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What to do With Your Crummy Old iPhone

It's that time again. The first-generation technology is being replaced, and even some of the ecogeekiest folks in the world simply can't stand to have an outdated cell phone. So, if you simply can't stand the slow speeds and lower-cost service plan of your old first generation iPhone...what's the best way to dispose of it?

It turns out that there are a lot of answers to that question. Since we at EcoGeek are maniacally concerned about these things, we've decided to put together a list (in order of greenness) of what you can do with your old iPhone (and, by extension, most electronic devices.)

  1. Greenest: If it Ain't Broke...Don't Fix It
    The new iPhone doesn't have any ecological advantages over the old one (it's not like it's solar powered...yet), so there's really no reason (from my perspective) to upgrade. Buying a new phone is simply creating a larger market for the visit our site buy cialis uk resource intensive creation of canadian viagra electronics. So, in general, your greenest option is to keep using your current phone. Of course, if it is broken, you can use services like, which will give you up to $90 for a busted iPhone (a price that would likely be higher if Apple didn't make the things so darned difficult to fix.)

    Brett Mosely, CEO of Buymytronics says that Apple devices tend to hold onto value very well, "I don't think that the iPhone G1 market is viagra sales uk going to drop out. It's still a solid phone... better than the competition. I think they'll drop a little, but will hold well for a while. They're still awesome phones."
  2. Greener: Give, Sell or Trade Locally
    If you can avoid shipping your phone across the country to a new buyer, you absolutely should. Craigslist lets you sell or swap your phone locally. And you can get a good deal without the hassle of shipping. 16 GB iPhones in great condition are going for around $375 on Craigslist right now.
  3. Green: Sell Globally
    If staying local and selling yourself is too much trouble for you, simpler options abound. The aforementioned will give you $250 for an iPhone in good condition with minimal hassle. Other's providing the same service include Second Rotation ($235 for a used 16 gb iPhone) and ($210 for a used 16 GB iPhone.)
  4. Not Green: Recycle It
    There are electronics recycling options available nowadays, and I heartily suggest you explore them for devices that are no longer in demand. But even if your iPhone was run over by a truck and then lit on fire, will still find a use for it, and pay you $10 to send it to them. Their CEO, Brett Mosely, says they once scavenged parts from an iPod Nano that had been run over by a tank in Iraq. And whatever they can't use is recycled by a basel-certified, local recycling facility.

    Recycling is for devices that have outlived their useful lives. And, frankly, there isn't an iPhone in the world that has yet outlived it's useful life. So don't even think about recycling one of these's a waste of money and resources.

And for those precious few ecogeeks who want to actually downgrade to a more environmentally friendly, low power option. You can actually sell your in-demand iPhone, and buy a green phone for far cheaper.


CherryPal: The Green Little PC That Could

Even the cheap cialis soft name is adorable. CherryPal. This tiny 10.5 oz PC is coming soon, and will use no more than 2 watts of power without sacrificing speed. The triple-core processor uses only 20% of the components of traditional computers and will start up in only 20 seconds, promising to be faster than Vista and mac’s OS-X…though it doesn’t take much to usefull link levitra online cheap be faster than Vista.

It can be so fast with so few part by utilizing cloud computing. So while the PC itself has just 4GB of flash storage, 256MB of memory, and 400MHz of processing, it will be able to access resources from a third-party provider in a data center. So not only can it be small and fast, it will also be virus-free, not needing constant virus protection upgrades that take up room and slow it down. It’ll have standard features like two USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet with jack, headphone level stereo audio, and a 10 watt AC-DC adapter to charge it up. Creators say the small size will provide a great energy savings, and combine that with the look here woman and viagra low cost of the computer itself, they say it’ll be “the most affordable, greenest computer on the market.” Official prices aren’t out yet, but Inhabitat’s sources say it’ll be well under $400…but add on to that the cost of the monitor, keyboard and other accessories, which can be found very inexpensively for those of us who care about the affordability factor.

When I first read the title, I was expecting to read about something that would be solar powered, or use recycled or clean materials in the creation. Sounds like CherryPal, though far cuter than other cheap “green” computers out there, only has low power usage as its leg up on the competition. As for "green," the low power thing is kind of a so-what feature. With the leaps and bounds being made in low-power, high-ability computers, I don’t think this will be in the lead for long, if at all, which I suppose really is a good thing for all of us if it means more computers that use less power on the market.

