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MAR 11

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"When will this be on the market! I really like the idea of solar powe..."

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Samsung Introduces Completely Solar-Powered, Transparent TV

At the CeBIT electronics show in Germany, Samsung unveiled their latest television prototype and viagra without prescriptions it's the coolest one yet.  The 46-inch, 1920 x 1080 resolution LCD TV is fully solar-powered and transparent!

The prototype was designed to use only a tiny amount of energy and it gets all it needs from solar panels running off ambient light in the room -- no need for back-up power sources.  The screen is also transparent, so while you're seeing images on the screen, you're also seeing whatever is behind it.  This means that it could be used in storefronts, as digital window blinds or even in car windshields.

In addtion to your favorite TV shows, it can also project photos or any other data and features ten-finger touchscreen technology.

via ITProPortal and Inhabitat
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written by phillyboy, March 11, 2011
thats awesome, very curious what that would cost. also love the pseudo-blinds. Samsung u rock my world!
like smart windows
written by Seamus Dubh, March 12, 2011
Now it you add two new layers. A layer that goes opaque with a charge like a smart window and another solar layer on get levitra the opposite side to compensate for the blacking out and you get the perfect home window wall TV with all the privacy of viagra samples online a normal one.
written by Greg, March 12, 2011
I've always wondered what the total power consumption of billboard lighting would be!
written by Olmo - electric car, March 13, 2011
this is a great idea. let's hope they bring it to market and visit our site cialis no prescription that it wont be a flop.
in my opinion, independent from the soft viagra tablets design and features, future products will be efficient and green. If not, they will be a flop.
written by Wouter, March 14, 2011
When can I have this @home
Will there be a HR++ window screen of this version (insolated glas window)?
What's the price? smilies/smiley.gif
Windshield TV
written by Logan Quinn, March 22, 2011

We already have enough idiot drivers out there being distracted by phone, texting, and GPS, don't need TV's too.

Stupidest notion I've heard to date.
written by Egeek, March 22, 2011
Another cool invention not invented in USA. Why do we continue to think of ourselves as the only source of innovation?
written by Marcel, March 23, 2011
The notion was not about displaying tv at your windshield. More like a HUD in jet fighters. Augmented reality. Think of displaying your gps/route information projected on the road instead of on a tiny screen which distracts your head elsewhere. Think of virtually enhanced road markers, so even when the real ones are worn and poorly visible in bad weather, you still know perfectly well where your lane is.
written by Zecc, March 25, 2011
Why no mention over how it also provides "a full ten finger touchscreen surface." ?
written by Sean, May 05, 2011
Hey guys alot of visit our site mexico cialis no prescription this technology is viagra cost with prescription coming out of Corning Incorporated, in my home town of corning, ny.

We're big on glass. Crazy cool stuff.
written by Linda, May 20, 2011
When will this be on the market! I really like the idea of solar powered!!

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