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Hard Drive Hybrids

We've spent some time extolling the virtues of solid state drives (they're faster and buy now online cialis use way less energy than the ubiquitous platter drives.) But they're expensive, and don't have the capacity of hard disk drives.

Well...what did the automobile industry do when electric cars were more efficient, but not up to snuff in other ways? Hybrids!


Samsung and Microsoft are teaming up to release the first ever hard disk / solid state hybrid drive. The idea is that part of the drive can be solid state (about 1 gig), allowing for quick efficient retrieval of female cialis frequently used data (this will probably be the viagra generic canada Windows Vista operating system and some virtual RAM), while the hard disks can be used to store massive amounts of data you hardly ever use (your digital picture archive, Backstreet Boys albums or porn, depending on tramadol 180 overnight c o d who you are.)

Much of the energy saving benefits of solid state drives will be maintained, while reducing the cost. And possibly even more importantly, we're on our way to buy online viagra computers that boot instantly.


Greening the paper trail

Corporations interested in sustainability just previewed something called the Environmental Paper Assessment Tool,{mosimage} which is supposed to help identify the environmental pros and cons of using paper from different sources.
The tool is being promoted by Metafore, a non-profit that describes itself thusly:
"Metafore seeks out business and other civil society leaders who recognize the connection between business prosperity and forest integrity. Together, we collaborate to create innovative market-based approaches that support thriving forests and communities." 
The mystery tool's makers admit that it's not the visit web site generic cialis from china best it can be yet, but it's encouraging that big names like Bank of America are involved in the testing process.

I mean, banks use a lot of paper.

Not in relation to my account in particular, but I would imagine that if you had money or frequently made deposits, there would be a lot of paper.

I would imagine.
Anyway, here's a story about the tool in the Salem Statesman-Journal.  
And here's the PDF description of the tool on Metafore's site. 

America's Book Shelf -- Netflix for the Lit Nerds

I didn't know it could get better than my first love, the public library. But I'm completely sold on America's Book Shelf , a book exchange program that was just launched on Earth Day. {mosimage}
Here's what you do:
1. As a site launch promotion, ABS is offering free year-long memberships to the first 10,000 members. You go to the Web site and viagra generic brand list 15 books you're willing to exchange.
2. Your books are now part of the virtual library. If a little bookworm across the country is dying for your copy of The Little Prince, ABS sends you a postage-paid envelope to buy cheap viagra send it to him.
3. Here's the only drawback -- you don't get the book back. The person that requested your book will just keep it on his or her bookshelf until it's requested again.
ABS owner Bill Denkler says, "For every 65 books shared through, we can help save one tree from the best and cheapest viagra pills pulp and paper mills." The company also buys wind energy and uses completely recycled office supplies. 
Now who wants my Faulkner that I never read? 

Power Supply Efficiency is LAME (but getting better)

{mosimage}All that hot air coming out of the tail-end of your computer is waste. Most power supplies are around 50% efficient. But not all. Running a more efficient power supply can keep your computer cooler, help it live longer, and reduce your electricity bills.

80 plus is a program that is payed for by some electric utility somewhere. They certify power supplies that are more than 80% efficient. Right now, very few power supplies have been able to make the 80 Plus grade. But it's worth searching one out. Running an 80 Plus power supply can reduce your power consumption by 85 kWh per year heat output by 50%.

The question, really, is why we're not all already using more efficient power supplies. Basically, it's because we buy our computers from Dell, who is looking to give you the cheapest PC possible. Power draw and heat output don't generally make the top ten when Dell asks consumers what matters to them. But maybe soon efficiency will be a bigger issue, and we'll see more 80 Plus certifications on new computers.

There's a 300 W power supply from Seasonic available now for around $50. And hopefully you'll see a lot more coming around soon.

Via: WorldChanging


Apple tries to find the recycling bin

I never thought I'd say that Apple and I have something in common. But after Apple's blush-worthy meeting with investors over its shabby recycling efforts, I related, remembering my own boyfriend shocked to find a wine bottle in my trash can. 
"We recycle!" he declared, holding up the offensive bottle.
Apple's shareholders said as much. Apple originally had a dismal recycling program where customers had to large pharmacy discount code cough up $30 to use its take-back programs. It revamped the program to make it free, but it's still well behind Dell and HP, which have had free take-back programs for years. 
Apple was caught red-handed by As You Sow , a socially responsible investing group that pounded the company with some hard-hitting questions at its April 27 investor's meeting.
Conrad McKerron, a director for As You Sow , calls Apple's new recycling program a move from "laggard" to "more on cialis discount a par" with its competitors. Steve Jobs tried to win points during the meeting by pointing out that Apple has eliminated use of CRT monitors, which contain heavy metals, and that this has helped the environment more than recycling. 
McKerron said to Wired News that Apple is still losing to its competitors because Dell and HP have publicly stated goals for how much waste they're going to take back, and Apple does not.   
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