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"Um ...... step 1 ..ok step 2 ..ok Please explain step 1.5 as this is..."

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Eco-friendly? For money?

If being environmentally-conscious consistently saved (or better, generated) money, there'd be no challenge at all in convincing big companies to get a little greener.

Sun Microsystems, the pack of clever people that it is, has decided {mosimage}that maybe being environmentally-conscious can be profitable, not because the act of conserving energy and purchasing cialis so on would outweigh the initial costs of re-engineering a few things, but because people want it.

It's a pretty simple idea:

If people want an eco-friendly product, they'll buy an eco-friendly product. If people buy an eco-friendly product, we, the smart people at Sun Microsystems, can make it profitable.

So Sun has just hired a guy to price of cialis in canada fill a position they've made up, a VP of eco-responsibility. Step one: spend money. Check.

Step two: make money.
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written by มาร์ค, April 22, 2008
Um ...... step 1 ..ok step 2 ..ok

Please explain step 1.5 as this is the eqivalent of the 'holy grail'


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