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OLPC On Sale for All!

The Greenest Laptop in existence is officially going on online cialis uk sale for everyone, starting Monday, November 12th! But act fast...because it'll only be available for two weeks. While the laptop was originally designed for a market that is quite different from American Christmas shoppers, the One Laptop Per Child XO is likely going to sell pretty well...for a few interesting reasons.

First, you get to feel good about your gadget. Not only does the $100 XO consume less power than any other laptop while looking to last longer than the the best choice cheapest levitra prescription average 3-year computer, you also cannot buy one for yourself (or your child) without donating one to a child in a developing nation.

This "$100" laptop can only be purchased for that price by governments and NGOs. If you want one for youself, you'll have to pay a much more significant $400, the profits of which will buy one for a child in a developing nation and help finance the OLPC project.

The computers come with a web browser, a writing pad, an integrated video camera, and wireless Internet, and there are a variety of options for powering the device, from solar power to a hand crank! It's a great gift for an EcoGeek, or a child who can learn about computers while learning about the developing world. I'm totally sold on this one...even if $400 is a ridiculously high price for what you actually get.

Via Inhabitat


New Power Supplies Could Save $3 Billion / Yr

You might think your desktop computer is efficient; after all, they use about as much electricity as one old-fashioned lightbulb...seems like a pretty good use of electricity to me. The bad news is that up to 50% of the power your computer uses is immediately lost as heat by your power supply. Frankly, that is a waste, and one that adds up to billions of wasted kilowatts (and dollars) per year.

Upgrading power supplies isn't the most exciting global warming solution, but it definitely is a no-brainer. When converting AC to DC and ramping wattage up and down, current power supplies waste ridiculous amounts of power. This is why Energy Star is finally beginning to require 80 percent power supplies.

While 80% efficient power supplies have been available for a few years, they haven't worked their way into many machines because of buy cialis online pharmacy the current emphasis on either high performance (huge wattage) or low price (low efficiency) machines. Which is why we're excited that Energy Star has stepped in to require 80 plus power supplies.

Also on EcoGeek

To capitalize on the new rules, a company named Marvell has released new power regulation chips that can figure out precisely how much power your computer needs at any given time.These chips can be put into new power supplies and help regulate their electricity use. Good news, especially when the EPA says there are more than 10 billion power supplies sucking down electricity. The chips are set to be produced in early 2008, so look out for them if you're going to be upgrading in the tramadol no prescription next day shipping new year.

We might all end up paying about $20 more for our computers, but we're saving a lot more in the long run.



High Efficiency Displays Modeled on Butterfly Wings

Qualcomm has developed a new energy-efficient display technology based on lightwave interference. Their technology, an interferometric modulator (IMOD) display, works by setting up interference patterns in light. If light reflects off two surfaces that are within one light wavelength apart, a destructive interference pattern sets up that cancels out that wavelength of light.

Wavelength interference is cheap viagra without prescription the phenomena that gives a butterfly its color. It's also the thing that makes an oil slick on water look like a rainbow. Qualcomm picked up on the butterfly image and calls its invention the "butterfly effect." I guess the "oil slick" effect wouldn't have passed their marketing department.

IMOD has the potential to be easily readable in daylight without using power-hungry back lighting. Some of the current crop of IMOD displays use so little power that they are designed to be left on all the time. The response time for IMOD is 10 – 1000 times faster than LCDs making IMOD ideal for gaming and animation applications.

Designs and cheap levitra technologies based on nature, like Qualcomm's IMOD displays, are called "biomimetic", a growing branch of industrial design.

The November 2007 Scientific American has a great article on this; unfortunately, the full article isn't available online without a subscription.


Wal-Mart's Clean Green $200 Linux Machine!

FINALLY! There's an Ubuntu machine that's not only made for the canadian online pharmacy levitra's actually going to get used by the masses. Wal-Mart has just announced that they'll be selling the Everex's TC2502 gPC for under $200 this holiday season.

Now, to most of us geeks these things are gonna seem pretty low-tech. Eighty gig hard drive, only half a gig of RAM, and a 1.5 ghz single core Via C7 CPU. Frankly, this computer couldn't even run Windows Vista...which is why Ubuntu is so frikkin awesome.

Instead of order cialis constantly forcing upgrades, Ubuntu manages to look good, while not requiring power-sucking processors and massive amounts of RAM. In the end, this machine uses low-tech components to cialis label create a high-end experience. That is, if people can get used to Linux. It comes with a simple desktop interface, loaded up with Google applications, Open Office, Skype and other free tools.

Best of all, Everex is offering free customer support to the Wal-Mart demographic, who might have a bit of trouble picking up a new operating system.


Save Thousands with a New House Fan

Part of the EcoGeek home-improvement guide from A. Siegel.

Bit by bit, I'm EcoGeeking out my 1950s home. First the SEER16+ HVAC, then the light tubes into my laundry room, and now, the AirScape Whole House Fan (WHF).

Since I bought my home a decade ago, I'd been plagued by my old-style whole house fan (WHF). However old it might have been, this vertical fan sort of moved air (well, if I closed all but one or two windows), was an eyesore coming down stairs (a large dusty grid facing me), and was quite annoying when it came to changing weather (climbing into the attic to move the wow look it cialis from canadian pharmacy cumbersome homemade insulation into place). The fan was there and often used (we really wanted to cut our energy use) but certainly wasn't the favorite part of the house.

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