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MAR 18

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"Very nice indeed. Nevertheless, personally I hate CFLs for home or bus..."

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Compact Fluorescent Bulb Wins Design Award


It's encouraging to indian levitra generic see an efficient product win an award for design; energy efficiency and buy viagra online without prescription attractive design combine in a single package. The Plumen 001 compact fluorescent bulb has been named the winner of the annual Brit Insurance Designs of the Year Award from London's Design Museum.

It has taken a few years for this idea to go from the initial concept to production. The Plumen bulb provides a stylish and appealing alternative to the more familiar, coiled CFL, and makes it possible to have both efficiency and a bare-bulb aesthetic. As one juror wrote, "We felt these bulbs were neat, appealing and covetable in the right, affordable way."

The Plumen 001 is pricier than standard compact fluorescents, and Plumen bulbs are only available for Europe and the UK at present (countries with a 230 volt power system). However, a version for the order viagra from canada US (and other countries with 110 volt power) is forthcoming.

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via: Architect Magazine

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At least its legal!
written by David, March 18, 2011
The best thing about this year's winner is that it is real and on-sale.

Last year's winner, Folding Plug, is a design which is fundamentally unsafe, does not meet the requirements of BS 1363, and it would be illegal to attempt to sell it in the UK. It was an attempt by an art student to address an issue which requires engineering expertise, and with a complete lack of engineering experience on the panel of judges they failed to seek advice as to whether it was practical! Only a radical redesign, which would turn it into a different sort of folding plug, would result in a safe product.
best and brightest
written by Daniela, March 23, 2011
These are beautiful. With all the hubabaloo about lightbulb reform in the United States it's nice to see the UK honoring some best and brightest.
written by SolidApollo Team, March 28, 2011
Very nice indeed. Nevertheless, personally I hate CFLs for home or business use, unless they are only used in hallways, or outdoors.

Go to a restaurant that has CFLs at the table and:

1. The CRI is terrible, The food looks bad,
2. Its very uncomfortable to be around those things for a long time. (They flicker at very high frequencies)

At home I only use CFL for outdoor lights. Indoors I only used LEDs.

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