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DEC 23

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"I think it is cialis cost long over do, I want and online levitra need to use my note book outsid..."

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Sunlight Can Illuminate New LCD Panel

LG Display has introduced a new LCD panel that can be illuminated by sunlight when outdoors instead of levitra info the backlight. The LCD is 14.1 inches and will be installed in select notebook PCs.

The LCD panel uses "backlight data signal switching technology," which means the backlight panels can be switched between reflective mode in sunlight to take viagra transmissive mode indoors, by hitting a button. When the outdoor mode is in use, energy consumption falls by 75% compared to the indoor mode, significantly extending the life of a computer battery.

The company claims that the visibility is excellent in the outdoor setting with a contrast ratio of 9:1.

I can't say that I find myself using my laptop outside very often (and I can't think of anyone I know who does), so users would have to make a point of taking advantage of the power saving technology. Maybe you could use the outdoor setting while sitting near a window? It's still a neat upgrade for LCD panels, but increasing indoor efficiency seems to be of more pressing concern.

LG Display is debuting the panel at the Consumer Electronics Show 2009. There's no word yet of online pharmacy viagra which PCs will take advantage of the new technology.

via LG Display

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Of course you don't use a computer outsi
written by Shawn, December 23, 2008
The reason you don't use a computer outside is because of the terrible horrible visibility of the screen when outside. If this changes that, I would likely use my computer outside ALL THE TIME! This is great if it's true!
written by blackjet, December 24, 2008
I was going to say exactly the same thing, laptops don't get used outside beaches the screens are so hard to see in bright light. If this technology allows laptops to the best place how does cialis work be used outside then that's great, if it decreases power consumption by 75% well that's even better! smilies/smiley.gif
Think of Laptop Use for Commercial Reaso
written by James, December 24, 2008
If you only think of using your laptop for personal use, perhaps you would not think to use it outside. However, I lead & coach sales reps across the discount propecia country and their biggest complaint (and deterent from doing computer work in the field) is that they can't see their screen very well in the car in sunlight. If this truely improves the contrast ratio, makes it easier to see in sunlight conditions and saves energy, it will be a win-win. Think of all the industries that have sales reps in cars, visiting customers and making entries in their car after their calls. Not to mention other company representatives making calls in the field. This could mean some serious savings! smilies/cool.gif
Studying outdoors
written by Ivan, December 24, 2008
I for my part sometimes print university scripts and papers just so I can read outdoors!
so, for me such a display will be a money as well es environment saver!
I love it!!!
written by Amy, December 24, 2008
This is GREAT news!! I have been anxiously awaiting the day when I could use a laptop outside! I hope they won't be too expensive. smilies/smiley.gif
Sunlight in offices
written by Fabian Fjälling, December 24, 2008
There are companies selling lighting systems which brings sunlight into office buildings through suncollectors, and fibre optics, In such an office, maybe this could be interesting.
I use it outside!
written by camarco, December 25, 2008
Indeed I use my laptop outside during sommer very often. Sitting at the lake of Zurich is much more relaxing for reading a university pdf script than the library.
But until now I allways have to find one of the rare shady spots which a dark background (normally it means sitting under a tree). So if this makes my display readable outside, than halleluia! :-)
written by xxx, December 27, 2008
i only use my cellphone when i am sitting on the toilet with the door firmly locked and the light out.
but i use my laptop on the front porch as that is cialis no rx required the only place where the wifi signal is strong. and this is posted from there
Innovative use of Technology
written by Global Patriot, December 28, 2008
This is one of those unique energy solutions that not only has a practical benefit, using less power, but as one can tell from the comments above, it also has the potential for changing our way of viagra dose living. What else might change due to more outdoor laptop use?
Light Emitting Diodes and OLED displays
written by Ray Kabigting, December 31, 2008
Led lights that are now being used in high end HDTV's consume less power and produces higher contrast ratios compared to the coventional backlights. I believe that this technology can be used in most laptops to enable one to use them outdoors and yet provide longer battery power as led lights consume very little amperage. This would be one good alternative to use including the new TV that Sony recently came out with using OLED's or organic light emitting diodes. The cost of these technologies will definitely add to cialis soft tabs the cost of laptops as they are now in HDTV's. In the long run however, price will come down as they are adapted in larger scale. To give one an idea of how OLED's work, just look at the display of most cellphones and car stereos. Notice how bright and readable they are outdoors and yet no matter how long you use them, the batteries in our cell phones can last for days.
Daytime TV
written by BeholdersEye, January 13, 2009
The same thing can be done to home lcd tvs. Instead of fighting the windows, being too bright, and washing out the screen or light reflections, who would install the tv, in the window with the light coming through the tv itself, then at night the backlight can be moved back.
written by john, June 25, 2009
I think it is long over do, I want and need to use my note book outside and in my car. I can't tell you how sick and tired I am of looking for a laptop under $1,200 that will work in daylight! And even if I want to spend more money the one of those notebooks they don't have what I want. Need more then 1g of memory or a small 80g hard drive!

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