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Answer to Cooling Data Centers Could Be Surprisingly Low Tech

Data centers are typically very carefully controlled environments with large chillers keeping all the equipment at a regulated temperature. All of this cooling requires a large amount of energy, but data center developers are discovering a far less energy-demanding and low-tech way to keep things cool: outside air.

A trade group called The Green Grid that focuses on increasing energy efficiency in data centers has released online tools that allow data center operators to figure out if their center is a good candidate for outside cooling. Depending on women levitra the location and set up of the data center, the tool will calculate the possible energy and monetary savings of using outside cooling.

Ways of bringing in the cool outside air are varied and simple from knocking down walls to bringing the air in through pipes. But the most important aspect of outside cooling is that it's free.

As an example, a 1 MW data center in San Jose where power costs 12.78 cents per kWh would save $66,000 a year by using outside cooling. Filtering the air would be a concern for most centers, but could be easily managed and, for the amount of savings outside air could bring, easily worth the effort it would take.

via Earth2Tech

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written by Glenn, April 13, 2009
Bravo! We are going to tramadol 50mg look back on our inefficient, high carbon ways and say "What on Earth were we doing???" Even with cheap oil this wasn't living in concert with nature. Glad to see some signs of viagra medication online intelligent life on Earth!
written by Adam Pieniazek, April 13, 2009
Such a simple solution, it really is a wonder we don't already do this. They can't just knock down walls and let the cool breeze in, all the dust and other contaminants would reck havoc on the server farm, but setting up a filtration pipe system should be cheap enough.
Humidity, Air Quality?
written by John Woolington, April 13, 2009
Seems very hard to believe that those who design sophisticated AC systems wouldn't have already thought to send the hot exhaust air to the outside during cooler months and bring in outside cool air to the AC/filter system to save on the cooling bill.

Could it be that the canadian pharmacy discount code challenge of filtering and dehumidifying fresh air becomes a much bigger problem than the extra cost of using recirculated air?
Green Grid related idea can help home ow
written by Tim, April 13, 2009
The green Grid is on a good track.

Having said that, there's a lot to be done at home, by way of not just improving, but transforming and sometimes it's just a matter of awareness.

For example- It's very often possible now to get one’s home off the power grid entirely. I think the more this becomes known, the more common it will become. I’m currently in an apartment because my wife works close by where we live, but once we move out west in a couple years, it’s my plan to have the house producing it’s own energy.

Wouldn’t it be cool to get more than half the homes out there doing that? Eventually it would reach a “tipping” point where others sucking energy from power companies would feel like they are losing out- and losing energy money. And they would be.
Things are better in the North
written by Jason, April 13, 2009
Sorry folks. You should locate these server farms in Canada where the average temperature is much colder than, say, California. The "waste" heat from these servers can be used to heat our buildings vs. natural gas.
written by karen, April 14, 2009
Could data centers be cooler if built below ground level?
Economizer Cycle
written by Eric, April 14, 2009
This is levitra tablet a well known concept known as economizing. Any mechanical engineer worth their weight in sand knows about it and is likely using it. Enthalpy economizers are even better.
written by TenaciousD, April 14, 2009
Why do you think Iceland is actively seeking to get data centers to relocate there? Pollution-free and abundant electricity and free cooling.
Green air
written by Mustafa, April 14, 2009
Do computers really need to be cooled? If they do, then it surely is because they are inneficiently using their power.

Would it not be possible to real cialis collect the levitra by mail waste heat from computers and sell it to people who need the heat - like fast food manufacturers and generic cialis soft comparison cold people?
Lets do this with all hot/cold energy lo
written by disdaniel, April 14, 2009
Wish I could do something similar with my fridge...use outdoor air in the cold months (filtered and piped right into the fridge) and exhaust the hot air from the condenser outside in the summer. And oven and dryer and...and
It's not for a lack of trying......
written by Kurt, April 14, 2009
Like Eric said above, this strategy has been around longer than data centers have been. And there are countless other more appropriate means of free cooling for datacenters. The main problem is the owner/operator that doesnt understand these strategies and doesnt want them on their site cause they would lose countless millions of best price for levitra dollars per hour if they ever went down, blah blah blah.
All this over 5,000 kWh of saving in a 1
written by Todd, April 14, 2009
This isn't news, this is rediculous.