Via Inhabitat


Magnetic RAM is Faster, Uses 90% Less Power

IBM and Toshiba are looking toward the next generation of RAM. They want it to be faster, of course, but they're also hoping to score two of the biggest unobtained prizes in RAM:

  1. Instant Boot
  2. Unpowered Storage

Instant boots save energy in several indirect ways. It promotes powering down computers at night, as the powering up becomes less inconvenient. Unpowered storage decreases power use dramatically because the RAM can continue to hold data without having to canada cialis constantly pull from the power supply. Toshiba estimates that the MRAM will use about 10% less energy per megabyte than today's RAM.

Unfortunately, MRAM currently has problems operating at a wide variety of temperatures. The inside of a computer has a pretty wide temperature range. Toshiba says that they have overcome this problem, and they expect MRAM to take over the market by 2015.

Via TechRadar


Dell Takes Lead in Green Technology

Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of online prescription cialis Dell’s commitment to be the greenest technology company on recommended site how much levitra the planet. We've talked before about all the efforts Dell is click now cialis buying online making to greenify their operations, products, and image, so it's time to take a look at how far they've come. Along with innovative products, they have some significant landmarks to celebrate from the past year.

First, they reported their largest single-year product recycling volume, recovering a massive 102 million pounds of IT equipment from customers – a 20% increase from the previous year. The fact that they've made recycling IT products easier for consumer has helped thes number grow so dramatically.

A second accomplishment to celebrate is their becoming the first major computer manufacturer to offer Silver 80 PLUS-certified power supplies. The 80 PLUS certification means that the equipment exceeds the power supply requirements specified by the EPA’s Energy Star 4.0 standard, which requires the use of 80% or more efficient power supplies. Dell passesd up the standard by 8%, and is a year ahead of schedule for meeting the qualifications of the Climate Savers Computing Initiative. This is nothing new for Dell – since 2005, improvements to their desktops alone have avoided creating about 24 million tons of CO2. Their newest desktop, the Vostro Energy-Smart 410, can save users up to 47% in annual energy costs without loosing performance.

And a third item for celebration is progress in Dell's global zero-carbon initiative. Partnering with The Climate Group’s Together initiative, which brings companies, cities, and non-profits together to reduce American’s impact on the planet, Dell is working to provide resources for consumers to manage and reduce energy consumption, in addition to Energy Smart and Plant a Tree for Me. Back in September, they decided the buy levitra company operations should be carbon neutral by the end of ’08, and they’re on track with that goal, already powering corporate headquarters with 100% green energy and showing themselves to have the lowest carbon intensity of the Fortune 50.

While we know there is more than simple do-good motivation behind the progress, it is nonetheless encouraging to see such a major technology company taking significant steps to clean up their company. It is sure to pull competitors into following their trail, especially since consumers increasingly want products that are both cheap and green, and higher efficiency now means cheaper products later.


Your Old Computer Deserves Your Love

Have you got a few minutes? I thought so...well, I suggest you spend them watching the above video. Not only is it semi-adorable, it's got a moral we can really get behind. "Love the one you're with," particularly, the computer you're with.

It takes more energy to create a computer than the computer will consume in 10 years. I know that we're geeks, and that the new machines are always oh-so compelling, but there's something to be said for upgrading. You might find that a little bit of simple maintenence might restore some of your 1.5 ghz machine's former glory. The simplest upgrades, RAM, hard drive and (for laptops) a new battery, certainly won't run you more than a hundred dollars or so.

But the most necessary bit of maintenence (that this video won't tell you about) is an occasional re-install of the operating system. It's essential to wipe your machine of all the memory-consuming crap that youve acquired over the years. And a re-install won't cost you a dime...but it will take some time. The question is, is your old computer worth it? Do you love it enough to give it the gift of life?

Maybe these statistics from will help you make up your mind:

  • The energy required to produce a new computer is enough to run a computer for 10 years
  • The energy saved by extending the real cialis online life of your computer by a year could run it for 2 years
  • 220 million tons of e-Waste are generated annually in the USA
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