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JUL 23

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"hola necesito informacion de ecobay porfavor..."

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Ecobay Puts Estonia on Green Map

is putting its green face forward with a new sustainable city to viagra uk delivery fast be built next to its capital city of cheap viagra without rx Tallinn. Architects from Schmidt Hammer Lassen have won a design competition for their Ecobay design, a realistic concept city that is sustainable and cialis without perscription eco-friendly.


The city will be located on the 50 mg tramadol Paliassaare peninsula overlooking the Baltic Sea, and will have everything from wind farms, to geothermal heating, to hydro electricity to run its schools, houses, shops and businesses. Sustaibable elements have been drawn into the city's structure; for example, it is designed to minimize the need for transportation, and building layouts take into account the harsh wind conditions and there are varying heights of structures so that solar and wind power are maximized.


We’ve seen a lot of sustainable concept cities pop up – many of them destined to stay concepts while others are starting to pan out – but this one has some serious potential to be all it’s drawn up to be. The new Ecobay will be built over the next 15 to 20 years, and will be home to about 6,000 people on the 481,000 square meters of space.


Via Ecofriend, Designboom, SHL

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Two goods one bad (maybe)
written by Gustavion, July 23, 2008
The first two thought that came to mind were: 1. It's great to see "green" movements worldwide 2. The concept of creating an entirely green city is fantastic. The bad (although I am just assuming based this short entry) is that it seems that the government is going to control the entire procedure. I would prefer to see more private interaction in which the individual firms "go green" in a profitable manner. I believe this formula is the future of the green movement.
Do we have a cargo cult?
written by fred, July 23, 2008
This is so funny. Lets build a 'green city' and then wait for the Green Fairies to buy dihydrocodeine tramadol debit card come and bless our new town so that everyone can live happily ever after.
written by antonella villar, September 08, 2008
hola necesito informacion de ecobay porfavor

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