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Bubbles Could Make Cargo Ships More Efficient

Cargo ships could start traveling through clouds of ordering cialis gel bubbles as a means for increasing their efficiency. Air lubrication consists of injecting air into the levitra prices water underneath a ship to reduce the friction, which should allow the ship to travel faster while using less fuel.

Naval engineers are looking at the tradeoffs between the energy needed to blow air bubbles underneath ships and order usa levitra online the benefits in increased efficiency this would provide. At present, they believe this could lead to increased fuel efficiency of 5 to 20 percent for freighters.

This technology is likely to make its first appearance on freighters on the Great Lakes, rather than on ocean-going cargo vessels. "Great Lakes ships tend to have large, flat bottoms – an ideal shape for the technology because air stays underneath the ship instead of bubbling to the surface." However, if it brings efficiency improvements, it can be expected that air lubrication will be adapted to new ocean freighters.

image: via Wikimedia Commons

via: Midwest Energy News


Incandescent Light Bulb Ban Pushed Back

A Congressional spending deal made late last night includes a provision that prevents the Department of Energy from enforcing the incandescent light bulb ban set to go in effect in January for another nine months.

The first phase of the ban, which still remains on the books but just can't be enforced, includes higher efficiency standards for 100-watt bulbs.  By the end 2014, all incandescents will be phased out.  According to buying viagra without prescription the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, many American light bulb makers had already started investing money on making the change from incandescents to more efficient bulbs like halogen, CFLs and LEDs and this delay may now cause them to lose money to foreign competitors still selling the wow it's great cialis for sale online cheaper bulbs.

The delay in enforcement will end on real viagra without prescription September 30, 2012 at the end of the government's fiscal year when hopefully the legislation will be able to go into effect.

via Chicago Tribune


LED Bulb Looks Like Filament Bulb

Panasonic has introduced a LED bulb that replicates the appearance of get tramadol without perscreption a clear, filament-style bulb. It uses a standard socket base, and it's yet one more step along the line of a light that closely resembles a standard incandescent bulb, but with much higher efficiency.

The LDAHV4L27CG bulb has the output equivalent of a 20-watt incandescent, but uses only 4.4 watts. It has a color rendering index (CRI) of 80 and a color temperature of 2700 K (similar to a soft warm light bulb). And its lifespan is long, as with other LED bulbs, with a rated life of over 40,000 hours. It has a light angle of 300 degrees, so it has a coverage area similar to an incandescent.

via: Architect Magazine and Gizmodo


Turning Commercial Jets into Hybrids

A company called WheelTug has devised a way for commercial airplanes to run on electricity at slow speeds, much like a hybrid vehicle does.

The WheelTug system includes a pair of electric motors embedded in an airplane's nose wheel which provide power for backing the plane away from the gate and for taxiing up to budget viagra 28 mph. The electricity for the motors is provided by the buy overnight tramadol auxiliary power unit of the plane, a small engine located at the back of the aircraft used for running lights and the ventilation system when the main engines are off.

The auxiliary power unit uses only about half a gallon of fuel per minute compared to two gallons per minute for each of the main engines.  The WheelTug allows a plane to taxi without use of the main engines and to back from the gate without the help of a diesel-fueled tug, cutting down significantly on fuel use while a plane is on the ground.

Another advantage to creating hybrid jets is that planes will spend less time on the ground since they won't have to wait for a tug.  Also, by running the main engines less, engines will sustain less damage.

The company has just signed a deal to outfit 20 El Al jets with the system and hopes to best prices for viagra get certification from European and American aviation regulators by early 2013.

via NY Times Green Blog


Solar Ship Is Half Airship and buy viagra china Half Flying Wing

Incorporating solar power onto airships is not an entirely new idea, but we continue to find interesting developments of the concept. The latest is the Solar Ship,a hybrid aircraft that merges buoyant lifting and aerodynamics as well as thin-film solar panels. The combination makes for a long-range vessel that is levitra testimonial able to take-off and land on very short airfields.

Earlier studies have been critical of generic cialis 50mg the efficiency of airships, finding that trucks offer a lower overall cost in time and energy. But that presupposes the existence of a network of available roads. While developed areas may be more readily served by trucks, they are less than ideal for many other parts of the world.

The Solar Ship concept was specifically developed for use in areas without a network of roads available. The two areas being focused on at present are to provide medical services in remote areas and to provide cargo transport alternatives to the "ice roads" presently used to move supplies in the high Arctic.

"Solar Ship blends the technologies of aerodynamic lift, aerostatic lift, and solar cells to create a cost efficient, long range, energy efficient cargo carrier for areas with minimal or unreliable infrastructure."

As a heavier-than-air craft, the Solar Ship does not need to have a ground crew to help support the craft at each destination point. The buoyant assitance of helium gives the craft enough help that it is able to use a soccer field as its airstrip. A solar powered Solar Ship will have unlimited effective range, while the hybrid version increases the cargo capacity while still providing great range.

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