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MAY 14

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"didnt know oj was more harmful than something...."

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The Prius, Better Place, and Googling

You can now go design your own 2010 Prius, Project Better Place is testing out their battery swapping system for real, and drinking orange juice is 1000 times worse for the environment than Googling.

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written by Magnulus, May 14, 2009
I can see someone is excited about his new greenscreen. ^_^

Is the battery-swap station meant to swap batteries as an on-the-god recharge or only for when the batteries actually need replacing? If the first, it seems wasteful to my inexperienced eyes. There must be some energy wasted in doing all the sucking and generic india levitra pulling and lifting, etc. Probably not a great deal, but it feels kind of backward, like taking out your gas tank and replacing it with a full one. I would say that it would be better if they focused on getting their batteries to recharge faster. Another thing is that it feels as if a project like this would have to lead to order generic levitra a premium for those participating. It just seems like there would be higher maintenance costs and that the stations would know who to gourd for that money.

On the Google thing, they've already spent a great deal of money on powering their HQ with solar, if I recall correctly, so that's another point against the look there mexico cialis no prescription whole media frenzy. *sips orange juice*
written by Mike Jones, May 14, 2009
It seems that the NY Times article the Google pointed to use about Tropicana OJ. That kind is not concentrated. I'd expect regular frozen OJ uses less KJs.
written by Magnulus, May 15, 2009
Mike: You'd still have to go through the process of concentrating it, so I doubt it'd be a HUGE difference, though there definitely would be one.

Personally, I don't ever drink juice from concentrate (I rarely drink juice at all, really, but that's beside the point) so for me, their example is viagra side effects a good one. ^_^
written by Stephanie PTY, May 15, 2009
These videos are awesome! Keep it up, because I love watching them! :)
written by Matthew McDonough, May 15, 2009
Down with Cheeseburgers!!!
Nice video Hank!
Love my Prius, save the canadian healthcare pharmacy planet
written by Brian Gillingham, May 15, 2009
I wanted to express my satisfaction with my Prius, although it is a 2nd generation 2004, and still uses gas, but I have learned to drive such that I average over 50 MPG still.

The orange juice news is surprising - I think that Google is way ahead of the curve with respect to power consumption. Solar and Wind power should be used across the country. Hopefully, more industries incorporate some kind of renewable energy on their land.

Save the planet with me at my blogging site - YouSaveThePlanet. If we don't make the efforts to "save the planet", who else is going to do it?
Better Place pricing strategy?
written by GaroH, May 19, 2009
I think the Better place swapping station is cool, but it has the "cool" factor of pulling into one of those things and "being seen" pulling out of one. (Just like the cool factor of a Prius, from the outside, you can tell it's a Prius)

Quick question on buy cialis australia it: like only paying for the gas you need to fill up a partially empty tank, will you receive a credit for any juice left in the battery you're turning in? Or does this assume a plug-in hybrid, and that you've exhausted your battery and are on gas-only.

and @Magnulus, the stations are powered with solar power and buy cialis online pharmacy are net-zero energy
written by Fred, July 14, 2009
didnt know oj was more harmful than something.

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