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CES 2009: What's Green at Toshiba

Toshiba seems to be pushing its green image pretty dang hard at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. Not only are they showing off everything from a battery-powered bicycle to carbon sequestration technology. It's not all what you'd expect at CES...but it is all green.

This battery assisted bicycle (PDF), actually, is pretty freaking cool. It uses Toshiba's new SCiB batteries, which recharge to 90% capacity in ten minutes, and can hold enough power to buy canadian viagra online power the bike for 20 to 30 miles. Of course, it's no where near as green as your average bicycle, but it's a heck of a lot greener than your average motorbike. A good compromise, I'd say.

They're also talking about traditional electronics, of course. Toshiba is showing off it's EPEAT Gold laptops including a disassembled (so you can see why it's green, we assume) Portégé.

They're also touting their LCD TVs which, while not as efficient as LGs new concept, will be 100% Energy Star 3.0 compliant.

And, if that's not enough, they're showing off their LED illumination lamps, their recycling system (now available in all 50 states) and their  initiative to plant 1.5 million trees.

Full Toshiba press release below.


CES 2009: What's Green at LG

LG Electronics makes everything from phones to washing machines. This year at the Consumer Electronics Show they're winning some EcoGeek points by focusing on more than just the massiveness of their televisions.

In fact, LG is setting records with the efficiency of its flat-screen televisions (and not at all too soon). A new kind of 32 inch TV uses more than 50% less power than the average 32 inch LCD TV. They've done it by increasing brightness through including a fourth white pixel along with the red, blue and green. We're not sure what this is going to do for the contrast ratio, but frankly I don't care.

LG also touted it's next generation AMOLED and OLED displays. While LCD is obviously getting pretty efficient, the general consensus is that OLEDs will one day take over, and be even more efficient. LG offered up one of the largest OLED displays yet, a 15 inch laptop screen.

And for those of you who think that a reduction in the amount of material used, you can't get much smaller than LG's watch phone (I just had a vision of people ten years from now on their knees laughing at that statement., so, who knows.) The phone straps to your wrist and connects to a bluetooth you never need to be away from your phone again.

And while this might not seem that green at first, LG also is debuting a television that will automatically connect to Netflix and stream HD content. The advantage here, of course, is more than just being able to levitra online pharmacy no prescription cancel your cable subscription. You also never need to drive to the movie store (or get the movied shipped to you.) In fact, there will be no need to create the physical DVD. Suddenly, streaming content is order usa levitra online looking a lot more realistic, and that's definitely a green proposition.

Via Seeking Alpha, Electronics Infoline, and CNet


The Role of Green Maps in the Cleantech Revolution

The Energy Retail Association – a British group that represents electric and gas utilities, and works with customers to make their experience better – has just set up a cool new Google Map which shows various smart metering projects that are currently being implemented all across Europe. You click on an icon, and it tells you the type of project that is being done, and how big the project is. Cool stuff, especially if you’re into smart meters, which we here at EcoGeek are.

This map is just the latest in what has become a trend to create various types of green maps (usually using the we use it levitra tablet Google Maps platform). For example, there is, where San Francisco residents can look up the solar potential of their rooftop. The EPA also used their data to publish a map showing similar information – potential for solar, wind, etc. – across the entire nation.

What’s interesting about these maps (and the proliferation of all sorts of Google-Maps-based information) is that sometimes they perform a direct service, but sometimes they don’t. For example, if I’m thinking of putting up a solar installation or a wind turbine, I will consult one of the aforementioned maps, because it is a useful tool.

However, there are other maps out there – including this smart meter map – whose primary purpose is to illustrate the current state and scope of a trend, rather than “do” something. There are others that fall into the same category. There’s Green Map, a site that shows various green places and businesses for someone who wants to buy viagra online using paypal see what’s going on in his/her area. There is even a site called See I’m Green, where self-declared green individuals can make themselves known.

Granted, these maps are small, and not very filled-in. Realistically, unless they offer some tangible benefit to users I question whether they will ever really catch on and best place cialis grow. But I think that these maps are part of a larger attempt to unify all the factors that EcoGeeks care about, and make it available to everyone. That's why there is enormous potential, and that's why I am excited. In the same way that the cheap viagra lowest prices index internet has granted unlimited options for self-expression and social networking, hopefully it will one day allow unprecedented communication, participation and cooperation in implemented clean technology.

Via Greentech Media


Nuclear Looking Less Viable for our Energy Future

It's been a grim month for Nuclear Power, always a contentious issue for greens, power from the atom has taken two steps back as South African utility Eskom announce plans to cancel their tendering process for new nuclear plant in South Africa. It comes a week after revelations from the French economic publication Les Echos reveal that French campaign group "Sortir du nucléaire" have accused EdF of lying during a public consultation exercise which was the prelude to the decision to build a new nuclear plant at Flamanville in France.

Originally, it was announced that power from the Flamanville plant was costed at €43 / MWh, however, delays and added construction costs (a feature of every nuclear plant that has gone before Flamanville) have added to order 5mg cialis online the costs and so the price of nuclear electricity from the plant is now estimated to be €55 / MWh - Les Echos stated that EdF were expected to announce this at their next meeting. The only other nuclear plant under construction is viagra online 50mg that at Olikuoto in Finland. It is of the same EPR (European Pressurised Reactor) design that is being constructed at Flamanville. The Finnsh reactor has also been plagued with problems and at one point in the construction, French contractor Bouygues were accused of using unqualified welders... quite worrying considering the specialised nature of nuclear engineering!

In an economy where finance is hard to come buy, and the governments of the world are already propping up their economies with massive debt, will massive projects which carry potentially massive liabilities such as nuclear power begin to look even less attractive, whilst smaller unit-cost renewables, with a demonstrable payback within their own life time


Attention, Laptop Shoppers: New HP Batteries Will Last Longer

HP is giving customers a good reason to buy their laptops – starting next year they will be selling machines equipped with a new battery made by Boston Power. Dubbed “Enviro”, these improved lithium ion batteries should perform much better than most laptop batteries, which I’m sure most of us would agree are abysmal. Speaking as someone who just dropped over $150 on a new battery himself, I can say that an improvement would be welcome.

While a typical laptop battery will stay strong for about 150 charges, after which its capacity will start to dwindle, the Enviro battery is said to buy cialis last over 1,000 charges. Customers will have to spend an extra 20 or 30 bucks to get it. Is it worth it? If it works, definitely. And the icing on the cake – these batteries are made with no PVC, no heavy metals, and can be recycled.

Although the generic cialis usa battery itself will last more recharge cycles, it’s unclear if the battery life itself will be longer, as well. I personally don’t trust my laptop to give me as much battery time as the monitor indicates. It would be nice to have a machine that could be truly portable – something that could be charged overnight and last the whole day without the need to find an outlet. Not only would it be convenient to not drag a power cord around all the time, but if the majority of laptop-related electricity guzzling was restricted to the night hours, laptops could (like electric cars) soak up excess electricity coming from off-peak generation.

So if you’re a battery fiend, you might want to wait until after the holidays to buy that new laptop.

Via CNET Green Tech

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