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Lest Rust: More Green: NYC's Iron Triangle

EcoGeek loves giant metaphors. In New York, an area called the Iron Triangle - it's in Queens near Shea Stadium and buy real levitra is presently home to auto shops and a ton of we use it cheapest viagra prices pollution - may be in the sights of the old eco-rifle. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg would like to see the area overhauled and turned into a "vibrant, mixed-use neighborhood" in the city's largest ever green development project.

From the Mayor's office:

"Through the remediation of heavily contaminated land, the use of innovative green building technologies and the development of considerable parks and open space, Willets Point can and will serve as a model for sustainable development."

Knocking out auto shops and replacing it with sustainably-built homes and other businesses? Replacing some 1,300 jobs with over 6,000? And a Republican's calling for it? EcoGeek needs a drink.

Via Gothamist


Yahoo! Green: 10 Hybrid Taxis for NYC, 1 CFL For You!

Yahoo! can change the world in three ways. It can change the company, it can change its employees, and it can change its users.

A few weeks ago Yahoo! hit those first two by pledging to become a carbon neutral company while asking its employees to reduce their carbon footprint by 20% (and rewarding them with a co-founder v. co-founder sumo match.)

But until today their attempts to change the world through their users was limited to levitra online store, a CFL promotion site, and Yahoo Green Autos. But today, Yahoo! launched Yahoo! Green, a fully autonomous Yahoo! property that will be providing Yahoo's 500 million users tips on how to go green.

Everyone who participates in the program will receive a coupon for one Sylvania CFL and they'll get the chance to take a carbon-reduction pledge. Using a really fanstastic interface, Yahoo asks its users to drag the steps they pledge to take into their pledge box. At the end, it tells you how much carbon you've saved, and gives you tips on how to make your pledge a reality.

As part of the launch, Yahoo! is giving ten hybrid taxis to the City of New York, and co-founder David Filo will be talking with tomorrow morning about their new commitment to slowing the canada cialis no prescription onslaught of levitra online pharmacy no prescription global warming.


Yahoo Founders Sumo For the Earth

Talk about EcoGeeks...whoo!

I don't know how I missed this, but apparantly Jerry Yang and David Filo, the co-founders of Yahoo! recently sumo wrestled for the environment.

Just after Earth Day, Yahoo! asked its employees to decrease their energy use by 20%. Carpooling more, printing less, eating less meat, etc. And, if they could do that, they would get to watch as Jerry and Filo Sumo wrestled each other on the Yahoo! campus grounds.

Well, the employees succeeded, and so they Sumoed. Apparently, Filo kinda kicked ass. According to one onlooker, the outcome was not unexpected: "Filo's just a lot more competitive."

There's a fairly cheesy video of the Sumo wrestling after the jump. gotta love the creativity here.


An EcoGeek at a BioDiesel Conference

In this video Gavin Harper, an EcoGeek correspondent interviews a few folks at the National BioDiesel Conference and Expo. Sorry the audio isn't supreme. It's our first attempt at video content, but there's definitely more in the works.


The Green Business Boom

Environmentalism’s stigma as being bad business is quickly becoming a thing of the past. “The Cleantech Report” done by Lux Research shows that in the last year green tech IPO values increased 156% and 4,093 clean technology patents were registered. A worldwide phenomenon, Europe leads with 55% of IPO value, Asia/Pacific having the greatest R&D investment and the US holding 72% of venture capital and 46% of patents issued.

Despite the benefits of increased innovation, the rapid increase of investor interest may be a signal of a possible bubble for the green tech industry, more specifically the solar and biofuel segments. Energy holds the lion’s share of generic levitra from india investment with air, water, waste and sustainability being mostly under-served.

Just looking at the articles posted here at EcoGeek everyday, one can see how much innovation and online pharmacy tramadol business is being created through green technologies. I hope that the neglected areas will see some increased investment.

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