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JUL 19

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"Reducing emissions on generic cialis cheapest india shipping is a good place to levitra online usa start. Anytime we le..."

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Shipping Industry Commits to Emissions Reductions and cheapest 50mg generic viagra 30% Increase in Efficiency by 2024

The United Nation's International Maritime Organization member countries voted to approve set CO2 emissions standards on new ships starting in 2019 and also agreed to having the worldwide shipping industry improve energy efficiency by 30 percent by 2024.

For the 60,000 existing ships operating today, less aggressive efficiency improvements will also be required.  If these new rules are followed, CO2 emissions from shipping could be slashed by as much as 50 million tons by 2020.

Five member countries voted against the new measures:  China, Brazil, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Chile.

The one part that could be the downfall of this agreement is that it allows developing countries to apply for a waiver from the restrictions, which could lead to shipping companies registering new ships in those countries in order to avoid complying with the genuine viagra online emissions and efficiency rules.  But with the shipping industry accounting for 3 percent of all human-caused emissions, we have to buy viagra online forum start somewhere.

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Ideal application for nuclear powered ships
written by Palmer, July 20, 2011
Nuclear powered ships can reduce CO2 emissions completely. With the nuclear ship there are no CO2 emission apart from that produced by the biological processes occurring on the ship (fermentation, spoilage of food, biological wastes and so forth).

To augment the nuclear power the ships should also have cylindrical sails in the funnel areas, thus allowing the viagra cialis levitra ship to use less nuclear fuel by taking energy from the wind.

Bunker oil is a filthy polluting material which contaminates not just the air when it is burned, but its combustion products enter the ocean and interfere with marine life. Bunker oil spills are quite common and the consequences of such spills are disastrous to marine life. There is no possibility of bunker oil spills with a nuclear power ship.

written by Mukund Bangalore, July 21, 2011
Reducing emissions on shipping is a good place to start. Anytime we legislate with industry, there is always a compromise. The commitments made in this legislation are fair and balanced, although they are not as strict as they could be. Hopefully industry keeps their end of the bargain, and does not actively seek to find loopholes which will undermine the legislation's intent.

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