region has included geothermal heat as an option for new homes they build. The cost may be $30K upfront, but at the cost of oil or natural gas heat today, the homeowner will have the system paid for in 10-15 years. As the cost of fossil fuels rises, this cost reimbursement could happen in less than a decade. Geothermal heat will also be an incentive for people to stay in their new homes for at least a decade. Over the long term, the resale value of these homes will soar once fossil fuels are no longer available.
Owner, Sobel Solar
written by Gerald Sobel, September 29, 2011
What's wrong with you folks. I am on the welcoming committee for the tiger mosquitoes bringing in West Nile Virus to California. Do you want to spoil the festivities? Hooray for global warming. I'm hoping to bring in Malaria next. I need a big oil pipeline to buy super cialis smoke up the planet and warm things up. Stop being a party pooper. BTW what if those holes you drill for geothemal leak, and the planet is smothered in lava?
written by Fred, September 30, 2011
Don't you guys worry, the geothermal revolution is under way. It is just a matter of time. In less than 50 years all big oil companies will have diversified to alternative energy and one of the major ones will be geothermy.
If you are an entrepreneur, you have money to invest and can support the risk, you should definitively thing of viagra online no prescription starting now to may see your company becoming
a future key player in the energy industry.

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