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Where will all the Hard Drives Go?


Every day we see dozens of devices, inventions and ideas that are conspiring to make this world a better place. And, usually, their eco aspects are pretty plain to see.

But, while geeks across the world are anticipating solid state drives (usually in the form of viagra 100mg flash drives) for the traditional reasons (they are much faster than traditional hard disk drives, and (as they have no moving parts) they are more durable) we EcoGeeks look forward to cheap levitra 50mg them for an additional reason.

As any iPod Shuffle owner will note, solid state drives consume far less power than traditional drives. They don't move, they make no noise and they don't need to be cooled. When flash drives replace our hard drives we will work faster, quieter and more efficiently. And that is why, when a new innovation in solid state drives appears, we blog about it here at EcoGeek.


Flash Laptop from Samsung

{mosimage}Samsung revealed a laptop with a 32 gig flash drive at CeBIT this year. Booting side by side with a traditional laptop with the spinning platters that we've all got, this thing was up and ready almost twice as fast.

Of course, twice as fast also translates to ten times more expensive. If it were in stores now, this drive would set you back about $900, a cost of $30 per gigabyte. Harddisk drives for laptops are currently closer to $2.50 per gig. So, even with the speed, the durability and the efficiency, Samsung has a ways to go before these drives go mass market.


Make a Battery a Flashlight

{mosimage}Falling into the category of “duh” inventions is this little device that pops on the top of a nine volt battery. Suddenly, the candle seems so obsolete! OK, this isn't a complicated post, but you gotta love when we're able to make something that is tiny, cheap, useful and efficient (not only in its use of electricity, but also in the use of materials.)

Pak-Lite says you'll get more than 20 hours on per charge on a nine-volt battery. Of course, if you use this thing on a battery that's not rechargeable, it becomes more a wasteful device than a marvelous toy. So, stock up on cialis 100 mg nine volt rechargeables and visit .


Dimmable Compact Fluorescents

Your real environmental commitment is tested most when you have to give something up. How many of us don't actually prefer riding our bicycles and womans cialis eating delicious organic food? Organic, vine-ripened tomatoes. What a sacrifice! {mosimage}

I struggle most with making the very obvious and logically airtight decision to i use it cialis next day delivery convert my household lighting over to compact fluorescent bulbs. Compared to incandescent bulbs, they use anywhere from 50-80% less electricity and last somewhere around ten times as long. A no-brainer.

But here's the problem: The light they cast is just plain ugly. Standard fluorescent bulbs emit too much yellow and blue, and not enough green and red. This limited spectrum is responsible for the horrible, sickly appearance of food in high school cafeterias, and the purply, poxed look of your face in truck stop bathroom mirrors.

What's more, standard fluorescents can't be dimmed. Who wants to eat nasty-looking food across from a sickly roommate under un-dimmable glaring lights in their own home? By show of hands?

Fortunately, technology advances. You can now purchase, on, dimmable, spiral compact fluorescent bulbs, which are at least somewhat color compensated to reduce the ugliness. We haven't tried them ourselves yet, but this EcoGeek is ordering some right now.

What's the point of eating tasty organic food if you can't enjoy it at just the right lumen level and with accurate color rendition?

Via MetaEfficient


Citizen Memory LCD

Take a good look at your computer screen and realize: Nothing is Moving. Yet, it is powered, constantly, as if it were a mobile display. E-Ink, the ecogeek's favorite display, has conquered this by only needing power to change its display while LCD screens have always needed constant power to maintain the link for you viagra generic canada display.


No Longer! Citizen has created the Memory LCD , which retains its image even when turned off. Of course, this thing is a long way away from being a computer monitor. A good start though, and a good alternative to the slow refresh rate of E-Ink, if it comes to uk mail order viagra that (though don't ever expect this to be flexibile like E-Ink.)

If you're wondering, the picture here is a point-of-sale screen, showing that 500 grams of bananas costs 395 yen, and that the banana's come from Ecuador (and also where Ecuador is, just in case the consumer is interested.)

Via Engadget  

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