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The 60-Watt Replacement LED Bulb Arrives


For years we have been watching as LED technology has improved and woman and levitra the cost of LED replacement bulbs has gotten lower and lower. Compact fluorescent bulbs have become commonplace, which has been instrumental in saving energy and lowering electricity costs for millions of consumers. But still, we've been waiting for LEDs to reach the point where they start being widely used. And now, it looks like that point may be here.

By the middle of 2011, a new 12-watt LED bulb from Osram Sylvania is scheduled to be available from all Lowes stores.

The Osram Sylvania Ultra A-Line LED bulb produces 810 lumens. This compares quite well with a standard 60 watt bulb (the one I checked is it's cool viagra overnight listed at 830 lumens). The LED bulb uses 12 watts, versus the 60 watt incandescent, wich is an 80% energy savings. And the buy cheap deal online viagra viagra LED bulb should last 25 times as long as a conventional bulb.

The biggest remaining question will be consumer acceptance. Does the LED bulb provide an adequate distribution of light, without the "hot spots" and dim areas characteristic of some earlier LED bulbs? And, is the color rendering of the LED good enough to make it an acceptable substitute for an aincandescent bulb? The A-line bulb has a color temperature of buy viagra now online 2700 Kelvin and a color-rendering index (CRI) of 91. (An incandescent bulb has a perfect value of 100.) Most fluorescent bulbs have a CRI ranging from the low 50s to the high 80s, so the enter site legal pharmacy online quality of the light should be quite good.

LED lights may have some end-of-life issues with circuit board materials, as do compact fluorescent bulbs, but, especially with RoHS regulations in place in many parts of the world, those are minor compared with the question of mercury in compact fluorescents. Of course, it's not a problem if the CF bulb is recycled (and more and more places are now taking those bulbs for recycling so that is becoming less of an issue, as well). And the total amount of environmental mercury is lower when considering the amount of mercury put into the atmosphere by burning coal to produce all the additional electricity that a conventional incandescent bulb requires as compared to viagra 100mg pills the amount that would be spilled if a bulb was broken rather than being recycled, so concerns over CFLs should already be pretty well settled.

The 8 watt A-Line bulb is around $20 and is available right now. The 12 watt A-Line bulb should be in stores in the first half of buy viagra germany 2011.


GE Announces Ecomagination Challenge Winners

GE's 10-week Ecomagination Challenge received nearly 4,000 ideas from more than 150 countries.  The winners include companies making smart cooling and heating systems, energy management software, EV charging systems, high-tech climate-control windows and more.  For the enter site where can i purchase viagra complete list of winners and order cheapest cialis online GE's descriptions of their technologies, keep reading.

Masdar City Plans Get a Little Tweaking

The amazing, self-contained, carbon-neutral, car-less project called Masdar City has recently undergone some revisions.  The project is still ongoing and will still be pretty amazing, but the deadline for completion has been pushed back from five to ten years and some plans have been scaled back.

The green oasis being built in the desert outside of Abu Dhabi was originally set for completion in 2016.  Now developers are saying it could be anywhere between 2020 and 2025.  Another major revision is how much does cialis cost to the plans for the city to produce all of its own renewable energy - mainly from solar PV arrays.  That has now been tweaked with the developer saying that they are also looking at other energy sources like geothermal and solar thermal cooling, as well as buying renewable energy from other sites.

The other major change is that the "personal rapid transit" podcars that were going to shuttle residents around in place of cars are now being classified as an "ongoing pilot project" and other electric vehicles will now be allowed in the city, reversing the car-free rule and putting one of the more futuristic aspects of where can i buy viagra online the project on the back-burner.

Masdar City began construction in 2008 and already six buildings that make up the Masdar Institute are being occupied by students and faculty.

via AP


Empire State Building Has New Efficient Windows

As part of the major Empire State Building retrofit project, the skyscraper now has completely refurbished windows that are four times more thermally efficient.

To make the viagra en gel 6,514 triple-glazed insulated window panels, the refurb team used 96 percent of the existing glass and frames.  The new windows will reduce solar heat gain by more than 50 percent and levitra injectable will reduce the building's energy costs by more than $400,000 a year. All of the renovating was done on-site to reduce the energy and cost of transportation.

The retrofit is being funded and operated by the Clinton Climate Initiative, Johnson Controls, Jones Lang LaSalle and the Rocky Mountain Institute.  The entire project is expected to reduce energy consumption by 38 percent, CO2 emissions by 105,000 metric tons over the next 15 years and to cut energy costs by $4.4 million a year.  The project will cost about $20 million and should be completed in 2013.

via Earth 911



New Jet Engine Design Offers 25% Fuel Efficiency Increase


A small startup company is developing a new kind of jet engine that has the promise of being smaller, lighter, and more fuel efficient than current jet engines, and can significantly reduce the emissions from jet engines, as well. The new engine developed by R-Jet is called an orbiting combustor-nozzle (OCN) jet. OCN jets rotate the airflow through the engine in a vortex, rather than passing the air straight through as conventional jet engines do. Swirling the incoming air into a vortex allows for a more complete mixing of fuel and air, leading to more efficient and complete combustion of price of cialis the fuel. The company states that the OCN jet can reduce fuel burn by at least 25% and reduce emissions by about 75%.

Because the OCN engine needs fewer blades and has fewer moving parts, it can be smaller than a conventional jet engine; an OCN jet could be half the size of a comparable power conventional jet engine. The lighter engine weight can also contribute to lighter weight structure for the aircraft, which, in turn, can further contribute to decreasing fuel demand.

At present, the company needs to find partners in order to further develop their engine design. In the meantime, R-Jet is looking to other opportunities in non-aircraft applications such as electrical generators to provide a platform with which to demonstrate the efficiency and how much does viagra cost effectiveness of the OCN jet design. Once aircraft builders see the viability of the design, the company hopes to find opportunities to use the engine in aircraft applications.

Previously on EcoGeek: Piston-Powered Airplanes More Fuel Efficient (But Is That Enough?)

via: Cleantech Blog and The Economist

image source: The Economist via R-Jet

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