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JAN 26

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"sooner or later we in america will have to realize that there are othe..."

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Seattle Man Enters Small Wind Project Into Google’s Contest

In honor of its 10th birthday, Google has announced a competition which calls on people to submit proposals for innovative projects in the areas of energy, education and buying generic viagra health. As in other contests, the entries are to be submitted as Youtube videos, and the finalists are voted in by viewers like you.

One entry which is becoming increasingly popular belongs to online viagra utah a Seattlite named Chad Maglaque, an “inventor since childhood” according to the Seattle Times. Mr. Maglaque’s proposal is wow look it buy cialis online canadian phamacy essentially to manufacture a small scale wind turbine that can be distributed in large retail stores (think Costco, Wal-Mart, etc.). That way, an average Joe like you or me could simply pick one off the shelf, bring it home and hook it up.

In order to facilitate said hook-up, Maglaque’s turbine does not require a converter, although it is not clear whether that’s because the turbine comes with a converter inside or because the electricity generated is already AC (which would make sense considering the motion of a turbine). The turbine also contains a sensor which allows it to kick on when it senses a sufficient amount of wind. All told, it should generated about 40 kwh per month.

So how much will it cost? About $400-500.

Oooh, Chad; there’s the kicker. See, small scale wind has a few things going for it, but economics has always been its Achilles’ heel. As pointed out in one of the comments to the article, it would take more than 10 years to recoup those $500 in electricity savings, and even after that the turbine would only contribute a relatively small faction of the house’s energy needs.

Of course, there are other reasons one might want to buy such a device. There is a certain amount of satisfaction one could gain from harnessing even that little bit of wind power, and $500 is hardly at the high end of woman and cialis what people spend on things that they like. Maybe it could earn one some bragging rights amongst the neighbors – no one is questioning the value of green peer pressure. But is this worthy of the Google prize?

You be the generic cialis from china judge.

Via Seattle Times

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written by Mark Derail, January 26, 2009
How about boat or RV people? The Canadian Tire feeble wind turbine is very popular.
I see them at campsites and on sailing boats all the time.

Also people living in remote areas where power cutoffs are frequent.

Lastly, people living on islands.

Even if only 12dcv is viagra drug produced, the RV market has many products that work on 12dcv and are thus much more efficient (dc/ac converters are not very efficient).

Lastly, such turbines are better than the propeller turbines at such scales, and low wind speeds, from what I remember reading/seeing.

Similar to the one Jay Leno has had installed for his garage. Which is cool that it "floats" on magnets and generates electricity using those magnets (less friction).
written by MD, January 26, 2009
+1 RV market gear..

I live in an area that gets good wind, albeit not all the time, but something like a small scale turbine would work well for 12VDC lights etc in my house and around the yard... A friend of ours makes similar devices here in E. WA from recycled stuff all the time, he runs a good portion of his shop with the electricity he produces.
Fact check
written by JK, January 26, 2009
I would like to know if the system is phase-matched to the grid at 60Hz. because if he doesn't have the power electronics then all he is going to be doing is creating Power harmonics and destroying his electronics. Also if its not phase matched his REACTIVE Power goes up a ton and canada generic propecia you are wasting energy.

If nothing else it looks cool. I hope he pitches the technical specs a little better, but perhaps that is just my geek side coming out.
written by Saad Ali Abbasi, January 27, 2009
Sounds like a good idea, although I have yet to see the other entries in the competition.
Though Yoni is right, creating energy through windmills is we use it cialis sales uk not a cheaper option, so one must keep that in mind while judging Chad's entry.
written by leroy, January 27, 2009
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written by Leroy Jenkins, January 27, 2009
Valhala, fill me with your rage.
could be $100 cheaper...
written by hyperspaced, January 27, 2009
It's a lot more than 10 years to pay this off. Closer to 20 years I would say. But that's not the point

THIS is the way to go. Small, cheap, compact solutions for everyone. I imagine the time when this thing is on the shelves with a price tag of $199. If a modest 10,000 people bought it, it's almost **5GWh** per year!!!
Go Forward
written by Willy Hesenius, January 27, 2009
I am in the Windbusiness working. The "commercial" WEA started by 35KW and only 20 years later we are on 5MW. So it's a thing of development. The first has to buy it to make them more efficent. Cheers and go on!
written by Chad Maglaque, January 28, 2009
Let m chime it to add that $199 is the ideal price point - with production at scale and with various utility credits, rebates, etc.

$400 is simply the stake in the ground at start up.

And to the point above, the design is indeed phase-matched.

More as we develop the buy kamagra project.

Southwest Wind Power Air Breeze / AirX
written by Windy Deriair, January 28, 2009
There's already a relatively inexpensive wind turbine out there that produces about the same energy - it's from Southwest Wind Power. There are two versions, the AirX and the Air Breeze. The Air series has been around for at least a decade.
Operations Manager
written by Chad, February 02, 2009
Point Blank if you using the popularity of cialis to order an idea(renewable energy) to sell a product, and if the sellers take advantage of this popularity to make money and sell a bad, unproductive, low utility value product, renewable energy will always stay out of reach and conventional. If we are going to give this to the populous we will lose them if we sell them junk.
written by matthew schutz, February 05, 2009
sooner or later we in america will have to realize that there are other reasons to canadian pharmacy viagra prescription buy certain items other than just sheer economic benefit. A small wind turbine can not only benefit your pocket, but the also the health of whomever is so unfortunate to live downwind from a coalfired power plant, or down stream from a nuclear power plant. the potential for such a product to offset environmental pollution and help power a clean and healthy future for our children and levitra woman grandchildren is immense.

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