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Obama: Enough About the F**ing Light Bulbs Already

Now that America's election is over, some great stories from the campaign trail are beginning to leak out. Aides who didn't want to harm their candidates' reputations have loosened their tongues a bit, and so we're hearing some truly revealing leaks from inside of campaigns for the first time in months: For instance, it appears that Sarah Palin only learned recently that Africa is a continent.

We're also getting a glimpse into how President Elect Obama (!!!!!!) really thinks we're going to address the global environmental crisis. Newsweek reports that Obama was caught by a live mic saying about the viagra cialis levitra debates, "I often find myself trapped by the questions and we choice cialis free pills thinking to myself, 'You know, this is buy prescription viagrabuy viagra in the uk a stupid question, but let me … answer it.' So when Brian Williams is asking me about what's a personal thing that you've done [that's green], and I say, you know, 'Well, I planted a bunch of trees.' And he says, 'I'm talking about personal.' What I'm thinking in my head is, 'Well, the truth is, Brian, we can't solve global warming because I f---ing changed light bulbs in my house. It's because of something collective'."

As we've previously noted, we agree--with the sentiment and the profanity. We've got to change more than our f---ing light bulbs.

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Usurping of blog?
written by Andrew, November 06, 2008
This isn't a young adult fiction blog... Are you trying to steal Hank's job/identity? But nonetheless it's nice to see you over here with some interesting political anecdotes that remain relevant to the topic at hand. Here's hoping Obama gets moving on something beyond f---ing lightbulbs asap!
Hello John
written by Meredith, November 06, 2008
I must say I was quite surprised when I read the name on this article, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. It's true that it's going to take more than light bulbs, but the question is visit web site generic cialis in canada whether Obama is actually going to give that sentiment any importance. I sure hope he does.
written by Ben, November 06, 2008
Just another one of we recommend generic levitra mexico the cialis tabs great things Obama has said
written by Nagshain, November 06, 2008
It's nice to know that the inane questioning you sustain during the election process doesn't rot your brain. It'd be kinda cool to hear Obama's internal monologue all the time.
Should we be expecting you around here more often john, now that you have all this road time on your hands? Road Trip FTW!
written by Sani Moyo, November 06, 2008
Nice, I hope more stuff like this comes out, it is true though, useless thinking about light bulbs when there is planes and cars to think about it.
We Have a 10,000% Upgrade From The Previ
written by Seriously, November 06, 2008
Our President 2009 have a 1,000% upgrade of the efficiency within the cranial region. Much of the bugs are a thing of the past. Phew!
Now, the question is will the user be able to utilize version 2009 to its full capability???
Obama should encourage everyone to we choice selling levitra online make
written by heather, November 06, 2008
changing a lightbulb IS a big deal. If everyone would do look here levitra pfizer it...make a promise to change their bulbs, it will, no doubt, help. Check out, to make some easy, non-life altering changes that will only better our environment
written by Joe, November 07, 2008
Congratulations to the USA on your choice of leader. I have always found Americans to be the most pleasant of people but your Government has often left me much less impressed. I look forward to the great things this 'new America' will achieve.
written by Ken Roberts, November 07, 2008
Quit blowing Obama and write a real story. The guy says changing light bulbs doesn't matter, and you still write a positive story? Give a break!
written by Cameron, November 07, 2008
John I know your kool aid drinking readers appreciate this kind of brainless blogging but seriously this is bad. You link to the Huffington Post about that Palin canard. WTF? Yeah, they're objective. Don't you know anyone can quote an anonymous source. Same goes for the Obama comments. Produce an actual audio tape and I'll take it seriously... otherwise stfu
written by Corban, November 07, 2008
Even if Obama's personal thoughts are revealed, it looks like:

1. He recognizes that it's a collective issue, needing a collective solution and
2. He's exasperated by the obsessive focus on certain environmental activities instead of cheap canadian viagra the big picture.

He can swear as long as he wants!
If it is easy to visit our site levitra do....
written by Karsten, November 07, 2008 makes no difference.

Hundreds of millions of people on this planet don't even have a light bulb (or anything else electric) in their lives. Changing some light bulbs in North America/ Europe/ Australia is not enough. As a priority, it comes way AFTER you have taken care of the big sins in your life.

written by Jeremy, November 07, 2008
Wow, it's amazing the levitra online switzerland level of hypocrisy the lefties will tolerate from their own.

Notice how he jumps away from any type of personal responsibility and latches on the to "collective". What is the "collective" but a bunch of individual people changing their lightbulbs, and driving habits, car choice, etc.?

But instead of taking personal responsibility, BHO would rather create another .gov program, agency, bureaucracy, regulation etc. Meanwhile, he gets to fly in private jets and use incandescent bulbs.

Nice jab at Sarah Palin. Joe Biden didn't know that J-O-B-S has four letters, not three, but that's cool with you because he's got the 'D' after his name.
: (
written by Clinch, November 07, 2008
Seeing as one of the keyword of his campaign was "change", I think maybe he should "change" his bulbs.
I also think he's got the wrong attitude (in this context that is), it may only be a tiny part of canada generic viagra a collective issue, but if everyone had the same attitude (that it's everyone else's responsibility, not their) then no one would bother doing anything green.

re: Jeremy
written by Ben, November 07, 2008
You're damn right! It's up to the individual person to change their power plants, regulations on business, R&D priorities, etc! Government can't help with those things any more than we can as individual citizens!


