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MAR 27

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" Goodness, American people are very provincial and mexico levitra inwards looking. Yo..."

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Cool Water Idea For IdeaBlob Contest

IdeaBlob is the name of a monthly contest put together by a group of small business owners and entrepreneurs. Contestants submit business ideas, and the ideas with the most votes win $10,000 in cash to start up their venture. Incidentally, it’s a great place to browse through some cool green ideas.

Take Seven Rivers, for example, one of the ideas up for this month’s prize. Seven Rivers (subtitle: “Water without the waste”) is a plan to provide clean, cheap, filtered water to people who don’t have clean tap water to drink, or people who don’t like tap water, and would otherwise buy bottled. They want to build a “water vending machine” – essentially a large water filter which will dispense clean, fresh drinking water for a small price.

They envision their customers using eco-friendly, reusable cups, as well. If people started using a system like Seven Rivers instead of generic cialis mexico buying bottled water, lots of good things would happen. We would cut down on waste, because less plastic bottles would be thrown out. We’d help reduce our consumption of petroproducts. And we’d save all the energy that goes into shipping water all over the 5 mg viagra world.

Other green ideas on levitra doses IdeaBlob include local food programs for schools, green design competitions and green education for coffee growers.

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engineering student
written by Tal, March 27, 2009
I am a big fan of Seven Rivers and it's exciting to see EcoGeek discovered them!

I encourage anyone who is also a fan of reducing waste to vote for Seven Rivers on IdeaBlob and help them secure the funding to widen their impact.

it takes 2 minutes and you could directly create jobs for engineering students

written by MD, March 27, 2009
Our local grocery store already has a vending machine like that, how is this new?
written by Devin Griffin, March 27, 2009
MD - Seven Rivers will be different because we will provide single-serving size water refills for people on the go. That machine at your grocery store is designed to fill large containers (1 gallon and up) and isn't as conveniently located as ours will be.

As university students, we so often see people toting around reusable bottles by Sigg or Nalgene. It just so happens that these same people frequently complain that they don't like refilling at water fountains because they're dirty or unreliable. So, we thought that it would make sense to provide an option that is generic cialis india akin to giving consumers a Brita filter-like experience when they're away from the home or office by providing a single-serve purified water vending machine. Hope this clarifies things!
written by Tristan, March 27, 2009
Thanks Devin,

Thanks, I was really confused, and I hope you have good luck, and then go out of business.

As a graduate student who carries around a water that I refill with campus water all the time, I see the need. By I'm always asking my self WHY doesn't the university just make their water not suck. I mean if your going to provide water fountains that cool the water for you, can't they just add a filter also!!!
kewl but....
written by Pau, March 28, 2009
I think it's great. But here in Mexico it's actually already available (or at least was, I am not sure as I use disinfected tap water). My local grocery store provided this service and best price on viagra sold containers to be used with it ranging from 18 litres down to litre and a half bottles (maybe even smaller but the 1.5L bottles are actually the most commonly sold as far as bottled water is concerned.)
written by Rajiv Malholtra, March 28, 2009
Goodness, American people are very provincial and inwards looking. Does youn't realeyes that this idea is elrady in use in India. We have this water system in commercial operatings for at leest for years already.
written by water_geek, March 29, 2009
Interesting idea but I think they should partner with a company like Pura Stainless. Pura is making the best stainless steel water bottles and they are back by a lifetime warranty. I don't like the idea of single use cups, even if they are eco-friendly
written by net97surferx, March 30, 2009
In West Texas (oil country), so much brine has been pumped into the ground to help with pumping oil out, the water table is much worse then trying to drink sea water. Every house has bottled water or a reverse osmosis device under the sink to catch the salts and minerals.

Around town were moderate sized kiosks which did reverse osmosis, charcoal filtering and ultraviolet exposure for treating water and dispensing to bottles one would bring. They took coins or dollars and put out from pints to buy 100mg tramadol online gallons so you could choose how little or much you needed.

Would not be a huge leap to mod them to dispense 'one shot bottle' sized units also.

Can see how this might be a 'smaller' unit for office or mall use for those who are constantly guzzling from their plastic bottles though.
We have this solution already.
written by Alex Diaz, March 30, 2009
We have already placed our technology at multiple Universities in the USA, Mexico and order viagra international Central America. Go to our website and see our University program at It has taken us over 3 years to build the canadian pharmacy tramadol no rx patented pending bottle dispensing system, patented super chilling system and patented pending bottle holder and disinfection technology.

We have combined water, super chilling technology and ice.


Alex Diaz
Founder and Director of Research
Free stainless steel bottles for every US student?
written by Gary Kolesar, March 04, 2010
What do you think would be the eco-impact of levitra sale every kid in the country getting a free stainless steel water bottle? If a single student stops using plastic water bottles, it will eliminate disposal of 180 plastic bottles per year. We at plan to do exactly that. Please visit our site for more information.
Great Idea for Water
written by Bill Jones, July 15, 2010
Goodness, American people are very provincial and inwards looking. You can use water to get rich now as well

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