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Train Cuts Engine to Save Fuel

Trains dawdle and trains go down hills. Those two basic factors in train travel are big energy wasters, yet they have many major selling points. This drives thinkers to come up with better systems. A UK train company has come up with a new business practice aimed at making small changes that could go a long way.

High fuel prices are hurting every type of viagra for sale no proscription transportation businesses, and train companies are looking at innovative ways to cut costs. First TransPennine Express is going to shut its doors more quickly in an effort to save money. Shutting doors after 30 seconds instead of waiting for dawdling passengers would save money in air-conditioning costs in the summer and heating costs during the winter months.

“Sensors on follow link prescription viagra new trains mean that the buy online prescription viagra external train doors stay open for 30 seconds at a time,” says Nick Donovan, First TransPennine Express’ engineering director in an article for Times Online. “Before, they stayed open for minutes at a time. Now it means that we are not pumping air back out into the station environment. When the doors are about to shut, there is a warning sound.”

The train company is viagra online canada no prescription also using other methods to reduce its carbon footprint. Drivers will shut off engines while heading downhill on steep gradients like the journey between Manchester and Leeds in a bid to save about seven per cent of its fuel consumption. Fuel savings from shutting down the engine is enough diesel to power 1,000 family motors for a year. Trains have multiple-engines and one of the three engines on board can be shut down when not in use. An on-board GPS system detects when the train is heading through an area where less power is needed. Drivers on the buy cialis in us trains are also being told to cialis from india no prescription drive with less of a heavy foot.

Via BBC, Environmental Transport Association, Times Online

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Don't hear trains, at all
written by Mike Krus, September 08, 2008
I wish they just did not heat trains, especially commuter trains, or just a little, to 15C or something.

If it's cold outside, you're going to be properly covered anyway. Then you step on to the boiling train, which also fills up with commuters and it becomes a nightmare... Just heat trains a little to take the chill off and let people's clothes and recommended site cialis online switzerland numbers do the rest!
written by KRAIG, September 18, 2008
I seen 21% increase in my truck in better gas mileage and can help the envirnment alot burn 99.99% clean and you can possibly get up to 25% increase in mileage and after 3 oil changes many reported you can go 2-3 times longer if not satisfied you can return unused prtion and get full refund

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