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The Future of Flight (Obese Pelicans to Shape-Shifting Switchblades)

Converting our world's cars to hybrids, electrics and canadian pharmacy viagra generic hydrogen powered may turn out to be a far more simple task than reducing the amount of fossil fuel burned by flight. But we're not gonna stop flying just because it's bad for the planet. Packages need to usefull link express levitra delivery be shipped. Bombs need to be dropped. EcoGeeks need to visit their moms.

So today we're looking at the future of fuel-efficient flight. From just-around-the-corner to the far-fetched ridiculous possibilities....and we'll hit them in that order.




CFL's Could Cut Carbon by 10%

180px-compactfluorescentlightbulbDoesn't it seem wrong to you that your laptop uses less power than a light bub?  I mean, a computer has the power to change your world AND cast an eerie glow in my cave-like office.  

Well, thanks to the compact fluorescent light bulb (CFLs,) light bulbs no longer have to be electron-sucking bulbous space-heaters.  In fact, according to a report just published by the International Energy Agency swapping all of the world's tungsten bulbs with CFL's would cut the world's energy use by 10%, far more than is planned to tramadol cod order be saved by solar and wind power in all but the most progressive nations.  

And the CFL's last for years, AND they produce a very pleasant light AND they're getting to be darned cheap.  That's the power of technology, save the viagra next day world by making it an easier place to live in.  

La La: $1.50 for a CD

At some point you probably went through the painstaking process of loading all your tunes onto the computer. Well, now you're stuck with a stack of CDs and don't know what to do with them. The new music exchange service La La, enables CD trading for just $1.49, allowing several people to use each CD, keeping discs in circulation instead of going on the landfills or cluttering up your valuable closet space.

Once you become a member, the service encourages you to list all the CDs you want to exchange as well as ones they would be interested in receiving. Once an exchange is arranged, the recipient pays $1.49, of which 63 cents pays for shipping the disc. Netflix-style shipping kits (prepaid standard envelops) will arrive in the mail after you list your first CD at the site.

Twenty cents of each dollar you pay goes either directly to buy viagra in canada no prescription the artist.  Or, if the artist no longer holds a copyright (think Beethoven,) those 20 cents go into a charitable fund to provide health insurance for musicians. The site is tramadol cheap no prescription Inspired by a Wikipedia style information model.  Fans and artists jointly decide whether a musician who applies for compensation will get paid under the system. This model has the potential to transform music-industry economics, giving musicians a major cut of the proceeds while largely freezing out record labels and other intermediaries. Whatever remains after shipping and those 20 cents goes to running the company.

8.5 Watt Box, All Solid State.

Your computer probably has a 300 watt power supply, most do.  But your computer doesn't use 300 watts.  It could, if it wanted to, but power supplies very rarely get maxed out.  Usually computers run at around 80 watts, less than your average lightbulb, a remarkable thing, considering what they can do.  Your monitor is a different story.  Add in a 17 inch LCD and you can add in another 60 watts. 

But the Fantsuam Foundation of Nigeria has just produced a computer that can be powered by a single small solar panel with an output of roughly 8.5 watts.  The computer has no moving parts, the hard drive is solid state flash, which we've touted the power saving virtues of before.  

What's important is that it's possible.  The 'Solo' has one gig of storage, one gig of RAM (both solid state), and a 14 inch monochrome LCD keeps costs and power use down as well.  The system maxes out at $1,200, a fair price considering that the unit comes with a solar panel and rechargeable battery.  It's a ways off from Negroponte's $130 laptop, but at 8.5 watts, I'm impressed no matter what the pricetag.
Via Gizmodo

USB Battery Charger

Anything that removes a wire or frees up an outlet has a place in my office.  My battery charge has a permanent place hanging from my wall charging double and triple A's that power my wireless mouse, my Sony Librie, my digital camera, various remote controls, etc.  But the Everfast USB charger promises to rid my ofice of those wires and free that battery outlet.  Unfortunately, my USB outlets are not in extreme abundance either.  But it would be nice to be able to charge my batteries right here where I sit, and not have to get up and walk all the way across the buy viagra using paypal room to replace my mouse batteries. 

The chargers accept two batteries at a time, either AA or AAA and charge nickel metal hydride batteries (always make sure you're using the right battery with the right charger.) 

So, if you want to reduce your heavy metal waste without taking up extra outlets, or if you're too lazy to natural cialis pills leave your workstation to get a fresh pair of AAA's you might want to look into this. 
Via Hugg
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