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JUL 02

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"Yahoo going green is probably the best news in a long time... when wil..."

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Yahoo Data Center Will Be Powered By Niagara Falls

Companies like Google and IBM are trying to lead the world in cutting-edge, efficient data centers.  Not to be outdone, on Tuesday Yahoo announced they're hoping to viagra from mexico change to future of viagra for female data centers as well.  The company unveiled plans to build one of the world's most efficient data centers in Lockport, NY and the best propecia details do sound pretty exciting.

The data center will be powered mainly by hydroelectric power from Niagara Falls, with 90 percent of that energy going towards powering the servers.  The center itself will be built to resemble a chicken coop, using 100 percent outside air to cool the servers, a task which typically gobbles up 50 percent of a data center's energy supply.  And the company expects the yearly PUE average to be 1.1 or better.

In addition to building this super-efficient data center, the company also committed to reducing the carbon footprint of all their data centers by 40 percent by 2014.  They intend to accomplish this through using more renewable energy sources to power their data centers, implementing more efficient building designs and improving the efficiency of the servers themselves.

Another major commitment made in this announcement was that the buy pfizer viagra company would cease purchasing carbon offsets and was aiming to reduce their carbon impact directly through decreasing energy consumption.  We would love to hear of more companies relying less on offsets and more on energy-saving improvements.

via Yahoo Blog

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It's worth noting...
written by Derek Silva, July 02, 2009
It's worth noting that the photo you're using is of the Canadian side of buy generic levitra from india Niagara Falls, not the American. Any hydro coming from that part of Niagara Falls is already being gobbled up by the citizens of the province of Ontario, Canada in cities like Toronto, Mississauga and Hamilton.
This is DUMB
written by shek, July 02, 2009
Unless they are funding an expansion to the generation facility at Niagara, then who cares? All of the power generated at Niagara is already sold to levitra for sale online the grid and consumed. I guess they could brag about how efficient the Data Center will be, and the fact that it's in the US is nice from a trade/jobs POV, but unless they are adding more generating capacity to Niagara this article is india pharmacies generic viagra just name dropping...
Its just a dream
written by Furobiker, July 03, 2009
I dont think dragging niagra falls in their plans is a intelligent move. Its better if they focus on making their datacenters efficient
written by Johnny MAck, July 03, 2009
You go Yahoo! I am susprised Google didnt think of that!

written by sbrof, July 03, 2009
It would be even more 'green' if they were not building in a suburban business park. It makes a lot of sense for data centers to be located in colder climates and the electricity from the Falls is about as green as it gets... but building on a farm and not in an established area is about as far from green as possible...,-78.689661&sspn=0.044199,0.108147&ie=UTF8&ll=43.169927,-78.748466&spn=0.005524,0.013518&t=h&z=17
power in buffalo
written by Buffalogirl, July 03, 2009
They wouldn't have to change or dam or do anything to the falls in order for this to work.
just plug in
written by shek, July 03, 2009
You're missing the the best site generic viagra india point. The power that is generated by Niagara is already being used. Just because Yahoo! builds a facility right next to the hydroplant doesn't mean that they are exclusively buying their power from Niagara (and even if they were, then all of the people that were previously getting their power from Niagara would then have to get their power from somewhere else). Unless they are somehow going to genuine viagra for sale increase the capacity to generate more renewable power then they aren't really helping by putting the facility next to a renewable power plant that already exists (except perhaps to help reduce power transmission losses). It's good that their facility is efficient, but the fact that it's near Niagara means nothing.
written by Mr Big, July 05, 2009
What about Geothermal or Solar power... Hydro power is not the most ecologically efficient though...
written by billygoat, July 05, 2009
look at the website. server warehouses consume a huge amount of power. think about a normal compy. around 300 watts per computer, multiply that by about 700, and you have a huge power draw, not to mention the air conditioning that you'd need to cool the entire warehouse and buy generic levitra cheap its computers. and that's just a regular desktop computer.
written by Fred, July 06, 2009
talk about natural resources. looks like an interesting way to save.
Looks like a great way to save energy
written by Starting a Green Business, July 06, 2009
Obviously not the most-efficient or newest, but I don't see any problem with using it as a way to power the servers. Definitely better than consuming oil for it.
written by sbrof, July 07, 2009
@ Mr. Big.

That is true if you need to dam the cialis overnight river to produce the power. The beauty of the falls if the potential is generic online cialis already there, without the major ecological impacts other hydro plants have.

It is also worth noting that that Canadian side of the falls is in the process of increasing their power generating capacity.
no dams needed
written by ken upton, July 08, 2009
If you have moving water,you have all the electrical power you need now . Using multi axis kite/foil machines like we have invented . Either on the surface (like you will see on only for you buying viagra in canada our web site ( ) or our older designs for the bottom. Like Atlantis have copied and are now trying to patent.Morgan & S are still up to their old tricks like in the days of Tesla.They had the cheap cialis online prescription cash to look here order viagra online build a large prototype and prooved our systems make the cheapest kw hour RE in the world .We are a small research charity working for the good of all.
If any reporters want the full story ,start doing your homework.Then contact us >>> Ken Upton >>4paz. Spain.Eureka, Findlay media have some good copy on our ideas. We have a even better wet RE harvested, now designed and ready for prototype. But need cash or partnership to build it.
written by Patrick, July 15, 2009
If they are already generating electricity from the Niagara Falls, then this move doesn't make a whole lot of sense. It would really make them stand out if they were to equip their current data centers with renewable energy and make their servers as efficient as possible to run cooler.
written by momo, July 16, 2009
Niagara Falls is already generating lots of electricity. What actually goes over the falls is just a fraction of tramadol online overnight the available water -- most of it (50-75%) is diverted upstream of the falls for hydro.
written by John, July 20, 2009
You've forgotten about transmission losses of building far away from generation facilities, and the issues of building yet more high-voltage transmission lines. Recall the great US Eastern black-out of 2003. Yes, siting near Niagara Falls creates no new capacity, but it uses existing capacity more efficiently.
written by Alexandra, August 15, 2009
I don't understand everyone who is saying it is better for Yahoo to focus on improving the efficiency of their data centers rather than helping the environment. Improving the efficiency would just gobble up for energy and therefore release more fossil fuels. I think it is wonderful that Yahoo is trying to help the it's cool viagra non prescription environment and release less CO2. Maybe after they do that, they can improve efficiency so as not to waste so much energy.
written by manu, August 21, 2009
90% of the energy coming from hydroelectric source is not bad at all. Actually its a huge help. What is important here is the initiative of Yahoo to save our dying planet.
Faculty and Resident of buying tramadol Niagara Falls
written by guy zaczek, January 01, 2010
As a resident of Niagara Falls and cialis no rx a paying Prodigy customer of Yahoo let me first thank Megan for writing this article. The Canadian Goverment is increasing the electrical capacity with a second tunnel under the city. And the reallocation of Hydro Electric from industral application to information technology has several advantages. Approx 5% of all US electrical demand now is used by telecommunications tech. This center is also a living experiment (IBM)in electrical efficiency where research will be conducted.

As I write this it is snowing here north of Buffalo and the outside temperature is 26 F. It just makes sense that you cool your servers with outside air. The actual technical term for this is Economizer Cycle.
And this time next year a message like this will be generated, and sent using renewable hydro power. How will it be received at your end?

Collectively we have the individual power to choose.
written by Claudio, March 24, 2011
Yahoo going green is probably the best news in a long time... when will Google follow suit? smilies/grin.gif

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