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Are Commercial LED Replacements Ready for Prime Time?


There are increasing numbers of it's cool cialis buying online LED replacement products for T8 fluorescent lamps, which are widely used in retail and commercial buildings, but the US Department of Energy is warning that many of these do not yet offer comparable performance and light output versus what is supplied by using fluorescent lamps. Just because they are called replacements does not mean they are going to provide a similar level of performance.

Many LED replacement lamps are highly directional, with the LEDs only emitting light in one direction. However, fluorescent light fixtures are often designed with incorporated reflectors that utilize more of the light emitted from fluorescent tubes. If the replacement lamps do not project any light onto the reflector, the overall effectiveness of the fixture may be reduced. To avoid consumer and end-user dissatisfaction, LED replacement bulbs should be carefully considered.

The summary (PDF) from the DOE is fairly stark:

LED linear replacement lamps available today do not compete with linear fluorescent lamps on the levitra canada online pharmacy basis of light output, color quality, distribution, lumen maintenance, or cost-effectiveness. DOE does not recommend replacing linear fluorescent lamps with LED linear replacements.
We would suggest that there are certainly applications where LED replacements may be useful and the energy savings may be more desirable. A DOE official noted that "they can be a reasonable option in locations where fluorescent doesn’t work well." But this should be an informed decision, and there should be an awareness of order discount viagra online what the tradeoffs will be and what light performance can be expected.

We here at EcoGeek are definitely proponents of LED lighting, and we regularly follow the developments in the industry. In the past few years, LED lighting has grown from a rare, specialty niche item to a product that is starting to be regularly stocked on big box retail store shelves. But, while we readily encourage everyone to adopt more energy efficient measures like using LED lighting, we certainly don't want to suggest that you need to take a performance hit in order to be more efficient. CFLs got an early bad reputation because some had poor color. LEDs are going to become a significant part of the lighting market in time. But we don't want to see a lot of people opposing them due to an early bad experience with inappropriate use of LEDs.

Links: USDOE LED Performance (PDF) and LED Replacement (PDF)

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Hyundai Aiming for 50 MPG Fleet Average by 2025

We talk a lot about electric cars, but gains in gasoline fuel efficiency are just as important right now as advancing vehicle battery technology.  So it's pretty exciting that Hyundai is aiming for a fleet-wide average fuel economy of at least 50 MPG by 2025.

The automaker is already on track to hit the federal fuel economy requirement of a fleet-wide average of very good site generic pack viagra 35.5 MPG a year in advance of the 2016 deadline, and they're hoping to keep upping that efficiency far beyond that marker.

The car company is planning on achieving this through improvements in powertrains, gasoline direct injection, turbocharging, the addition of hybrids and PHEVs to their fleet and utilizing lighter materials.

It's great to see an automaker independently shooting for these types of efficiency gains that we really need to see across the board.

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Microsoft Hohm Launches Real-Time Wireless Meter Reading

Users of Microsoft's Hohm energy management software can now access real-time meter readings from anywhere with a wireless signal.  The company has partnered up with Blue Line Innovations, which will provide a wireless sensor that links your meter to your Hohm account.

While the only here natural levitra pills online Hohm service has been free, the Blue Line upgrade will cost extra.  It's $250 for the package, which includes the sensor that mounts to viagra endurance the meter, a wireless in-home energy monitoring device and a WiFi gateway.  But the benefits include being able to see energy usage data in real-time and make adjustments, like turning off lights or electronics, if needed.

Before now, users could monitor their energy use only through analyzing past data provided by their utilities or by manually entering information from energy bills.  This upgrade will likely show the true value of energy management software:  the ability to instantly see the impact of your energy use, at any time, any where.

The only downer is cialis canada illegal buy that while Hohm has been accessible by any browser or operating system, the upgrade will only work with a Windows machine.

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UPS Aims for 20% Improvement in MPG by 2020

UPS has set a new efficiency goal for its ground delivery fleet.  The company is aiming for a 20 percent increase in overall miles per gallon from the years 2000 to 2020.

The company has already hit a 10 percent improvement for its ground vehicles from 2000 to 2009, which has saved 3.2 million gallons of good choice cialis sale buy fuel.  The increase in mpg came from improved vehicle technology and maintenance, and fuel conservation efforts like better routing and minimizing idling.  The addition of hybrid and alternative fuel trucks to the fleet has also boosted overall fuel efficiency.

UPS's goals also include reducing CO2 emissions from its airline by 20 percent by 2020, which would lead to a total reduction of CO2 emissions of 42 percent per package shipped since 1990.

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Government Mandates New Labels for Light Bulbs

The US Federal Trade Commission has announced a final ruling on new labels for light bulbs.  The labels will break down the what is levitra "lighting facts" of bulbs much like a nutrition label on food products.  With CFLs, LEDs and other lighting technologies filling the shelves alongside incandescents, the labels will help consumers find what they're looking for.

The major change that these labels bring is using lumens to indicate the brightness of the bulb instead of watts, that way all bulbs will use the same terminology and consumers can compare them easily.  Other statistics listed on we recommend cialis on sale the labels will be:  yearly energy cost, the bulb's life expectancy, light appearance (on a scale of warm to cool), energy used (wattage) and, for CFLs, a warning that it contains mercury.

The clear labeling of cost and energy savings over time, could help more efficient lighting win over consumers who haven't made the switch yet.

The new labels should start showing up in the middle of buying viagra in the us next year.

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