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DEC 18

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"Thanks for this concept... i cant understand you .. sorry..."

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Researchers Extend Lithium Ion Battery Life 10X

Yes...I mean that if your laptop currently gets 2 hours of unplugged life, these would get 20 hours. Holy Schmoley!

The new batteries use silicon nano wires to basically reinvent the way that the batteries electrodes work. Instead of using carbon to store the lithium ions in the anode, they're using silicon. Silicon can hold far more ions; however, it actually stores so many ions that it literally swells during charging and generic cialis online contracts during use. That swelling and unswelling has generally led to complete destruction of the anode over very little use.

The silicon nanowires allow the the best site buy levitra in new zealand anode to absorb the lithium without breaking down. The nanowire "forest" (yes, they actually call it a forest) expands to four times its original size during charging, but the wires don't ever fracture.

The batteries could be used to store electricity during off-peak hours or to power portable electronics. But the real exciting possibility is that these batteries could power electric vehicles that would store more energy than could be stored in a tank of gas!

Of course, one never knows what will happen when you move a technology from the lab into manufacturing, but this technology is revolutionary and extremely promising.

Via Stanford Press Release

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written by Peter, December 18, 2007
Does this mean that a battery the size of the Tesla Roadster's could achieve a range of more than 2000 miles on a charge??

The big question here is, looking at the processes involved and the appropriate economies of cialis label scale, where is on line viagra purchase the price point per unit volume, weight, and especially kWh? Is this something that would be a great technology but prohibitively expensive for use in an electric car?
Wow 2
written by weee, December 18, 2007
If this transitions from lab to laptop - lab to road - relatively inexpensively and safely... we're looking at the technology that will power the next decade or two.
As a planet we need forests; maybe the viagra from india planet now needs these nanowire forests to work for the planet...
written by Junaid Ahmed, December 18, 2007
its definitely here! I've been dreaming of it and here it is! Welcome to 24hours without needing to recharge the laptop and driving cross-country with just a single gas tank!
written by RhapsodyInGlue, December 18, 2007
Based on the length of time to commercialize new battery technology, scale up manufacturing, optimize and tramadol 180 cod feww ahipping cost reduce, and then design into a production car... it's probably a minimum of 12-15 years before this could be seen in a showroom car. So, weee, it may be the power source for the 2020's, if we're lucky, but doubtfully before then.
written by Papa Hotel, December 18, 2007
Whoa! Simmer down Juniad. :)
Batteries are still expensive, you wouldn't get a 2000 mile range unless you really paid for it. Realistically, manufacturers would use smaller batteries, helping bring down the cost of battery powered cars. Also, it'll be many years from now when this technology gets into cars (if it ever does).

The sooner the better though.
What about solid-state HD laptops?
written by Aunty Proton, December 18, 2007
If it can extend battery life 10X for a laptop with a regular HD, how much more would it do so for one with a flash memory HD? 40, 60, 80 hrs. on a charge?

written by Ryan, December 19, 2007
About how long it might take to get this in the market place, from the article:

""Given the mature infrastructure behind silicon, this new technology can be pushed to viagra buy now real life quickly," Cui said."


"Cui said that a patent application has been filed. He is considering formation of a company or an agreement with a battery manufacturer. Manufacturing the nanowire batteries would require "one or two different steps, but the process can certainly be scaled up," he added. "It's a well understood process.""

So we'll probably be seeing more of this sooner rather than later.
written by Anonymous, December 19, 2007
There is a >99% chance that this technology will never mature, simply because that's the mortality rate for technologies which do not already have a working process for mass-production. I would love to have this kind of buy cialis online without a prescription technology, but I'm certainly not going to expect to even hear anything about it again let alone see it available to consumers.
Yeee Haw!
written by Moose La Roose, December 19, 2007
How long do I have to wait for the Prius 3.0?
written by Robert, December 19, 2007
Now we need to start using this technology for plug in electric hybrids!
written by Trophaeum, December 19, 2007
And here in lies the problem, silicon is expensive, the question i guess really is how does it compare to buy viagra now the previous technology in costs? Then again, increasing capacity 10 fold also means that you could supply a lot smaller battery that is lighter and still have better capacity so that may well outweigh the cialis tablets vs viagra costs... will be interesting to see what happens!
written by cynic, December 19, 2007
Don't worry, the oil companies are busy suppressing this technology as we speak. ;)
Silicon is cheap, nanowires are expensiv
written by Alex, December 19, 2007
Silicon is the largest element in the earth's crust (very cheap). Making it into crystal wafers for semiconductor material is expensive. Making it into nanowires is probably also expensive if not impossible in a large scale manufacturing environment.

