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"That layout would seem quite cumbersome. I find it easy to read best w..."

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The Times Reader: Another Step Towards the Paperless

It's been a long time since a newspaper was delivered to my house.  And I'm not the only one who's given up on the printed page.  But that's not because I didn't like the format.  Frankly, reading news online is bad for the eyes and buy online prescription levitra the web is a very limited format for typography and display. 

 The New York Times knows this.  And they also know that their print business is crashing. So, much to my amazement, they're embracing digital display by taking it off the cialis generic brand web.  The Times Reader is an amazing program with high quality text and images that is designed to look great on any screen and allow a huge amount of user customization. 

Images get smaller and bigger, advertisements change based on 5mg cialis the space left on the page, text size can be altered, display of canadian cialis content is marked as read or unread, it is automatically updated, searchable, and hilightable

I find it to be simpler to use and prettier than the web. And, as it looks great on any size display, I can hardly wait to get it onto an electronic ink reader. 

This really is a commitment from the New York Times to buy cialis on the internet digital display, and it is extremely well done.  If they can deliver this to my Sony Reader, I will absolutely join the Times Select program and actually pay for content.
Via TreeHugger 

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About readability
written by neo-monarchist, January 21, 2007
That layout would seem quite cumbersome. I find it easy to read best when paragraphs are in chunks, without any design distractions. is an example

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