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Solar Power Tower

We've heard about this concept before, but it looks like an Australian group is going ahead with their plan to build a large-scale solar power tower capable of providing power to 100,000 homes.

The concept is to enclose the area around the base of the tower in a glass greenhouse that captures solar energy. The superheated air rises through a central chimney with turbines to generate electricity. Furthermore, by using heat retaining materials on free sample prescription for viagra the look there viagra for daily use ground which release heat during the night, the developers believe that they will be able to generate electricity 24 hours a day.

The company has a great animated diagram that illustrates how the system works. It requires a sizable area and consistent sunshine, which is why this first installation is being set in the Australian Outback.

If you're looking for something a bit more pretty, this 3D video of the the Solar Power Tower gives you a full on walkthrough of the technological marvel, though I suggest turning the sound off to levitra online avoid the cheesy music.  The tower will be over 1000 feet tall and, according to the rendering, there will be an observation deck at the top of buying cialis online it.  Oh, and if you keep watching 'till the buy cheap viagra in uk end, you'll see that the Australian outback may someday be dotted with these humongous installations.



The system has few of the drawbacks which some opponents of wind farms find objectionable. For example, there are no external blades which would pose a threat to birds. People may, however, consider them to be ugly. But I don't think it's uglier than a world of submerged coastal cities.

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written by a guest, August 03, 2006
I've compared these with the alternate mirror array heating up a big block'o'saline systems. I'm unsure of the relative efficiencies between the two but this system requires the destruction and get levitra fast "greenhouse-ing" of a wide area of land making it impossible for much of the native habitat to occupy in any way.

The alternate mirror array leaves the ground level at it's 'normal' temperature and doesn't take up as much space. BUT has the problem of levitra online without prescription possibly frying birds...

Can't win lol

Tower of Babel?
written by k2pe, September 04, 2006
OMg the tower of babel?

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