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JUN 17

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"Hi Rose, Very nice. Are you also associated with 'swift-boat veterans..."

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Dot Eco Domains May Arrive Soon, What Should We Do With Them?

Yes, ICANN is accepting applications for new top-level domains. And, yes, Al Gore (and many others) are championing a new .eco TLD. But what will that actually mean? Will it be just like other TLDs that aren't .com? Subjugated to being a cheaper, less convenient (even if more precise) option like .org, .tv, or .cc? Is there any way to save the good choice order propica .eco domain from that fate or, worse, to have it be a cheap and buy taladafil viagra quick tool for effective greenwahsing?

Al Gore's company, Dot Eco LLC, is planning on snapping up the rights to distribute .eco domain names. All they really bring to the table is a big marketing force (in the form of Gore himself) and a promise to distribute most of levitra low price the profits to charity. There would be no controls on how the domain would work or who would be able to purchase them.

BigRoom, on the other hand, has some more structured ideas. They would control who could and could not get a .eco domain, much like the where to get levitra .edu domain only allows accredited educational institutions. Of course, this also means that they would have to come up with some kind of accreditation program...and that sounds pretty expensive to me. More likely, they would have each buyer pay for the accreditation, and that would not be cheap. So, in effect, you just create a bunch of really expensive domain names.

They're asking people to help define the .eco policy right now, thought it seems to me that there is never going to be a way to exclude Exxon Mobil while including, say Dell or Apple in an objective way.

The BigRoom people also want the .eco domain names to viagra alternative be one piece of a larger scheme in which companies, organizations and individuals share information about their ecological footprint. But accurately determining this information has proven over and over again to be difficult and expensive. It would be wonderful if they created this system and, in order to determine the greenness of a company, you just had to type in, but it seems unlikely to me.

In all probability. ICANN will either just reject the .eco TLD, or it will become just one more in a slew of more-specific but less-useful options for domain purchasers. Of course, that doesn't mean I won't be out there trying to get at the first opportunity.


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Big Room's .eco = trust, transparency, and innovation
written by Trevor Bowden, June 17, 2009
Hank, as you might expect, we hope .eco doesn’t meet the levitra 20mg fate you describe.

Our vision for .eco is about creating an open, global platform for eco-information on products, companies, or even individuals. And we don’t want to cialis en gel reinvent the wheel to do this.

We want to build on existing tools to make this an easy solution that creates more transparency around environmental and social claims.

Greenwashing isn’t part of the business plan. And neither are expensive domain names.

We want to make sure .eco is a solution.
written by Carl Hage, June 19, 2009
A new domain is just confusing and a way for domain name scalpers to extort money. So now, eco-geek would need to pay more to prevent someone from stealing the name? And users then need to remember it's eco not org?

The biz and cialis price in canada info domains haven't taken off and it's only been a negative to the community. The "cc" and "tv" domains have been misused-- how many people know that tv is a country not television?

I surly hope new domains other than countries will not be issued.
written by Fred, July 14, 2009
Thats cool. it was only time before the .eco came out.
A few issues with Big Room
written by Rose, July 28, 2009
I fail to see how solving the planet's environmental ills will be accomplished by standardized reporting for small businesses. Isn't this just another way for soul-patched hipsters to feel good about sipping their skim-milk double macchiatos in their mountain-bike-laden Subarus?

The way to save the planet is by agreement between major powers (a.k.a. polluters ) -- in other words, by governmental action. This means agreeing to treaties, passing laws, and enforcing them. And that takes lobbying and money -- giving the local herb tea outlet 5 green stars just won't cut it. "We want to build on existing tools to make this an easy solution that creates more transparency around environmental and social claims," says Big Room. Are they kidding? Standardized reporting for small businesses is buying real viagra without prescription more important than raising money to effect legislative change? Maybe the planet they live on has a thousand years to do something about the good choice viagra 50 mg environment, instead of cialis for daily use the very little time we have on look here generic pack levitra this one.

We really don't have the luxury of playing tiddly-winks like this. Has anyone noticed that the planet is going to hell? The other Dot Eco (see, seems to have a real plan to raise money to get things done, instead of refusing oh-so-valuable domain names to people who don't sign up for this new Internet labeling regime in which Big Room is prosecutor, judge, and jury. Clearly Al Gore, the Alliance for Climate Protection, the Sierra Club and Surfrider, groups that have proven they can actually get things done, understand this, because they're supporting the other group.

It's time to stop singing Kumbaya and throw our support behind people who can actually make a difference!
written by Jacob, August 05, 2009
Hi Rose,

Very nice. Are you also associated with 'swift-boat veterans for peace?' how about the 'Obama wasn't born in the USA' crowd? Classic.

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