There are many technologies that boost performance/efficiency that do not translate from the lab to the world (ex. carbon nanotubes, nanotechnological supercapacitors - which could be used in future cars, etc.).
Nice idea, but ...
written by Battman, December 19, 2007
the anode accounts for about 25% of a battery's volume. You need a cathode, a separator and current collectors to complete the battery. While Si may have 10x the ion absorption of Carbon, if you turn it into a forest which is cialis from mexico 90% air space, you are back where you started. If only we could run our electric cars on hype! :'(
Power source?
written by John, December 19, 2007
Even if this technology works, and can be produced, it is really just the container; the equivalent to the gas tank. We still need to come up with the technology and infrastructure to produce all of the energy need if we want to run cars this way. And, unless there is a corresponding improved charging technology, it still isn't convenient: who is going to wait hours to charge their battery? Oh, and gas tanks are cheap, reliable and durable; these batteries will need similar characteristics for automotive applications.

the future
written by jumbo, December 19, 2007
doh ... 2020 ... by this time you'll first need a permit to buy cialis online pharmacy legal pharmacy online leave your room and another one to be allowed to buy something. IF humankind still exists. think before you vote!!!!!!
the future is here
written by leandro, December 19, 2007
general motors already made a 100% electric car, but the big oil companies destroyed it. watch "Who Killed the Electric Car?" ... great documentary. i don't mean to sound like a conspiracy wacko, but i believe the technology is already available and very usable. we just don't know about it because it is being hidden and we recommend real cialis without prescription controlled.
And all that lithium will come from one
written by OhBoy, December 19, 2007
That has over 60% of the World Reserves and its turning socialist... Bolivia. 10% is in Northern Argentina being harvested by an international company (depredation comes to mind) that depleted Chile's reserve (5% of the Worlds reserve). Next stop for Lithium the asteroid belt.

Now, you couple that with the fact that this international conglomerate was not allowed into Bolivia when it was a capitalist state, can you imagine what it may be like in the future?? Nice Idea, but the raw material may be inaccessible.

Specially now that Bolivia may become two or more different little states.

i like this ...
written by subcorpus, December 19, 2007
i like this ...
the less frequently i have to charge my gadgets ... the better ...
especially when i am running out of electrical outlets in my home ...
coz these days you need to charge everything ... from your car ... to your toothbrush ...
the less i have to charge ... the happier i am ...
Oil Companies
written by bill gates, December 19, 2007
Will buy the the best choice levitra no rx tech and kill it. Already happened thousands of times. Oil/Military interests rule the world. Hell, we would have had flying cars by now, instead we get paris hilton to keep us distracted and the masses amused.
Sorry, try again
written by nathan, December 19, 2007
>Oh, and gas tanks are cheap, reliable and durable; these batteries will need similar characteristics for automotive applications.

That is more than made up for by the expense, complexity, and fragility of internal combustion engines. Imagine never having to take your car for an oil change. Ever. Direct drive electrics have no transmission to i use it generic cialis soft tabs go either. And remember, internal combustion engines in cars have had a hundred years to mature. Electric cars are just getting started in a big way. It's a bright future.
The Si-Nano wire still swell, 4 times
written by H-L, December 20, 2007
This is a great demostration. If it works, the possibility is endless.
There is still see a physical/design challenge for a new battery using Si-Nano-Wire. with Si nano-wire, it still swelling. 4 time of its size. Inside a portable battery, the space is confined and filled with hard(liquid) materials. The challenge is to design this battery structure to accomodate the volume change during charge cycle.
A battery with moving parts?

Amazing, but we'll probably never hear o
written by sum1, December 20, 2007
I'm willing to bet this is the last we'll hear of viagra online without prescription this technology. Too many promising technologies have been suppressed by the government-aided oil giants. We need to STOP oil subsidies!
Ron Paul 2008
Prohibitively expensive? or maybe just "
written by Andy, December 20, 2007
It'll be prohibitively expensive all right... as soon as Bush's cronies buy up the patent! Or maybe just downright "unavailable".

It's not just the technology... it's the system. Monopoly capitalism has got to go.
Way to go Stanford
written by Abhishek Gupta, December 20, 2007
Well done Yi Cui !
Nanotech would a place where investors would keep their eyes on for 2008

Woot woot@!
Anodes? Why replace the part that works
written by Joel, December 20, 2007
The anodes in Li-ion batteries are what works best.

They've replaced the electrolyte with a polymer, which is really great, but most of the improvement to cialis daily dosage pharmacy be had in such batteries is in the cathode materials.

