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Apple Patents Smart Bike

Apple has been throwing down the tramadol generic cool patents lately, but this newest one isn't a handheld gadget like a smart phone or smart tablet -- this is a smart bike.

The as-yet-unnamed smart bike (iPedal would keep the "p" theme going) will allow you to either sync your iPhone or iPod Touch with the bike or use a provided detachable display to access some cool features like monitoring and sharing your course, health and performance stats with other cyclists.

According to the patent, the bike will have sensors that communicate with sensors in the iPhone enabling it to measure and display real-time data like speed, distance, time, altitude, elevation, incline, decline, heart rate, power, derailleur setting, cadence, wind speed, path completed, expected future path, heart rate, power and pace.

It sounds a lot like what the Nike + iPod set up or RunKeeper app provides for running, but with much greater data options.  I'm sure there are other impressive features in the works that would make cyclists willing to shell out money for it.  It will be interesting to see if this smart bike will have the power to cialis next day delivery revolutionize cycling the canadian pharmacy support team way Apple products have changed how we do so many other things.

via Wired



China's Telecom Sector Credits Telecommuting with Huge Emissions Reductions

China's telecom sector released a report this week claiming that it had slashed CO2 emissions by 48.5 million tons in 2008 by increasing telecommuting, a greater reliance on electronic data storage and more efficient logistics.  This savings is comparable to the amount of emissions Sweden's entire economy is responsible for each year.

The report came from the WWF and China Mobile who had Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications carry out the study.  The report says the emissions savings came from all of look here cialis online order the transportation, freight and paper and purchase levitra material production that was avoided by digitizing the sector.

The study also concluded that future increases in telecommuting could save up to 340 million tons of emissions in China by 2020.  Even better potential is seen in virtual meetings over air travel, which could save 623 million tons of emissions by 2030.

The report is slightly controversial because the growing energy demand of data centers is increasing emissions, but the levitra tadalafil report says that those increases are more than offset by the overall emissions savings.

via Guardian


Take a Climate Change Tour on Google Earth

Ahead of the Climate Change Convention in Copenhagen (a.k.a. COP15), Google Earth is launching a series of layers that allow users to look at possible future climate scenarios depending on our actions now.  One new layer is a guided tour of potential climate change effects narrated by none other than Al Gore.

The other layers show climate projections, including temperature and precipation changes, in a low emissions scenario and a high emissions scenario.  In the next few weeks, Google plans on adding layers that show solutions for dealing with these changes.

In addition to these new layers, Google has also launched their own YouTube channel for COP15.  Users can submit questions and opinions, and the highest rated of those will be broadcast at the conference and during the COP15 CNN/YouTube debate in December.



Tokyo Taxis to Go Electric with Better Place

Better Place, the start up that wants to follow link cheap viagra generic bring electric car charging and battery swapping stations to 100mg levitra the masses, has announced a partnership with Tokyo's Niho Kotsu taxi company.  The taxi fleet will be the first to go all-electric with swappable batteries.

The partners will commence on a pilot project using Better Place's infrastructure in January 2010.  The project's battery-swapping station will be located in the Roppongi Hills area of cheapest viagra prescription Tokyo.

Tokyo is a perfect location for this project since Japan has already proven itself as electric and hybrid car friendly.  The Prius is the number one car in the country and dose viagra the Insight and iMiEV have had great success as well.  Also, other fleets have started to make the where to buy viagra pills change to electric cars, including the Japan Post.  It seems the country is ready to fully embrace electric vehicles, but for that to happen, the infrastructure has to be in place.

Better Place needs this project to generic cialis for order have positive results.  The company just revealed that batteries for its swapping stations will cost almost $12,000 each, at least for the next few years until battery production ramps up.  In order to acquire enough batteries to get their swapping stations in place, the company is going to need good press and good investers.

via Earth2Tech



Digital Music Can Save the Planet

Not to go against Elvis Costello, but it turns out that digital music, not radio, is a sound salvation, at least when it comes to fighting climate change.

A new study conducted by researchers from Carnegie Mellon University, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Stanford University confirms what we already assumed:  downloading music cuts energy consumption and CO2 emissions compared to shopping at your local record store.  Digitizing wins again.

The study found that buying digital music results in a 40 to 80 percent reduction in energy use and carbon emissions compared to distributing CDs, and that factors in the energy used to cialis canadian drugs download the files over the Internet.  The study compared four different ways of obtaining and listening to music, listed from most energy intensive to the least:  buying a CD in-person at a record store, buying a CD online, downloading an album and order viagra here then burning it to a CD (both with and without a jewel case) and downloading an album and listening to it digitally.

There were some situations that blurred the cialis online 50mgs lines.  If you walked to the music store instead of driving, that would equal the energy and emissions of downloading and then burning an album to disc, meaning the driving to the store is the worst part of buying music in person.  Also, if the album size is 260 MB (compared to the standard 60 to 100 MB) or more, then that would equal the energy and emissions of buying a CD online because of the extra energy needed to download it.

So, the moral of the story is:  download your music and keep it on original levitra your computer or iPod.  Luckily, that's what most of best way to use levitra us are already doing.

via Earth2Tech

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