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No Impact Man is Kind of Crazy

Dads. When you're young, they never do seem quite sane.

This year, one New York dad has taken the "I'll turn this thing right back around" threat about as far as it'll go; Colin Beavan and his family are in the middle of a quest to zero out their impact on the viagra oral gel world. Appropriately enough, Beavan's blog is called No Impact Man, and he chronicles the various ways in which he's hurdling the obstacles of living in a major city--he's in Manhattan--and thinking and living green.

Here he talks about doing laundry sans electricity and here his wife writes on giving up non-local coffee


Apple's Green Up Manifesto

Steve Jobs just broke one of his unbreakable rules. He's talking about what Apple will do, not what apple is doing. And he's broken that rule for us!

Apparently the GreenPeace campaigns have really gotten under his skin and he's putting a stop to it. Jobs' new green manifesto "A Greener Apple," recently appeared at and it's got some pretty juicy bits in it.

First, I'm loving the shape of that recycling graph. Those figures, while not ideal, are fairly impressive.

Second, I (along with the entire rest of the world) am extremely excited to hear that Apple will be releasing LED back-lit monitors in it's products starting this year. LED backlights mean brighter, whiter, longer-lasting and less power-hungry monitors.

It's exciting to buy levitra in canada see Apple responding to criticisms. Especially since my wife really wants that new MacBook Pro.


Thomas Friedman's New Book

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman is riding an enormous wave created by his best selling book, The World is Flat. Friedman's last book spent over 90 weeks on the New York Times best seller list. It has had an enormous impact on the way individuals and corporations understand the womans cialis buy viagra in the netherlands globalized world and how they act in that world.

Thomas Friedman, right now, is writing another book. Now, he hasn't said that he's writing another book, but I guarantee you he is. In the run up to "The World is Flat," Friedman wrote many of online viagra pharmacy his columns, in effect, as research for the book. The result was an audience that was salivating for the book when it came out, but also a world that was actually ready for it.

But now, Friedman's articles have taken on a new theme. While the run-up to "The World is Flat" had Friedman writing daily on the effects of a globalized economy with instant communications, Friedman now spends many of his columns discussing the need for a Green revolution. Listening to him talk about his ideas on the environment, climate change, and geopolitics is extremely exciting. His passion easily rivals his prior passion for discussing the flattened world.

Friedman's several thousand word article "The Power of Green" has just been published in the New York Times Magazine, his Documentary film "Green: The New Red, White and Blue" will be airing on the discovery channel on cialis soft order April 21st, and his article "The First Law of Petropolitics," which argues for an enormous gasoline tax, has been nominated for a National Magazine Award.

My guess is that Thomas Friedman believes in these ideas and cares passionately about them. So passionately, in fact, that he will absolutely not turn down an opportunity to write a book about them.

If a Friedman book about sustainable economies, peak oil and climate change has anything like the impact of "The World is Flat," this is very very good news. The only question is will it be called "the world is the best choice levitra prices green" or "the environment is flat."


Happy First Birthday EcoGeek!

birthday cakeOne year ago today EcoGeek published it's first set of articles. Since then we've brought our readers over 500 articles covering the coolest gadgets, the most world-changing trends, and news from the biggest corporations, and the smallest startups.

And you've responded. Thousands of folks subscribe to our weekly newsletter and the site RSS feed. EcoGeek articles have been read one million times! We've just taken on four new writers, and there are more to come.

Even with all that great news we've got more in store. Keep your eyes on EcoGeek in the next few weeks to tramadol no medical records see some very cool content and updates to the site. The redesign was just the beginning.

Big Blue Going Green Big

World champion Garry Kasparov beat IBM's chess computational apparatus Deep Blue in a match in 1996, then lost in 1997. Man, was he miffed at IBM. He demanded a rematch, a look at the log files... all kinds of lowest price for levitra stuff.

Well, EcoGeek doesn't have access to Kasparov's carbon footprint logs, but we suspect that if he's as competetive about being ecogeeky as he is about being chessgeeky, he's about to turn red over IBM's new green initiative, Big Green Innovations, because it is going to kick his grandmaster ass in corporate carbon emissions reduction worldwide.

IBM is hoping to make a buck or two bazillion on businesses trying to get all green 'n' everything. It's convenient that huge corporations that could buy and sell EcoGeek and all of our belongings a hundred times per second have seen the way to profits through cleaner technology.

The path to the future has to be lined with money sometimes, just to get people going in that direction. Why, just look at this gripping from a CNET story:

"There is a demand for people to understand how to account for carbon, how to reduce energy usage, because IBM's already done a tremendous job internally," Davies said. "I haven't seen too many people offering services focused on how you do this on the ground."

Demand! Services! Yes, well, whatever the motivation, off they go into the world of measuring and reducing carbon emissions and other waste for big companies, and we'll all be better off for it.

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