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NOV 04

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"you've got to be kidding me...I will CHOOSE how I use electricity not ..."

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GE to Introduce Remote Control Appliances

As consumers become increasingly concerned about their energy use and viagra 100mg england the cost of their energy bills, energy management systems and smart electronics are growing at a rapid pace. The latest to addition to cheap levitra 40mg the pharmacy "smart" revolution? Home appliances.

GE announced last week that it will introduce energy-management enabled appliances next year. Appliances being worked on are refrigerators, ranges, washers and dryers, dishwashers and microwave ovens, some of which will be tested in a pilot program with Louisville Gas and Electric Company.

The smart appliances will be connected to a network and can be turned off and on, or have their settings changed remotely by the local utility. During peak energy-use hours, the utilities can make small setting changes to avoid overtaxing the grid. Consumers will benefit from this technology too with smaller electricity bills since many power companies are now charging more during peak hours.

The one obstacle to the success of these appliances is that local utilities will need to install smart meters connecting homes to the utility. GE makes smart meters and canadian rx cialis already has a deal with PG&E to supply them 3.3 million meters.

It will probably take a while before this technology spreads across the country, but it could have a significant impact if it takes hold.

via Earth2Tech

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Big houses cannot play
written by Doc, November 05, 2008
I have 400Amp service to my house, and the large meters are not capable of levitra from canadian pharmacy "smart" connections...

I wish I did, I would be able to run my pool pump and irrigation pump at night for cheaper prices, but alas, I cannot.
Sounds Good
written by GE Appliances, November 07, 2008
This is a good idea, if it brings down the size of our bills i'm all for it
written by GENice, February 16, 2009
This is an excellent idea since 60% of the population is buy generic viagra from india 9 to 5 kind of people.
tin whiskers
written by tin whiskers, June 10, 2009
What if you can use your Nokia E71 as a wireless remote control? Not just a tv remote - but also for controlling lights, the stereo, air conditioner, etc. The possibility to do this is actually much closer than you think. This is just a quick post showing off a new application AND control box created by one of my favorite S60 developers named Sittiphol Phanvilai. The new system is called NeuRoom and just might be a breakthrough in home .....
written by R4 Cards, June 19, 2009
I have seen this coming for quite some time now, it should be very useful smilies/smiley.gif
Smart Appliance or More Control?
written by Carolyn, June 07, 2010
you've got to be kidding me...I will CHOOSE how I use electricity not the power utilities!!!!or the government!!!This is tyranny and by the way...GE makes cluster bombs that are killing people all over the world.....I'm NOT buying any of your products!!!!!

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