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OLEDs Getting Cheaper, More Efficient

An ORGANIC LED, you say? Well, before you get all excited and imagine a television pulsating with the biorhythms of millions of bacteria enslaved to do your bidding, it's not what you might think.

In fact, you might already know about OLEDs, as we've talked about them in the past, but only recently have they come into production. What makes OLEDs so great is that they have faster response times than LCD, they can achieve true blacks, and can be viewed at nearly any angle. This all comes, however, at a significant increase in cost. However, Physorg reports that that may not be the case for much longer. Researchers at Technische Universität Braunschweig in Germany have used tungsten oxide as an anode in their display to create a much more efficient device. Their simple design requires only 2 organic layers as opposed to many more used in current products, making the display thinner, more flexible, and much more energy efficient. This is impressive, as OLED displays were already more efficient than LCD and plasma displays.
This breakthrough means that OLEDs will hopefully soon be more affordable more quickly than the best prices on cialis technology/price curve would normally dictate, though there are still concerns with low life-hours of the screen (currently about 20,000 hours) due to viagra on internet the organic material decomposing.

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Bricked Your iPhone? Get Money For It!

While disposing of old laptops can be both lucrative and eco-friendly, what about other EcoGeek gadgets? With iPhones stealing the limelight in recent times, I bet there are iPods seeing less and less use these days. And with Apple cracking down on the "misuse" of the iPhone, I bet there are a lot of cheap cialis with fast delivery bricked iPhones people are unwilling to get rid of… yet. Luckily, is a business made to capitalize on unused and broken iPods and iPhones.

The process seems pretty simple: fill out a questionnaire, ship your iPod/iPhone to them and they will Paypal you or send a check. My working 4th generation 40 gig iPod quotes to $58.38, higher than many eBay auctions for the same thing. It's less work than craigslist and inexpensive cialis eBay while getting you a reasonable price.

If the money doesn't motivate you or if you want the latest and greatest from Apple, you can recycle your old iPod at any Apple retail store for a 10% discount on any new iPod. As for me, I will be holding onto my iPod until it dies, but I am glad that in the future I can see my baby recycled in peace once I am done with it.

Via TechCrunch


Turn Your Old Laptop Into Money

Hey Look, it's Me! I figured this might be a useful little guide, and as I was recycling my old laptop anyway, I thought I might show how easy it is to sell the canadian pharmacy online bits and pieces. I have indeed sold everything off, and got about $200 bucks total,  not bad considering the laptop is six years old and I only paid around $1,000 for it in the first place.

The gist of the video, if you don't want to watch it, is that you can and should recycle your old machines when they've reached the end of their useful life. But you should also scavenge any working parts and sell them (or use them) before giving all those valuables to generic cialis pill Dell.

I sold the RAM and the screen and put the hard drive in an external enclosure and mexican rx cialis low price I use it to carry media around the house. It doesn't need anything more than the USB cord to power it, so it's far more convenient (though smaller) than most externals...totally sweet. I got the generic viagra in india enclosure on EBay for around $10.

Sorry if I'm not overly charismatic...I am, after all, still just a geek in my basement.


Buy One Give One OLPC

The people who make the "One Laptop Per Child" XO Laptop are, for the first time, offering it to paying individuals. Of course, you'll have to buy the laptop for a needy child as well as yourself, but you'll get it nonetheless.

We've covered the green-cred of the XO previously, as it's built to last, with few hazardous substances and extremely low power consumption. But it comes at a cost: $400 for a laptop that is likely not going to quite as spiffy as others on the market. But if you're in an ultra-green, ultra-giving mood this holiday season, maybe you should put it on your list.

Via Engadget


Targus EcoSmart Laptop Bags

In your quest to outfit yourself with eco-friendly gear, how far would you go? Have you considered what you carry the gear in? Targus, a maker of laptop computer cases and accessories, is betting the bag you use should make a statement about your beliefs. It is thus unveiling the EcoSmart series of messenger bags, backpacks and top-loading laptop carrying cases.

The EcoSmart line of bags is made of drug generic cialis PVC-free material. The plastics used on the bags are all recyclable and the metal hardware is nickel-free. Four bag styles — Sling (TSB109US), Messenger (TSM068US), Convertible Messenger/Backpack (TSB110US) and a Top Loading case (TST022US) — will be available this holiday season and offer up all the viagra purchesed on line out of canada pockets, straps and pen loops you need to canada viagra generic geek out in style.

Targus added this EcoSmart title as part of a larger initiative to bring green practices into its fold. Perhaps the one most interesting for consumers is viagra for women a plan to bring a "more eco-friendly approach to product packaging." That would be nice — how about first doing away with those evil, deadly, plastic-sealed packages which don't recycle and pfizer cialis cheap attack your hands as you try to open them? Mother Nature and I would both thank you for that!

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