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Upgrade to LEDs or the Easter Bunny Gets It!

Cree is a leading manufacturer of LEDs and the circuitry and canadian pharm components needed to canadian drugs viagra bring them into our homes and businesses. They've been growing like crazy and, thankfully, have also managed to hire someone who knows something about social media. That someone decided to show, very clearly, the effects of incandescent lighting on the Easter Bunny. The result? Incandescent lights KILL THE EASTER BUNNY! So if you don't want the Easter Bunny to should consider investing in some next-generation lighting technology.

The Hypocritically Bold Look of Kohler

boldkholersm1Taryn, an EcoGeek reader, received her subscriptions to Wired Magazine as well as National Geographic this week. A very EcoGeek combination, I must say, keeping up on the beauty and diversity of our world as well as cutting technology. But what she found surprised her. Each magazine had an ad from the same company, from the same advertising campaign with some disturbingly different messages.

The ad in National Geographic brags about Kohler's "commitment to creating water-saving products". On the other hand, the full-page advert in Wired seems to indicate that true luxury can only be had in a shower that simulates the viagra medication drenching power a category five experience Kohler will gladly provide you with.

So which of levitra discount prices these is the Bold Look of Kohler: The one that promises "Bold Conservation" or the one that promises "Bold jets of watter hitting you with one gallon per second of fresh drinkable water from every conceivable angle"? Thoughts?


LED Lighting Would Save America $120 Billion

A Department of Energy report on light emitting diode (LED) technology has some pretty startling numbers to viagra online digest. First, 7% of America's electricity is used to light our homes and businesses. That number is down significantly in the last few years because of the adoption of efficient lighting. But there is still a great deal of ground to be gained. Indeed, as bright white LEDs begin to make their way to the market, the DOE expects their adoption to result in huge decreases in energy use.

The cumulative savings of cheap fast levitra widespread adoption of this technology over the next 20 years would be about 1.500 terawatt-hours the price of which, at today's energy prices, is around $120 billion. The savings would eliminate the canadian healthcare need for 24 new large power plants, to say nothing of the decrease in carbon emissions.

The DOE has a host of programs to spur growth in the LED market, including a X-Prize style contest, R&D projects and market-baed projects. Of course, we have to buy cialis no prescription do our part too. New technology relies on EcoGeeks to be the early adopters of LED technology. I've already got a few lighting up my house.


Report Says LEDs in Short Supply

A new report from technology research corporation iSuppli warns that we're facing a global LED shortage in 2010.  Hooray!

Why am I cheering?  Because the reason for this shortage is a huge surge in demand for the energy-efficient lighting in the electronics industry.  Yes, it's bad that the supply is low, but it's great news that the use of more efficient lighting is becoming more mainstream.

The report says that demand for LEDs is expected to rise by double-digit percentages for at least the next three years.  In 2009, 63 billion units were consumed out of the 75 billion unit capacity worldwide.  The worst-case scenario is a rise in prices for mid-range and high-end computers and levitra buying HDTVs because of their larger displays.

The solution is simple enough though:  increase production.  The two largest suppliers have gotten the hint -- Aixtron and Veeco Instruments are doubling their production by the ultram where to buy end of this year.

via PC Mag


Obama Announces Cash for Caulkers Program

Today, President Obama announced the details of the HOMESTAR program, otherwise known as "Cash for Caulkers."  The president said the home retrofit program would create construction jobs, reduce the nation's energy use equal to the output of three coal power plants, save participating households $200-$500 per year in energy costs and online ordering cialis support energy efficiency innovation.

The program basically includes rebates for energy efficiency improvements that are given at the time of purchase, much like how "Cash for Clunkers" worked.  Here are some details of the program.

  • Small-scale upgrades like insulation, duct sealing, water heaters, HVAC units, windows, roofing and doors would be eligible for 50 percent rebates up to $1,500 or combined upgrade rebates of up to $3,000.
  • Entire-home retrofits would be eligible for a rebate of $3,000 towards an energy audit and upgrades amounting to 20 percent energy savings.  Any savings over that would be eligible for more rebates.
  • Safeguards would be put in place to ensure that the upgrades actually improve efficiency:  all contractors must be certified in energy efficient installations and independent auditors will perform surveys to make sure upgrades were installed correctly and are saving energy.
  • The program would also help state and local governments create financing options for these retrofits so more consumers can participate.

The program will have to get through Congress, but hopefully with the promise of boosting the economy and creating jobs, it will be attractive enough to legislators to pass.

via White House release




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