If you want some REAL alternative/sustainable 'news' here you go.

Simply using a small and relatively inexpensive and scaleable system leveraging the off-peak and/or off-grid (i.e. a pv array) power to charge a compressed-air based UPS system would save this data center twenty times that paltry 5,000 kWh a year this 'story' is based on.

Since when is not being stupid and running a massive air conditioner when it's already cold out some sort of news ?

Let me tell you, what is buy cialis online cialis real news is having an almost instant-on on-demand uniterruptable power source that also supplies a proportional amount of concurrent cooling, reducing demand by shifting loads to cooler evenings and viagra costs off-peak hours. Now THAT'S ingenious and awesome and a real solution. Oh, and did I mention the cialis 10 mg unit is small enough to fit in a closet, and capacity is extremely scaleable ?
written by Tim Albinson, April 14, 2009
It’s time to get serious about the environmental impact of data centers. A recent study from McKinsey & Company predicts that by 2020, the world’s data centers could surpass the airline industry as a greenhouse gas polluter. Isn’t that incredible? Businesses are coming around, though. They’re realizing that by greening their data centers they can save energy –and money.
written by Paul, April 14, 2009
They just figured this out? I once asked a consultant who deals in data center energy efficiency why they didn't move the centers to South Dakota or some place like that - nine months of free A/C. He looked at me like, "Wow, I've never thought of that. What is South Dakota?" These data farms need to get out of California and into the upper midwest.
written by Anthony, April 15, 2009
Further, I like the fact that the Freedom Tower in New York will be cooled by the Hudson. Although some Environmentalists (not including myself) had their doubts (with the possibility of sealife becoming stuck in grills, etc), this is the most sensible way of using a free resource in place of levitra overnight delivery carbon intensive, expensive and unhealthy Air Conditioning systems. Pumps would still have to operate, though.
Japanese Knotweed Eradication
Been there, Done that
written by Steve A., April 15, 2009
Been there, Done that
written by Steve A., April 15, 2009
What I meant to canada generic viagra add to the above post is that my firm received a National EnergyStar Award for our work integrating a cost-effective system of capturing and reusing small business server heat, while being able to shut off dedicated AC systems. Several of our clients are now integrating similar systems into their businesses (bank branches)
All this over 5,000 kWh of saving in a 1
written by Sherman Hand, April 21, 2009
Can you point me to where I can find such a unit?
written by Tomas S., April 23, 2009
It's sad that it takes so long to come up w/ something like this when if you just think about it this was so obvious. There are SO many other obvious ones too. Unfortunately I don't have the financial means to pursue them plus I do NOT trust people so I am stuck waiting for my ideas to come out & see the light. Unless someone knows otherwise.
Mech Engineer
written by Tudor Lacatus, May 01, 2009
This technology has definitely been around a long time and has been used in all types of buildings. The savings are significant, but not as simple as what's been written here.

Yes, climates with colder average air temperatures help save energy in the cooling of buildings. But, that doesn't mean bringing data centers to northern areas is entirely the best solution. Any room within a building that has some sort of human occupancy, like data centers, cannot run supply air into rooms at temperatures below standardized comfort levels. People begin to feel cold currents and viagra online cheap drafts and are therefore uncomfortable, and building codes do only best offers best online viagra not accept this. Therefore, only an outdoor temperature of approx. 54degF would be ideal for the cooling of buildings, as per building codes. Colder air would need to be heated before cooling the building.

Furthermore, it should be mentioned that outdoor air needs to be of the right humidity before circulating through the building. This is rarely the levels found outdoors, therefore other heating and cooling of outdoor air is viagra online deals required for this consideration, which is also laid out in building codes.

With respect to one of levitra no prescription the comments above, we can save more energy on the heating and cooling of outdoor air by using what's called an HRV - Heat Recovery Ventilator. It is generally used to take heat from exhausted air and adds it to incoming outdoor air.

All in all, the use of outdoor air is a good and proven idea, and the energy savings can likely increase within data centers. But it is good to know as much about the implications as possible.
written by Fred, June 30, 2009
i agree with tim it starts within the home

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