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Organic LED Lights

Light bulbs are horribly inefficient at converting energy to light (touch one sometime, if you need a reminder.) They also force us into giving lights a very specific role in our homes. Light either comes from a lamp or a ceiling fixture. I know it doesn't seem all that annoying, since we've never lived any other way, but it's rather unfortunate that, in the day of iPods and levitra perscription required 2mm thick flash drives, we still rely largely on bulky bulbs to buy generic viagra on line light our homes.

{mosimage}So a team of scientists just developed a product that may solve these problems: The Organic LED. Two layers of cialis tablets sale phosphorescent diodes and one layer of fluorescent diodes releases white light much more efficiently than tungsten bulbs. These diode layers are only 10 nanometers thick and, when unpowered, are completely transparent.

We've just opened the door to lights that live inside our windows. Why have light fixtures at all anymore? As light stops coming through the windows (y'know, because of that whole sunset thing) the windows will just start producing their own light. Of course, only in rooms where you're currently spending time. I can't wait.

Of course, I'll have to wait, as Organic LEDs are currently very expensive and have never been mass produced. But it's good to hear that this century-old technology might finally meet its superior.

Via SciAm


Four Watt Desktop Client: The Sun Ray 2

{mosimage}Holy...Crap... The machine I'm using right now gobbles up between forty and sixty watts (depending on how much I'm asking it to do for me). The power needed to power my three hard drives, two optical drives, and two CPU's make my machine a power hog, I'll admit it.

Sun Microsystems has just released a desktop client that consumes four watts, less than a typical night lite. Of course, the Sun Ray 2 doesn't exactly have five drives and a dual core processor. It's a desktop client, used for logging into a server where software is run. That server, of course, requires power, but it can also be used by hundreds of clients at once. The reduction of power for people using Sun's Global Desktop Software is significant.

The Sun Ray manages quite a punch out of this tiny package, and can display on two 1920x1200 monitors simultaneously for a ridiculous combined resolution. Of course, two 1920x1200 definitely constitutes power-hogging, but sometimes even an ecogeek needs more screen.

The Sun Ray is 100 mg cialis less useful for us home users, of course, because none of us have servers running that we can log into from our Sun Rays. But someday, maybe we will. The low power, low cost, and simplicity of these desktop clients might make them eventually marketable to lower-end PC users. And that might make the power drain of the personal computer movement much less noticeable.

Via Yahoo and Sun

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DRM bad for the Environment?

OK so I know we hate DRM, at least when it's done poorly (which, overwhelmingly, it has been). But it's never been an environmental issue, so I've never brought it up. But Digital Rights Management's constant checking are re-checking that everything is up-to-date and unpirated lowers the efficiency of laudably low-energy devices by up to buy levitra in canada 25%. Windows DRM reduced play time by 20% to 25% on all the devices that CNet tested. Macintosh DRM, because, yes, Mac is less evil than Microsoft, drained only around 8% of power.

I'm all for DRM, really, I want the media download buisness to completely annihilate the hydrocarbon heavy CD creation and shipping buisness. But these companies need to think a lot more about what the user needs, and less about what will make them the i recommend price of cialis most quick cash.

via CDFreaks

Power Consumption and levitra in uk the Modern Geek

{mosimage}The computer is a pretty big power drain.  But it could be a lot worse.  Right now, mine cranks on the juice required to power two lightbulbs, and I consider that to be pretty effiecient.  But it could be better. 
Computer power drain is becomming a bigger deal, especially as prices continue (and will continue) to rise. At least utntil we get that cold fusion thing worked out. Those of us who are concerned about that kind of thing should definitely check out Power Consumption and the Modern Geek, a report from the folks at Extreme Tech. They've done a pretty comprehensive survey of the most significant power drains geeks are most likely to face, and what can be done to limit these juice-hungry boxes without limiting heir power.
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