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Mr Zonbu: Full Review after Two Weeks

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It has been over two weeks now since I started playing with the Zonbu. My first foray was under VMWare and then my actual hardware arrived. I thought it might be a good time to get some summary thoughts and observations out, as much has happened during that time.  Consider this my mid-term review of the Zonbu.

Without further adieu, the good and the bad of Real Life with the Zonbu Mini-PC…

It’s all about context

When I originally purchased my Zonbu, I believed I was buying it as a fully baked commercial product. The company has since come forward and clarified that they consider the hardware to visit web site viagra and canada custom be final, but that the software is cheapest levitra prescription considered “Beta” at this stage. This is an important distinction, as it tells us the lens through which we much view the current status of the product.

The good

The Zonbu lives up to most of its major promises. It is utterly silent, something I value more than I expected. Now if I could just quiet the fridge, the A/C, the water cooler and my ceiling fans. Why does no one talk about noise pollution?

It uses very little power, consuming only mildly more, when running, than my desktop PC does when in standby. With that kind of savings I can afford to leave the unit fully powered on when I’m home, and only power it down at night. “Instant-on” access to the web. Eco-friendly meets instant gratification?

The performance I experience, in sharp contrast to the WSJ Mossberg review, has actually been very good. Applications start quickly, I can do some basic multi-tasking (provided I’m not playing back video), and the system feels responsive. There has not been any material delay in getting my work done. The software selection is reasonable, although a number of updates are needed (and expected soon) to bring things up to current.

The box seems best suited as a day-to-day Internet access device, with the office applications and other plug-ins supporting all the typical tasks you might experience over the run of sale viagra a week. I’ve not attempted to do any serious office work with the device yet, although I have been maintaining this blog from the device. If your work is primarily web/Internet based, including opening office attachments, PDFs, etc. then the device is hard to beat for the money.

I’m happy with mine, pending a few updates.

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Ultra Low-Power Toshiba: 8 hr Battery Life

Toshiba's new Portégé R500 will be on sale soon with an option for the lowest-power laptop I've ever seen from a major manufacturer. The high-end laptop weighs less than two pounds and can operate for a whopping 8 hours on a single battery charge.

But, of course, it's not a special battery that keeps the buy viagra online canadian phamacy laptop alive, it's just that the laptop uses so little power. Two innovations make this possible. First, ultra-efficient LED back lighting which also makes the screen more crisp even in full sun. And second, the computer doesn't use a hard drive. Instead of the constant spinning up and cialis prices down of a normal laptop, the Portégé R500 uses a 64 GB solid state flash drive.

Solid state drives are not only more efficient, they're also faster and lighter, making the entire package more appealing. Of course, it has to click now buy viagra from china be a LOT more appealing, as the flash drive ads $600 to the price of the Portégé R500 with a regular hard drive.

It's quite a premium, but for the truly power-conscious, high-end consumer, there's finally a solid state option. And there's a lot of room for improvement, as flash drives are getting bigger and cheaper every day. Don't be surprised if Mac heads in this direction fairly soon. The increase in speed  and efficiency alone are making this a really hot area for development right now.

Via TreeHugger

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Ask and Dell Partner "For a Better Earth"

Isn't it touching when tech companies get together to announce plans to do things green jointly? Publicity seeking or not, at least they are trying to make an impact. Such is the case of and Dell as they try to be eco-friendly in their own little way. is working with Dell to develop a plan which will make the former's data centers are more environmentally friendly. This plan involves the levitra discounts use of Dell's Data center Solutions Division to get cialis prescription create custom, energy-efficient servers. These servers, said, use 30 percent less power while still performing optimal computing tasks.

Dell has also gotten to join its "Plant a Tree for Me" program. is apparently the first corporate customer to join in this program which sees Dell partnering with The Conservation Fund and, non-profit organizations that plant trees in managed reforestation projects.'s involvement will apparently result in the planting of lowest price viagra thousands of trees.

See corporate America - you can be green and get good press! Nothing wrong with that.

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Saving the Globe One Power Supply at a Time

With eco-friendly hard drives coming to market it seems to make sense other computer components would follow suit. One company getting on the green bandwagon for green components is cheapest viagra in uk Corsair with some new environmental leaning power supplies.

The Corsair VX Series of power supplies are geared towards mainstream do-it-yourself computer enthusiasts. The power supplies support the Energy Star 2007 standard as well as the 80Plus efficiency rating and propecia 1mg incorporate a single +12V power rail which Corsair says delivers continuous power under heavy loads. The manufacturer estimates the VX Series can get 80% or more energy efficiency under a wide range of loading conditions while generating minimal heat as it operates.

The VX Series is available in 450W ($86) and 550W ($100) models. Corsair says these models are ideal for home theater PCs because of a quiet fan design. We just like that they are relatively cheap and may help save a few trees. The question, really, is whether we will ever need the 450 watt peak output. Even at peak efficiency at 50% load, that's over 200 watts...which my PC hasn't seen in a long time even with a fancy graphics card.

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The New iMac's Green Cred

Steve Jobs unveiled the 4th generation iMac today. Not many surprises, the design is fairly true to the original form, just a bit sleeker and skinneir. It's got some pretty impressive specs and is, of course, quite beautiful. That's what Mac is all about these days.

But what of their recent pledge to only today levitra no prescription canada green up their act? In his keynote, Jobs touted the recyclability of the new iMac because it uses a heck of generic levitra brand a lot less plastic. The frame is aluminum; light-weight, strong and easily recyclable (but also energy intensive to create) and the screen uses glass instead of plastic. Similarly easier to recycle, but harder to create.

On top of that, it is energy efficient for the level of performance you'll be getting. They've not had any problems matching the standards of the EPA's new, more strict, Energy Star guidelines. But the word ins't yet in on what the new machine's EPEAT rating will be.

My vote? Hang on to your current machine for as long as you can...and see if you can hold off to the fifth generation :-).
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