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Another Reason To Not Leave Your Computer On Overnight

Lots of people leave their PCs on overnight. Often, this is for no good reason whatsoever, it’s just out of laziness. But sometimes it’s a conscious decision: if you want your computer to continue receiving updates, or transmit/receive information of canadian healthcare any kind during the wee hours of the night, you need to leave it on. But even the viagra canada online pharmacy lowest power settings generally burn more power than you need to do that minimal amount of computing.

Now, those people can use a system called Somniloquy. Although this device may be hard to spell, it does offer a cool service. Most computers have four levels of power consumption – regular use, standby, sleep/hibernate mode and completely shut down. A lot of people, including myself, prefer to hibernate their PCs rather than shut them off, because it allows them to cheepest viagra start up again more quickly. With Somniloquy, you can hibernate your PC and still have it communicate with other PCs. Check out more details on

As for those who are just leaving their computers on out of sheer laziness - they do not deserve a cool new Somniloquy. They should just turn off your computers.

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Zumbox Wants to Kill Snail Mail (Finally)

Why on earth do we still have snail mail? For packages? OK. But everything else, really? All the paper, all the transportation, all the man-hours delivering to you thousands of little pieces of paper every year. All of generic levitra canadian healthcare that could be easily digitized...but no. Even with all the glory of e-mail, mail volume is still increasing.

A company called Zumbox wants to change that.

The big advantage that snail mail can claim is that it's actually tied to where you physically are. E-mail addresses change, some people don't have them, and it can be difficult for businesses to get email addresses from their customers. Thus, customers end up continuing to get physical letters...just so people can be sure you're getting them.

Zumbox has fixed this problem by creating a virtual mail box for every physical address in America. So, if you have an address, you already have a Zumbox.

Zumbox hopes that you will soon be receiving notices in the mail along with your bills that say "this piece of mail was also delivered to buy cialis low price your Zumbox." If you go to your Zumbox and pick it up, you can select to have that company deliver mail only to your Zumbox.

If you sign up at Zumbox, they send a pin number to your physical address (the only snail mail you'll ever receive from them, I'm promised) that you must enter to certify that you are who you say you are. If messages have already been delivered to your Zumbox, you will see them there. And, with a click of a button, you can tell the mail senders to only send these items to only now buy cheap viagra online your Zumbox!

Zumbox has just announced that it will offer it's service to "qualified senders" for free. So companies, municipalities, and non-profits who have legitimate lists for sending notices, bills and direct mail will all be able to use those lists at Zumbox. You, as a consumer, will also be able to send a limited amount (possibly in the thousands) of messages through Zumbox. Whether it's a post card to your grandma, or a notice to your neighbors of a lost dog.

All this talk about free stuff is going to make you start wondering how they're planning on making money. Well, your Zumbox will have two boxes, one for mail from certified senders, and one for mail from people who've paid Zumbox to use the service. Zumbox allows unprecedented abilities for geo-targeting. So your spam box will likely actually have some useful spam in it. A local restaurant or snow shoveling service can hit their exact target area for only five cents a letter, instead of up to cialis fedex overnight shipping more than a dollar for direct mail services.

Of course, the success of the program all depends on whether they can get people to sign up. In my opinion, if they can get some big businesses and non-profits in on the idea, and sending out notices telling people to check their Zumboxes, the chances that this will catch on are quite good.

And with the cialis 50 mg dose amount of money (not to mention trees) to be saved by the proposition, I'd like to think that they're not having too hard of link for you levitra super active a time getting big senders involved.


Hawaii Gets Greener By Making Its Grid Smarter

If you had to make a list of US states leading the green tech revolution, who would be on the list? Probably West Coast states like California and Oregon. Maybe Texas, with its burgeoning wind industry. Maybe even Massachusetts, which is becoming a center for developing battery technology. But no matter who you put on female herbal cialis your list, don’t leave out Hawaii.

Hawaii has been doing a heck of a lot. They’ve been testing out new ocean-powered energy projects, they banned new coal plants and committed to being 70% renewable by 2030, and they have been promoting biomass power generation. Not to mention the fact that our president-elect – a native Hawaiian – is putting together a pretty green energy team.

Hawaii’s latest green project is smart meters. It’s pretty much a given that smart metering – the ability for the electric utility to look here buying levitra know how much electricity is being used at all places at all times – is something that a next-generation electric grid needs to have. The way it is now, sometimes utilities don’t even know if, say, a power line is down until the customer calls them up and tells them so… which is pathetic. Utilities should be able to see how their power lines are doing at all times.

Hawaii’s biggest power utility, Hawaii Electric, will be purchasing meters from Sensus Metering Systems for about 430,000 customers. Hawaii Electric has been doing trial runs with meters made by Sensus over the last couple years, and it seems that they like what they have been seeing. The customers mentioned above include people who will be installing these meters in their homes as well as businesses and power generating plants.

But does having a smart meter in your house mean that Big Brother can turn down your AC if he thinks you’re using too much? Not for residential customers. Those meters are only there to give the viagra quick tabs utility a live reading of how much power you are using. For big commercial customers, however, these meters will indeed be used by the utility to cut consumption during times of peak demand (presumably under conditions agreed upon between the consumer and mail order viagra in uk the utility beforehand). The meters will also be installed in power plants, so that the utility can turn up and down the power as needed.

Although there are plenty of reasons for installing smart meters for their own sake, let’s not forget that Hawaii has been working with Better Place to design an electric car infrastructure. A critical part of Better Place’s model is that its many charging stations will be controlled by a computer which decides which cars to charge first. Building that network will be much easier if Hawaii’s grid is already smarter than average.

Via Earth2Tech


Ecofont Reduces Ink Use By 20%

By now, it's become clear that digitization goes a long way towards protecting our planet's resources, especially trees. We all know that if we have to print, we should reduce the font size and print double-sided, but what if you want to save some ink too? Netherlands-based SPRANQ has come up with an ink-saving font aptly named Ecofont.

The font is a basic sans-serif with a twist. Inside each letter are open circles where no ink is used. When used in a 9 - 11 point size, the font doesn't stand out as different, but if used in larger point sizes, the circles become obvious. For the occasional printed page though, the font works as well as any other and the company claims that it uses 20 percent less ink.

The company hopes that the font will lead people to think about their overall printing behavior and try to cheap canadian pharmacy conserve wherever possible. The font is available for download here at no cost.

Whether this font actually makes a difference in people's paper and ink use may not really matter. Often design can just remind us that thinking creatively is the cialis cost key to any problem, including protecting the planet.

via CleanTechnica


Databases Track Renewable Energy Incentives

It's wonderful that the government offers incentives, subsidies and tax credits for using renewable energy, but up until now, there hasn't been a centralized place to find out which of free levitra sample these you might qualify for. North Carolina Solar Center and the Interstate Renewable Energy Council have joined forces to create two new databases for just that purpose.

The Federal Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (FIRE) database lists federal incentives as well as their rules, regulations, policies and incentive summaries for corporations. The Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE) does the same, but for state, local and utility incentives.

Now, no matter where you live, you can find out exactly what kind of incentive you're entitled to if you're using renewable energy or planning on doing so in the future.

via GoodCleanTech

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