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The OLPC is Almost as Green as an Abacus

Remember awhile ago when we said we thought the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) XO laptop was the greenest laptop by a factor of 10? OLPC seems to have cooked up some actual data of levitra samples in canada its own, now claiming it is the world's "most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly laptop, based on only for you generic viagra next day delivery independent evaluations and data."

While it's hard to say if this is actually true or not, the XO does seems to have ranked up an impressive set of eco-credentials. OLPC says it is in full compliance with the European Union’s RoHS standards, has qualified for Energy Star 4.0 Category A and has received the US PC and notebook environmental ratings agency EPEAT Gold rating.


Lenovo Announces First EPEAT Gold Monitor

Lenovo, which not too long ago was in environmental tech news because of its EPEAT Gold desktop, is back again with a new eco-friendly monitor which is being sold standalone or as a complete EPEAT solution. The ThinkVision L193p is priced at around $300 and should be available in November.

The ThinkVision L193p got an EPEAT Gold rating, which is said to name brand cialis be an industry first for displays when rated in a system which "evaluates products based on 51 environmental criteria in the areas of reduction/elimination of environmentally sensitive materials, design for end of life, product longevity/lifecycle extension, energy conservation, end of life management, packaging and corporate performance." This 19-inch monitor apparently met 23 required criteria and 20 or so out of 28 optional criteria.

Lenovo added the best canadian pharmacy ThinkVision L193p uses more than 25 percent post-consumer recycled materials in its plastic parts. It also meets a few other environmental standards, including Energy Star 4.0 requirements. Features of viagra prescription order this monitor include a 160/160 degree viewing angle, five millisecond response time and support for digital content protection (HDCP) and analog and DVI-D signals.

It's interesting to note how much of an interest Lenovo has taken in going green with its products. It seems to have come a long way from once being at the bottom of the green electronics barrel. Now if they could actually just make an attractive, eco-friendly monitor, I might buy in...


Green Apple: iPhone Under Fire?

Greenpeace is at Apple's throat again, telling Apple to make the iPhone greener. Just last May Apple promised to remove brominated fire retardants (BFRs) and PVC from all new products by 2008, but the iPhone which was released a month later actually has both. While it's not 2008 yet, I can see how Greenpeace is not happy with Apple's decision.

Their report, cleverly named Missed call: the iPhone's hazardous chemicals, details that the parts they tested do meet European RoHS requirements, but still contain BFRs and PVC. Additionally, Greenpeace makes a good point that even Nokia has gone PVC-free already, with Sony Ericcson and Motorola making strides in eliminating toxins in their phones.

I know that electronics are a sore spot for us EcoGeeks, but while it looks like Apple isn't doing a perfect job, the competition isn't perfect either, making it a tough call. Go read the report and you be the viagra website judge.

Keep reading for a summary video from Greenpeace


Keep Your Computer Alive!

Geeks have a leg up on normal enviros. While many greens are irrationally afraid of the contents of their computer, EcoGeeks can do things to keep their computers alive.

Extending the life of your PC is an important part of being an EcoGeek because, according to life cycle analysis, computers actually consume more energy while they're being created than the do over their lifetimes.

In this article from Pramnos, you can check out a ton of 25mg viagra ways to keep your computer chugging along as a functional beast long after Michael Dell would have you believe it's 100% obsolete. The trick, really, is using open source operating systems, generally Linux, that are designed to work on older machines.

Turn it into a thin client, a media storage center, or a basic workstation...all terribly easy with this guide.


Original Zunes Get Free Upgrade

I'm feeling surprisingly fond of Microsoft right now. Very few companies would ever do something so eco-friendly as giving their first-generation buyers a firmware upgrade to match second-generation features. Apple has had a lot of bad press for promoting obsolesence with artificially locked features and rare firmware upgrades. We're ready to say that this is a good strategic move for Microsoft, making them seem more open than Apple, but it benefits consumers and the environment as well.

The new features the Zune will have are:

  1. Syncing over WiFi
  2. Ability to share more than music
  3. New codecs
  4. Syncing with Windows Media Center TV

As an EcoGeek, I find it disappointing and frustrating when I have a perfectly good device that is artificially stripped of features because I'm not willing to buy the new physical model. Microsoft has extended the lives of the original Zune, meaning less waste and less new electronics. Will we see more corporations being so willing to make their products better without making more money? Maybe not, but hopefully somehow consumers will show their appreciation and get more companies to follow.

Via Gizmodo

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