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MAR 21

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Auto X-Prize: Progressive Coughs up $10M for Green Cars

The X-Prize foundation puts together some fantastic competitions. But it doesn't put up the money to pay the winners. That responsibility goes to some kind-hearted company. Like Google's $30M sponsorship of the Lunar X-Prize, or Archon's $10M prize for the fast and viagra online includes consultation cheap genome sequncing X-Prize. And while we've known for a long time that there was going to be a 100mpg car X-Prize, we didn't know a lot of specifics.

Well, yesterday at the New York Auto Show, the X-Prize foundation finally released the details of the competition. Or should I say "The Progressive Automotive X-Prize." That's right, Progressive Insurance is footing the cialis professional bill for this one. And we're happy to say "Thanks!" But that's not really whats important. Now, we finally have details on how the contest will be judged!

There will be two vehicle classes: Mainstream and Alternative. Mainstream vehicles will have to have four seats, four wheels and have a 200 mile range. Alternative vehicles have no limitation on the number of seats or wheels, and must have a 100 mile range.

The winner will be decided (awesomely enough) by a race. Of course, it'll be a somewhat lame race, with stoplights and speed limits, to simulate normal driving habits. But a race nonetheless. Whoever finishes the race first, while maintaining a 100 mpg (or equivalent) gas mileage, wins the purse. the Alternative fuel class gets $2.5M while the mainstream cars gets $7.5M.

The race will take place in 2009 or 2010, and I'm absolutely positive that it's going to be awesome.

Progressive X-Prize Website
Full Press Release
Full Draft Guidlines

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draft guidelines
written by Eric Boyd, March 21, 2008
Actually we've had the draft guidelines since early last year (April 2007). They also issued a separate document in the cialis for daily use fall (October 2007) which was a follow up to cialis prescription not required those guidelines called the "Competition Guidelines Revision Topics", which among other things widened the alternative class to allow tandem seating.

I talked with members of the AXP staff yesterday and they are hoping to release the final rules in about 2 months. At that time they will also open the official team application process (everything up till now has just been "letter of intent" - teams did not have to pass any bar or pay any money).

It's great to finally have this prize launched, and I for one intent to switch my insurance to Progressive as my way of saying thanks!

You can read all about this stuff over at my website, Specifically, try for the rules, and for a side-by-side comparison of many of the teams.
written by Karsten, March 22, 2008
This seems like a good idea. Please don't laugh, I am trying to be positive and upbeat here, OK?

A real-life technology competition to cialis visa create products that will trickle down into the for-all-people markets. The pretty darn decent prize money will encourage companies and organizations to participate. I am worried we will see a lot of extremely high-tech materials and generic viagra overnight deliver western union far-from-simple electronics but that is most likely the only way you can get such gas mileage in a regular vehicle. Maybe our world will turn out that way: Super-high tech and efficient personal vehicles for some, something else for the rest.

Will the four-seater actually be racing with four passengers or are the seats just for looks? Four passengers will make it much harder to get a good gas mileage. Of course one could just say it needs to be 100 miles per gallon per passenger. If there is only one person per vehicle, what exactly are the other seats for? Interior volume? Overall shape?

BTW, one of my colleagues walks to work every day. She is close to retirement and walks over 400 miles every year. Now that is efficient and clean! Of course, others drive their car a quarter mile or even less.


Practical Advice To Pollute Less

Sun Geyser
written by Johann Pistorius, March 23, 2008
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I wonder if Google will give me a price for that?
Take 100 metres of 3/4 inch PVC pipe, (It contains
25 Litres of water) roll it up in a place where the sun shines most, connect one end to a tap, and put a tap on the other side. Fill it with water and leave the connected tap open.
You will have nearly boiling water the whole time the sun is shining. Need more than 25 Litres? Use 200 metres PVC for 50 Litres. For dishwashing and clothes washing 100 metres is enough, because every 2 hours the water is hot again.
Johann Pistorius

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