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MAY 09

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Federal Fleet Slashes Fuel Use with More Efficient Vehicles

The Government Services Administration (GSA) -- the agency that buys vehicles for federal agencies to lease -- has announced that the new cars purchased so far in 2011 use 21 percent less fuel than the cars they replaced.  The average MPG for the cialis online from canada new vehicles has gone from 19.1 last year to 23.4 this year.

President Obama signed an executive order in 2009 that mandated a 30 percent decrease in fuel consumption by the U.S. government's fleet by 2020 and it looks like the administration is well on its way to meeting that goal -- fuel use across the entire fleet has dropped 22.5 percent compared to 2005, which is the baseline year..

So far this year, the GSA has replaced 35,000 vehicles with more efficient models, with 22,000 of those being advanced technology vehicles (EVs, hybrids, fuel cell vehicles and E85 vehicles).  By 2015, all vehicles purchased for the federal fleet will have to be advanced technology vehicles. The GSA typically purchases about 60,000 vehicles a year.

An average of 23.4 MPG seems low when there are several vehicles out that can get 40 MPG and greater, but this huge fleet includes military and delivery vehicles which are typically less efficient and that increase will make a big impact.  The new cars will save 2.4 million gallons of fuel and $9 million taxpayer dollars annualy.

This is a step that deserves some cheering.  After all, the U.S. government is the world's largest consumer of oil and the nation's greatest energy user.  The more we can reduce those numbers, the better.

via Detroit News and Autoblog Green

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"advanced technology"?
written by Jeff, May 10, 2011
E85 = "advanced technology vehicle"?

Gimme a break.
What about difference in vehicle cost?
written by Wait a Minute, May 10, 2011
Yeah, so these steps taken so far will save $9 million in fuel expenses, but these advanced technology vehicles are surely not as inexpensive as the standard alternatives. I'm all about reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, but this is just irresponsible reporting. How much extra do the visit web site purchase levitra special vehicles cost versus the standard and what is the true net savings/loss of the program?

Also, which specific vehicles have they been replacing with the advanced technology vehicles so far? Seems to we like it buy levitra canada me the biggest fuel savings will be had by purchasing hydraulic hybrid delivery trucks such as those UPS has been testing. Also, those little mail carrier trucks that run everywhere, starting and buy tramadol online cod stopping at every single residence - imagine how much gas it would save by creating an electric hybrid/natural gas engine propulsion system for those little guys to run on.

I'd like to see more hybrid buses too. I was biking downtown the other day and a bus went by, let me say I cannot believe the level of air pollution they emit. There should be incentives to encourage municipalities to adopt hybrid metro transit technologies faster.
General Services Administration
written by Brian, May 12, 2011
GSA stands for General Services Administration, not government.

Federal Fleet Slashes Fuel Use with More Efficient Vehicles
written by Ron Duncan, May 18, 2011
Not that impressive, however it is a start. Buy diesel and get up to 50 MPG. In fact but european and save even more.

MPG figures for US built vehicls are positively ancient.

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