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OCT 22

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"Another good reason to avoid living in the southeast...."

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California Crowned Most Energy Efficient by ACEEE

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) released their third annual state energy efficiency scorecard yesterday and the most energy efficient state was, no surprise, California, while Wyoming was ranked dead last.

The organization judged all 50 states plus D.C. on six criteria:  utility-sector and public benefit programs and policies; transportation policies; building energy codes; combined heat and power; state government initiatives; and appliance efficiency standards.  States could amass 50 points among the areas.

The report found that the recession had little effect on energy efficiency programs and some states like Maine, Colorado, Delaware, D.C., South Dakota and Tennessee made huge leaps in energy efficiency initiatives.

The top ten states are: California (1); Massachusetts (2); Connecticut (3); Oregon (4); New York (5); Vermont (6); Washington state (7); Minnesota (8); Rhode Island (9); and Maine (10).  The bottom ten are:  Arkansas (41); Missouri (41); Louisiana (41); Georgia (44); Alaska (45); West Virginia (45); Nebraska (47); Alabama (48); Mississippi (49); North Dakota (49); and Wyoming (51).

You can view each state's score and a list of its policies here.

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Wrong title
written by Barney Sperlin, October 22, 2009
I think it's great that progressive policies are noted and congratulations to CA for politically pushing for high standards in energy efficiency. That said: could you change the cheap cialis overnight delivery title of the piece? There is no evidence in that report that CA is the most energy efficient. In fact, for all we know WY might be more energy efficient! The report simply notes their state policies and viagra online overnight initiatives which MIGHT someday make them the most energy efficient state. In the meantime, let's hope that other states follow that model (and let's hope that the title of the article gets changed smilies/smiley.gif )!
written by bill, October 23, 2009
Perhaps California has the least need for home heating and Montana has the greatest need to home heating.
Efficient = Broke?
written by Cam, October 23, 2009
Cool report. I live in CA and think that tougher vehicle standards, gas taxes, building codes, etc do make a difference. That said, I can't help but notice that at least 2 of the top 4 states are in horrible shape financially (CA & NY). That probably has more to do with the falling housing market and subsequent falling property tax rev than any efficiency policy, but it would interesting to see a study on the correlation of good environmental policy to fiscal stability. Anything like that out there? I am hoping a report like that would show that they actually have nothing to do with each other and are coincidence rather than causation.
written by Jeff C, October 23, 2009
It is interesting to see that many of the southeastern states (where you would typically find hillbillies and those who call the cheap order viagra civil war "the war of northern aggression") are on the low end of the list, while the new england states are all on viagra united kingdom the high end of the list (aside from NH, where the government imposes less on the people. I am sure many of the rules and regulations from neighboring states influence NH's products and building code though). I will have to it's great! cheap 25mg cialis take a look at MN. It is also interesting that they are on the list.
written by travis, October 23, 2009
I think this study is garbage. Notice that California has one of the highest populations and Wyoming has one of the smallest. Its like they are simply bean counting policies. I bet if they actually gauged individual energy usage the results would be much different.
written by ModerateAngst, October 29, 2009
California is a walking enviromental hypocrite. California has some of the most polluted beaches in the USA, i have also never seen so much road side trash in all America, and how about the traffic. Factor this Cali gets a majority of there water from diverted rivers real eco friendly. Lets talk power they get most of that from out of state dams another eco freindly move. Nice to know that just because you mandate a more effiecent appliance you can trash the rest of the enviroment.
written by Me, October 30, 2009
Another good reason to avoid living in the southeast.

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