Seriously, though, while individual grassroots efforts like switching light bulbs, driving less, and generally conserving is important and does help, it's simply not enough. Major changes need to be made to our infrastructure to order cheap generic tramadol online really solve the problem of global climate change, and that requires resources that are just too far beyond those of individuals acting alone.
written by Ken Roberts, November 07, 2008
In most areas, you CAN change your power options. I know in Georgia we can pay extra for green power, and this is far from a green-friendly state.
written by genevieve, November 07, 2008
This is my favorite quote from Obama now. I love when these higher up political figures (and now especially a PRESIDENT-ELECT) are caught speaking's awesome. Why can't they always speak this way instead of catering to the debate/news/election formalities? (oh and PS: Obama's got a point)
written by H. Morgan, November 07, 2008
WAY TO GO OBAMA!!! Brian Williams does ask stupid questions. OBAMA knows you can't start a GREENTECH REVOLUTION by thinking small.

On the other hand
written by Austin, November 07, 2008
Wow! I voted for Obama, and have a serious dislike of Bush, but I can only imagine the real cialis without a prescription article that would have been written if Bush had made this statement.
written by Jake, November 07, 2008
if bush had said i would have congratulated him for it.
written by B.J., November 08, 2008
Cameron, your comment is offensive for two reasons. First, you insult John's readers. I think it is excessively arrogant and self righteous to mock someone because their audience consists of younger people, because it is arguable that the "young adults" who read this book are just as capable as older people.

Second, you're telling a blogger how to blog. If you're not pleased with the way the blog is written, find another blog. Being rude is useless, and will not serve your purposes.

However, do agree with you that Huffington Post is not a credible source
written by Ken Roberts, November 10, 2008
I'm leaving EcoGeek. It is just too much nonsense, ignorance-peddling, and hero worship. As the above poster says, people should leave if they do not like the content, and so I'm leaving. I hope Hank will get the message and start doing more thorough research.
written by Jeremy, November 10, 2008
Individual people do change things at the level of powerplants, etc.--that's how a free market works. If enough individuals stop buying Fords, Ford disappears (unless, of course, the .govs take our tax dollars to prop up Ford). If enough individuals change their lightbulbs, driving habits, etc., then the overall level of energy used falls.

The problem is that most so-called Greens are simply collectivists in disguise--they can't outright call for the centralization of all production ala the Soviet Union, but they get in through the buy viagra next day cheap back door of so-called "environmental protection."

Meanwhile, the Algores and BHO's of the world fly around in private jets scolding us for driving the 10-year old Camry we can afford and not the brand new Prius we cannot.

Change your lightbulbs, hypocrite in chief, before telling us we need to shiver in the dark to stop the world from getting too hot/cold/wet/dry/whatever the disaster du jour is which justifies a government takeover of where can i get cialis the economy and cialis next day our lives.
written by Joan Cole, November 13, 2008
FYI: Sarah Palin made no such comment regarding Africa per a news reporter who was in the meeting. This is a falsehood. Please research before reporting lies, and then post a correction.

I can no longer believe anything in your website, which I had thought to be great at one time.

More must be done!
written by william Engel, November 13, 2008
It is simple...we must do more. This is what we have done

1) Moved to wow it's great low cost levitra the country
2) using bicycles more
3) HUGE garden provides food yr round (in Canada!)
4) Completely off grid!
5) Built from recycled materials
6) Started a solar company to help poor & needy
7) Did an energy audit on our house
8) Acted on the auditors suggestions
9) Tuned up our 2nd hand car, and use it less
10) Go travel in the winter with the money we saved! Of course we apply these ideas when on best way to use cialis the road as well!

come check us out!
the farm
the store
the Blog: wordpress.Howtogogreen
Sarah Palin rumor was from a spoof blog
written by Doc Rings, November 14, 2008
It's been reported now by MSNBC that they were hoodwinked by a spoof blogsite regarding the Sarah Palin "Africa is a country" quotes. They have offered a retraction.

Both sides need to be VERY careful, and do their due diligence before reporting these sorts of things... it helps no one, and hurts everyone.

Do a google search for "Palin Africa MSNBC" to see the story on how MSNBC got spoofed.
I thought this was about going green
written by bye, November 14, 2008
You know, I'm a pretty conservative guy, that does want to find an alternative to oil. Energy discussion should not involve partisan politics. All I wanted was facts, instead I get leftist dribble from huffington post.

I hate to drop you from my feedreader, but this blog is not what I thought it was. Good luck and let's hope we can kick this addiction to foreign oil. Hell, I'll even go all out and say let's kick the addiction completely.

written by Chris, November 15, 2008
Obama is absolutely right.We do need to change all the light bulbs to more efficient ones.But that is only a small part of the big picture.Instead of being so obssesed with one thing,we are forgetting about the bigger picture of how we need to change to more efficient diesel/electric hybrids,ships,trains and airplanes and everything else.
sexy guy
written by gedo 1234, November 18, 2008
obama is cool

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