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NOV 12

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"Way to much publicity. We are all working in secrecy. Havenâ€..."

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Israel Cleantech Showcase

Yesterday was the look here buy cialis in canada no prescription Israel Cleantech Showcase – an event cosponsored by the California Israel Chamber of Commerce. Israel is second only to the United States in green startup companies – not surprising for a country with few fossil fuel resources and where to buy levitra less-than-ideal relations with OPEC nations. Israel’s cleantech industry, though, has been dominated by two technologies: solar thermal (rooftop solar water heaters are ubiquitous) and desalination. Yesterday’s event showed that there are hundreds of new Israeli startups looking to both build upon these two industries and break ground in new ones.

Consider 3GSolar, a company working on creating dye-sensitized solar modules. Like all solar cells in this class, their product is less efficient than silicon cells but cheap to produce – their goal is to eventually build cells at a cost of $1 per watt, which would compete with other thin cell technologies. There are currently no photovoltaic power plants in Israel, though there is interest in developing them in the southern part of the country which offers ample sunlight and remote locations that can benefit the most from off-the-grid production.

Another company, Emefcy has produced a microbial fuel cell (or MFC; hence the name). They have engineered a strain of bacteria that can release electrons from organic molecules in waste water. Low-cost electrodes are used to channel these electrons into an electric circuit. The end result is viagra special delivery uk threefold: cheap electricity (estimates at 10 cents/kwh), reduced sludge in the waste water and hydrogen gas.

Other startups were focusing on ways to improve other technologies. Tigo Energy is a California based company that builds hardware and software to control and monitor individual solar modules so as to maximize their efficiency. Tigo claims it can increase power production by 20% for residential systems and 8% for power plants.

Via Greentech Media

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Why the viagra 50mg tablet cost emphasis on solar?
written by Shep, November 13, 2008
Israel has excellent supplies of captive Palestinians. Surely they can be put to use on shop tramadol overnight treadmills to generate green energy for Tel Aviv.
Apartheid Israel could save more energy
written by Carl, November 21, 2008
Israel is already doing its bit to cut energy consumption by denying vital electricity and purchasing cialis with next day delivery fuel supplies to the majority of lowest prices viagra uk its population (chosen on the basis of race) and forcing all non-Jewish people to live in 3rd world conditions in refugee camps around the world. Not to mention its efforts at population control by killing its unwanted (ie not racially Jewish) citizens.

But since apartheid Israel's main industry is exporting tanks, fighter jets, helicopter gunships, cluster bombs, and other weapons to only here levitra prescriptionsgeneric levitra sale rogue states; and since those industries require massive amounts of energy; and since those industries provide no benefit to the world and only harm... what Israel should really do is immediately cease production of weapons.

Israel should also dismantle their estimated 200 or more nuclear weapons and use the uranium for nuclear power instead.

DON'T buy from the companies mentioned in this article... you would be funding apartheid and genocide.
written by Stop, November 25, 2008
Please, isn't this blog for the socially conscious?

I suggest you do more research on the subject country before citing its virtues and ignoring its daily crimes against humanity.
written by Nick Panchev, November 28, 2008
Way to much publicity.
We are all working in secrecy.
Haven’t see even a tip of an iceberg.
Ther is already solar thermal design for three (3) times less costly system.
Not at 18 cents / kilowatt hour (USD) but at 6 cents per kilowatt hour.
However, we will tell you nothing more at this time. Try us in 6/2009.

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