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JUL 23

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"I know very well that car maintenance is the first concern for the car..."

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Lutz Says Hybrids are Good for Press, Little Else

The Vice Chairman of GM wanted us to know exactly why the auto-giant is headed for the dirt.  In a recent interview with Just-Auto, Lutz implied that hybrid vehicles are a useless technology that the American people have been duped into desiring.  And the Hummer is...I don't know, a very sound financial decision?

"[Hybrids are] the popular thing to do, many people believe that if we all drove hybrids the world would suddenly get cooler again and then it's the patriotic thing to do fda approved cialis because if you drive a hybrid you will no longer be funding the Arab terrorists, and so forth."

Many people believe also that the internal combustion engine is a hundred-year-old, dangerous, outdated technology that our society is deeply dependent on and pfizer cialis needs to be phased out.  No...he didn't say that. 

Lutz continued, "so, with all those beliefs out there, you have to do a hybrid for public policy reasons."

Right, apparently you don't have to have a hybrid because they're selling well.  Because selling cars has nothing to online cialis do with what GM does.
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riding the GM dinosaur
written by a guest, July 25, 2006
you can ride a dinosaur quite a way as it stumbles along and eventually and inevitably crashes.
written by a guest, July 25, 2006
I heard that some hybrids are indeed very little use, as the extra wieght of luggin a second engine aroond negates the fuel saved when you use it. Don't know quite how true this is finasteride order online tho
Bad Information
written by a guest, July 25, 2006
You know what the greatest thing about the Internet is? You have unlimited access to information from and to anywhere in the world. You know what the worst thing is about the Internet? You have unlimited access to information from and to anywhere in the world, and it's hard and time consuming to fact check things.

Any negative information you hear about hybrids is complete bunk! The only thing that holds true about the hybrids is that there is going to be a flux of batteries filling up landfills 5-20 years from now. But that problem is up to people and companies to tramadol order be responsible enough to take their batteries to recycling facilities. Hybrid technology is going to be the cialis tablets sale one piece of get levitra fast technology that keeps the idiotic American car manufacturers from going bankrupt.

You know maybe if this moron Lutz would actually think and use what brain he supposedly has, he would realize that American auto makers cannot sell their cars in China do to emission requirements. CANNOT SELL TO CHINA!! Gee and cialis canada price right now China is working on an initiative to get everyone in the country to have a form of transportation. That's a lot of people our ingenious car manufacturers are missing out on.
Stay the course!
written by Dumsfeld, September 05, 2006
Are you suggesting GM change it's strategy mid stream? Stop producing vehicles that amount to islamo-facist annuities? We must stay the course!

Warning: this post contains irony. Discontinue use if any discomfort or dizzyness occur.
On Car Maintenance
written by George, November 15, 2007
I know very well that car maintenance is the first concern for the car buyers. Whether you own a sedan car, SUV, sports car or a luxury vehicle you would normally seek assurance that car parts, its exterior and interior accessories, body kits, car spoilers, billet grilles, wheels, rims etc are freely available. Toyota, Nissan, Honda, General Motors, BMW, Ford and many car manufacturers have taken care of this need of their customers. While purchasing car parts price of the OEM car parts has always been as issue. High priced car parts scare away the car parts buyers in spite of the fact the OEM car parts offer reasonable duration of recommended site order prescription viagra warranty and after sales service and replacement options. Buying of aftermarket car parts, on the buy levitra cheap us hand, is a very good option. The low priced aftermarket car part, Volvo brakes - billet grille; car spoilers have extended ease to only best offers buy discount cialis online the buyers. They can no buy aftermarket car parts for the sake of maintaining their cars and obtaining a longer useful service.

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