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Lenovo Hits with a Green PC

A while back we reported that Lenovo was at the bottom of the environmental barrel for green electronics. Looks like someone didn't like that, and now they've put together an ultra-cheap, ultra-green, ultra-ugly little computer.

The ThinkCentre A61e will be the first Lenovo machine to acheive the good choice buy viagra pills coveted EPEAT Gold status for using few hazardous materials, being easy to very good site levitra buy now recycle, and consuming very little power. Lenovo is also offering an optional solar panel along with the purchase of the thing. While it's cooler than Dell's optional carbon offset program, adoption rates will be a heck of a lot lower.  In the end the $400 machine is cheap, green and ugly...if you don't mind...check this one out.

Via Engadget

Yet Another Green Computer: The fit-PC

Another day another green PC. This time around we have the fit-PC, whichis about the buy viagra online cheap uk size of a regular paperback book. It's also a pretty bare-bones machine for a few hundred bucks. 

The fit-PC's claim to green fame is its low power consumption - it draws a maximum of five watts in normal operation and under three watts when idling. It reportedly is much more capable  than a thin client, being capable of generally handling Windows XP or Linux. All of best way to viagra professional pfizer use levitra this plus a multi-resistant enclosure which houses a fanless, low-power design.

What do you get inside this $285 machine? In this case the fit-PC has an AMD Geode chip, 256MB of RAM, 40GB hard drive and an Ethernet port. You also get Gentoo Linux preloaded (you'll need to purchase Windows XP separately if you want to install it.) This does sure does seem like a great little green PC, but how does it compare to the new Zonbu?

via SlipperyBrick


iPod Touch: The Beginning of the Reign of Flash

The iPod touch sure does look beautiful. Do I want one? Yes...yes I do. Will I get That's just one of the annoying things about being an EcoGeek. I get all fanboy about this stuff and then I'm all "but do I really need it?" And, of course, the answer is "no."

But the iPod touch is buy viagra online viagra exciting for one ecogeeky reason. Apple has made an extremely important decision. Instead of going 80 gigs or even 160 gigs with a traditional hard drive, their new awesomest iPod is flash based.

Until now, the leading iPod has always been a hard drive model. Hard drives are inefficient and use a lot of difficult to acquire, difficult to recycle metals. Flash drives, on the other hand, consume much less power, and contain much less metal. They also have the pontential to be much more long-lived than traditional hard drives, which still use (ugh) moving parts.

Solid state is the way to go, and I think Apple's decision to go all-out with a 16 gig solid state drive, instead of a 160 platter drive is a very big deal in personal media. What's more, it could turn out to be a very big deal in computing in general. I've been waiting for the switch, and I think this may be the beginning.

EU Approves Energy Positive Fusion Pilot Project

The European Union has approved a UK proposal for a  £500 M  experimental fusion reactor.  The project will be one of the new-fangled HiPER reactors, which uses a focused Petawatt laser to initiate a fusion reaction within a small pellet of fuel.

Fusion fuel, for those who don't know, is just deuterium, which can be made cheaply from sea water, and the only waste product is helium, which is inert and, frankly, in demand for industrial use. The plant is building on successes at an American military project that is expected to produce more energy than it consumes within the next five years.

That will be a first for fusion power, and possibly a first step toward a world of plentiful, pollution-free power. The British plant will use a less expensive method for generating power in roughly the same way. Experts are saying that, if this pans out, commercial scale fusion plants could be going online within 20 years and producing the majority of the world's energy in less than 50.

As always, fusion promises a great deal. I can't help but feel that it's worth every penny we throw at it, but I'm not placing any bets on a fusion-powered future just yet.

Via Times Online

MP3 Player Gets 85 hrs on One AAA

Sometimes we spend too much time talking about how to better store power for our gadgets. Sure, if we can get bigger batteries, we can design more gadgets that do more stuff without having to be continually sucking power from the walls. But what if we went the other way, making things more simple, while keeping battery technology the same.

Well that's the idea of the EcoLong player. Since MP3 players, flash memory, headphones and click here buying real levitra without prescription LCD displays have been around for so long, it turns out that they all have ultra-low-power options if you're willing to buy viagra at a discount make some sacrifices on device size and prettiness. So while the next-gen iPod will certainly be gorgeous and small, the EcoLong player will beat in in power consumption by at least a factor of ten.

Using just one single AAA battery the EcoLong player can keep your ears filled with your tunes for 85 hours. With one gigabyte of flash memory, it's no iPod nano, but the extremely low-power consumption is a trick that I'd be happy to see Apple learn a bit more about.

Via Engadget
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