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JAN 24

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Bloom Energy Offering 10-Year Electricity Contracts

Bloom Energy is now offering companies 10-year electricity contracts for its Bloom Box fuel cells, without an upfront payment for the Bloom Box itself, which can cost up to $800,000.

Companies like Walmart, Staples, Coca-Cola, Caltech, Kaiser Permanente and BD have already signed up for the program called "Bloom Electrons" that promises cleaner electricity at prices lower than standard power from the cialis australia grid.  Lux Research has done the math and figured with government incentives and subsidies, the cost of electricity from a Bloom Box over ten years would come out to $0.08/kWh to $0.10/kWh compared to the average retail electricity costs of about $0.11/kWh, but in states without heavy subsidies, the costs would be more expensive at $0.13/kWh to $0.14/kWh.

The Bloom Box fuel cell uses methane from natural gas or biogas to produce electricity.  Check out our previous posts on Bloom Energy for all the details.

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written by Mike Jones, January 24, 2011
The savings don't sound that great.
Also its using natural gas which is non-renewable.
written by Pete, January 24, 2011
$0.08/kWh compared to $0.11/kWh is a 28% savings. That is pretty signficant.
Caltech isn't a company
written by Russell, January 24, 2011
Just sayin'.
UK ?
written by solar panels for your home, January 25, 2011
Any chance this could be done in the UK ?
Re: Mike
written by MM, January 25, 2011
Natural gas (methane) can be renewable if it's biogas. You're still emitting carbon, but the whole process can be carbon-neutral.
written by g2environmental, January 26, 2011
Let's just see the results.

Tags: environment, oil, lubricant, engine, energy, technology, industrial lubricants

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