What will keep such batteries expensive is not the viagra price in canada Si nanowires, it's the cost of the cobalt to match that capacity on tramadol online cod shipping the other battery terminal.

By the way, the cobalt for cathode materials is also much heavier, more toxic, and comes from less politically stable regions than the cheaper, longer-lived anode materials.

Lots of good advancements have been made on that front, however. Otherwise the Chevy Volt would still be a concept car.
Network Design
written by digitalfmc, December 21, 2007
If the electric Hybrids stored enough extra capacity on your way too & from work you could plug into your house and "Get Off The Grid !!!"
Go Science!
written by dobsc400, December 21, 2007
Despite the many naysayers, this is certainly a step in the direction of sustainable travel, after all what is the alternative.

As Aunty Proton mentioned above, the coupling of this new technology with other new technologies such as solid state storage and OLED screens could see the battery life of laptops increase by over 100 fold.

In terms of travel the 2009 Prius will likely come out with a plug in version so the increased battery life that these batteries could provide would mean that for most trips no petrol would have to be used.
written by David Mackey, December 23, 2007
Wow, that is great news. Here's hoping that this technology moves quickly from the research lab to production.
written by jerry g, December 24, 2007
Western Uranium based in a Canada has the viagra delivered overnight largest supply of levitra daily Lithium....Just started to accumulate this company symbol WUC-VC American symbol WURNF. Great future ahead for Lithium. Ipods to extend usage for 100hrs, lap tops too 20 hrs than the automotive industry.
To have energy to store one must have th
written by G B, December 27, 2007
Fantastic,these batteries would certainly help in a lot of technologies ,but not in the polution battle.
To beat the polution one has to create energy from non poluting sources (tides, wind ,waves ,sun ,hydroelectric) then store in the batteries
written by Gail, January 16, 2008
How long does it take to recharge?
written by jrkc03, February 04, 2008
As a battery engineer I'm sorry to tell you this is very deceiving. The batteries were discharged at a super super low rate and only experienced 10 charge/discharge cycles. Far from useful now. We'll see what they can do in the future.
Dizin Directory
written by Dizin Directory, February 07, 2008
i am waiting for this new technology
Longer lasting batteries?
written by Technology Transfer Services, February 11, 2008
This is such good news for laptop users! Concerning the electric car idea, there is a theory about an inventor that was killed for finding way to power electric cars very chap. I don't think oil tycoons will ever allow an electric car to be available to everyone.
written by ahmad, March 05, 2008
waw what this its nice thank for youre and good for next week :o
written by Ada, March 19, 2008
Finally! Batter technology has been sooo stagnant since I was born. It's one of the only things I can think of that hasn't had remarkable breakthroughs. Especially at the AA, AAA, C, D battery level. Those Duracells and Energizers are almost exactly the same.

Ada Double glazing company UK
written by John Seiling, June 18, 2008
Electric utility companies have no way to store the energy they produce. Therefore, during the off hours from midnight to 6 AM they run the current into the ground. I expect you will be able to charge your car during these hours at very little cost.
More range? Or Smaller Battery?
written by Gary W, June 24, 2008
About that 2,000 mile Tesla... who needs it? Wouldn't it be smarter to get say 400 mile range with one-fifth the battery size and cost?
10 times is only 1.33 times or less
written by Marco Caflisch, August 13, 2008
As said before (by Battman , December 19, 2007)
these Nanotubes decrease the weight and size of the anode only.
With the the anode making up 25% of the volume, and the anode shrinking 10fold, the final battery will still be 77.5% ((100%-25%) (25%/10)) of the original Volume, unless we find other technologies which can shrink the rest. But that's not that easy...

So instead of increasing for example the Tesla driving range from 200 to to 2000 miles, it will only go to 266 miles. (factor 1/75% = 133%)

But of course every increase is welcome :)
missing plus in my comment above...
written by Marco Caflisch, August 13, 2008
77.5% = ((100%-25%) (25%/10))
damn plus...
written by Marco Caflisch, August 13, 2008
77.5% = (100%-25%)plus(25%/10)
Act instead of just talking
written by Tony, August 30, 2008
All this hype about this new technology has been on the internet for a long time. It is high time for it to be made available for the common citizen to be able to buy the product and apply it on an EV, as a means of economical, efficient and clean transport system.
written by Dyl, March 08, 2009
Okay although better batteries would ofcourse be nice.


Do you not realise how inefficent the electricity grid is, like 20% efficent.

Quoted in a new article recently, a 5% increase in grid efficency would = 53Mil cars being driven
written by Mehedi Hasan, August 01, 2009
Thanks for this concept... i cant understand you .. sorry

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