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JUL 31

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"This project is not a step in the right direction, but a leap for Indi..."

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India Completes Its First Green Housing Complex

India isn’t much of a solar user…so far. Its production made up just 1.7% of the world total for 2007. But it isn’t ignoring solar completely, but rather using it to make great strides in green housing. In an effort to order propica meet its rapidly growing energy demands in an eco-friendly way, India has completed Rabi Rashmi Abasan, its first green housing project. If we thought Canada was cool, this project puts up some stiff competition.

The new complex is located in Kolkata on 1.76 acres in New Town. Designed and look here overnight cialis generic installed by SunTechnics India, 26 PV systems using modules customized for the homes roofs make up the 58 KW housing project. Each home puts out 2 KW of power, which is enough to fulfill the order cialis in canada energy needs of the complex as well as send extra power to the public grid. The home owner can also access the grid for power when needed. The system saves about .5 kgs of CO2 emissions for every kw hour produced. Every little bit helps in that smoggy place.

As for the inhabitants, the homes’ design uses solar features to keep houses cool during summer, improve air circulation in the house, and provide hot water. To extend the green features, the complex has a shuttle system with battery operated vans, solar street lights, and a pool heated with solar power. Sounds like a pretty sweet place to live.

Via Inhabitat, IndiaPRwire

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written by Ajay, August 01, 2008
The article says "The home owner can also access the grid for power when needed".

The wise Indian home owner will install power connection to the grid directly with alligator clamps. This saves the cost of power supply since it is buy viagra online no prescription not metered.
A leap for INDIA
written by Sustainable Home Design, August 05, 2008
This project is not a step in the right direction, but a leap for India. Though it may not be the most impessive project on the planet, it's certanaly impessive for where it's at!

Charles Precht
Sustainable Design

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