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AUG 05

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"Or we could talk about cars sold in Europe - today - that get twice th..."

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Tesla Making a $30k EV for the Rest of Us

Weren’t we just talking about why there aren’t any cheap electric cars? Seemingly reading our minds, Tesla is coming up with a $30k sedan that the get viagra free sample average Joe has the chance to cheap online generic viagra own. While a $100k electric roadster is pretty cool, it’s not like the majority of us will ever get to enjoy it. Okay, so they’ve tried to connect with the little people to some extent with their $60k plug-in sedan. But still, that’s something that is way out of most of our budgets, despite the fullness of our EV-lovin’ hearts. So finally, a $30k EV that we ecogeeks have a good shot at owning.

Tesla still has no idea the details on the car, let alone when it will arrive. But it seems likely that with the success of their roadsters, they’ll be able to come up with something good. It better be good, because they’re thinking of putting out about 200,000 of whatever they come up with – a whole lot more than the female viagra relative handful of roadsters and sedans they’re putting out, and a whole, whole lot more than the number of EVs other car makers are currently putting out. I wonder if it'll look half as cool as the Lotus, or if they're going to tone down the flash to match the price...

Tesla is banking on the growing infrastructure for EV recharging to help the car for the masses venture farther from home than around town, which would be a factor for average consumers who need a car to do more than turn heads. Considering advances being made in San Jose, Oregon, Japan and other places for EV charging infrastructure, it seems like a safe bet that in the next few years, or however long it will take for Tesla to turn out this new, cheaper EV, we’ll have some reasonable resources to keep it charged up.

Via GoodCleanTech, Technoride, CarCentral; Photo via jurvetson

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bottled water myths
written by Chris, August 05, 2008
It's ridiculous that countless amounts of oil and energy are used to sell WATER when great tasting, healthy water is available free from the tap! Anyone who is interested in this cause should visit to learn more, or watch this video:
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written by Jeremiah, August 05, 2008
Instead of it's cool buy viagra pill linking a bunch of blogs that re-report the same information poorly, it is order 50mg viagra more useful to provide the source of the information. in this case, GoodCleanTech relied upon Technoride, Technoride relied upon CarCentral. Unfortunately, even CarCentral didn't quote or cite a specific person saying anything about this car.
written by Tom Saxton, August 05, 2008
Elon Musk mentioned the under $30,000 sedan in the press event last month announcing the Model S assembly plant in California. At the same time, he stated that the under $30,000 EV would be available with four years.

I don't have a good link handy, but you can probably find one of the original new reports online.
Telsa Love
written by PlanetPinknGreen, August 05, 2008
Just joyful to read this post. Finally! --Cheryl Janis, writer of Planet Pink n' Green -
Here is an EV you can buy off the shelf
written by Pete, August 06, 2008
written by neivamj, August 06, 2008
"Weren’t we just talking about why there aren’t any cheap electric cars?.."
There still aren't. This car is 4 years away. Others, and bigger players, have promised cheap EV's sooner than that (iMiev?).
written by bobthebuilder, August 06, 2008
Don't be forgetting the tramadol for cats Aptera. It's supposed to be around $27,000 although it'll probably be years before it's sold in large quantities.
what about TATA
written by Leonardo Kenji, August 06, 2008
I've heard they want an electric version of Tata Nano (I think they were talking to some french company)

This could be green cheap.
What about fuel efficient gas/diesel?
written by GreenerBeth, August 06, 2008
Or we could talk about cars sold in Europe - today - that get twice the gas mileage of similar cars sold in the US. My VW golf gets 30 mpg. My friend's VW in Finland gets 58 mpg. Both are gas and that's real life mileage. Why aren't these cars sold here? (Side note- very few people in Finland drive a Prius; they're seen as gas guzzlers.)

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