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DEC 11

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";D I think that the viagra online canada no prescription idea of geothermal technology is an excellent one..."

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Coal Mines Providing Geothermal Energy

It's hot down there, inside the Earth. And to cialis headaches tap that energy, all we need is giant holes in the ground.

Giant holes can sometimes be a bit expensive to dig, but there's some good news. The world already has a bunch of giant holes...from centuries of best cialis 5mg prices coal mining and online viagra levitra cialis exploration. And as any early 20th century coal miner will tell you, it can get hot down there.

The Dutch town of Heerlin has just discovered how useful old coal mines can be. An abandoned coal mine that's since flooded with ground water is being re-purposed to provide heat and hot water to 350 businesses and residents. The heat in the mine water is exchanged into clean drinking water so, no, the residents aren't drinking coal sludge.

Unfortunately, a fix for 350 people is not a fix for the world. But there are certainly no shortage of mine shafts in the world, we'll just have to see if the Dutch (or someone else) is able to scale it up.

Via Inhabitat

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Not the first geothermal mine
written by Dan Roscoe, December 11, 2008
Using abandoned coal mines for geothermal energy is certainly not a new idea, and has been tapped in Springhill, Nova Scotia since 1988. They closed the mine in Springhill in the 50's because of a massive bump, and simply filled it with water to remove the levitra without prescription safety hazard. They then realized that the snow always melted at a certain point in the town.

See and
for more info

written by Niels, December 12, 2008
Just a little nitpicking, but it's 'Heerlen' ;) You've got a lot of news coming from the Netherlands lately btw.. Any obvious reasons for that? :D
Geothermal Energy
written by dedsetmad, February 16, 2009
Geothermal energy is a con. If you think about how much heat would be taken from the planet's core if large scale geothermal plants were built around the world it is not hard to only here canada cheap cialis see the planet's core cooling down. What will that do to magnetism within the core? We have to find energy sources that do not TAKE anything from planet Earth. ANYTHING taken can also eventually run out, what then? Forget geothermal....focus on online viagra uk the Sun and the wind!!!
written by Fred, July 21, 2009
Thats a lot of work to get energy
written by Amber , February 10, 2014
I think that the idea of geothermal technology is an excellent one, filled with potential. The only problem that I can see is enter site dose cialis being able to fund it. I agree, there are lots of empty/abandoned coal mines especially in the north of England (as I live there myself!) but it would cost quite a lot of money to reopen the mines, make them safe and get the tec down there! But I think that if we can do that, we could open the door to a massive untapped energy potential.

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